Who is the worst PKA guest?

  1. Dollar shave club dude who got mad at Taylor for vaping on his own show. Dude was so full of himself it was so funny

  2. I don’t think I caught that. Anyone got a time stamp? I remember that episode being kinda low quality but this seems hilarious

  3. I might just be remembering wrong, but I dont think he was mad at him for vaping, I thought he thought taylor was hitting a weed pen on the show and was more like "Wow, ballsy move dude", that was the vibe I remember of the situation, no?

  4. Steve Hofstetter and his planted hecklers trying to distinguish himself as a comedian when he’s honestly less funny than chip chiperson. I respect Adi but I know his appearance was wack, he must’ve been super tired or really high.

  5. I thought ado said he had some form of autism, I didn’t like him as a guest but didn’t hate him. Steve on the other hand… I hate him as a guest. Like the he will try and hit jokes that never land.

  6. It was bad for them, fun to watch the wreck. The worst episodes are the mundane ones that feel like a 4 hour PKN even if they have a guest.

  7. Landmark 100%. Tried to go back and relisten to that episode and he sounds like a bullied child trying to save himself from another joke.

  8. Definitely anxious but once he got going he was pretty interesting for about 20 minutes. I would say worst guess is probs filthy or kweb. Kweb had gotten better in his later appearances, but he shares a glaring problem with filthy. They will sit quiet 20+ mins at a time, say one thing, and repeat.

  9. Did you actually watch it, or just skip it after the terrible intro? Adi's episode was really bad for the first ten minutes (because the hosts immediately asked him about things that he explicitly said he would not talk about) but after that it improved massively in my opinion.

  10. Don't sleep on The Right Opinion. That's the most hate I think I've ever seen a guest get from an appearance

  11. Currently listening to this one now. A lot of it sounds like he adds things to make the story more interesting. He mentions that when he was driving away after a robbery with a gunshot in his windshield, that when he was at a toll he saw his own warning news broadcast behind the toll workers shoulder.

  12. I love when he did talk but ben gravy, it’s likes he’s not there besides 35 mins the whole Show. His story’s about surfing every state is cool But he can’t tell a story so

  13. TheRightOpinion was the worst guest. He just went on and on about the most boring topics. At least Adi made for some interesting dynamics.

  14. Apparently they told Linus they would keep the show relatively PG so when it immediately wasn't Linus was visibly uncomfortable and confused about what to do so he just started fixing a computer and being like "yup uh huh yeah that's good Kyle very interesting."

  15. Whos the guy that the boys asked “what does a producer actually do?” And he danced around the question as if he’d never been a producer a day in his life.

  16. Wait, was it actually a bad episode or was it just bad because they ended up dropping that cringe tidbit during the episode? Because that sounds kind of hilarious.

  17. Wax isn’t insufferable like a handful of other guests. He just had a bad episode most recently, seemed like he was depressed at the time. His earlier appearances were solid.

  18. It's not even close, McAfee for sure. Literally couldn't hear what he was saying because he was mumbling so badly and his mic was shit. Just like 2 hours of inaudible, disjointed rambling

  19. Probably the most controversial guest. I know a lot of people loved how chaotic it was, but I just shut it off after 10 minutes and never tried to listen to the rest

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