I am a Playstation man through and through and i love Gran Turismo but holy hell does Sony need to get something to compete with Forza Horizon

  1. They can’t just throw money at the problem and call it a day. You need people with experience building arcade racers. People who know the secret sauce for fun driving physics.

  2. If Microsoft won’t do it, Sony should make an Arcade game set in Tokyo and slap the GT license on it.

  3. Yooooo i remember either ps1 or ps2 era playing a game called Tokyo extreme racer zero and it was amazing even for its time

  4. Here here 100%. Been crying out for a new wipeout for years. I know the original studio was shut down but can you imagine a completely up to date Wipeout with all the bells and whistles??

  5. I feel you there. Maybe thats just their niche since i have loved every forza game. To be honest its the only games i have ever bought an xbox for

  6. They need to make a Gran Turismo that’s exactly like Horizon. Hence, Forza Horizon (Open World) and Forza Motorsport (Circuit Track Race) exactly like Gran Turismo. If Sony can make an open world Gran Turismo “Horizon” like game, that would be dope.

  7. They should try again with Driveclub and make it open world arcade like FHorizon. Attach the GT name to it and call them Gran Turismo: Driveclub

  8. Driveclub 2 would probably fit the bill. I know the first one has a mostly bad reputation but a lot of that was due to piss poor servers/MP issues at launch. Not excusing that of course, but if they could get it right the next time around and add some "next gen" features and graphics it could be great

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