Woke up to these handprints on mirror

  1. So I posted a photo to paranormal they told me I edited the photo so here's the video to a sub that actually allows me to upload it.

  2. It's my moms room and my dad died last year and I can confirm there was no strangers in the house that night. Also my mom was so freaked out because the cleaners were there the day before. Before bed she takes all her jewelry off in front of that mirror and does her makeup so she noticed the second she woke up.

  3. Then the palm prints should also be smudged or elongated. The palm print, from the video at least, looks well defined. I don’t see why it would only be the fingers sliding down… from my experience anyway, lol. Otherwise they are some long ass freaky fingers.

  4. it looks like what i’d imagine a grey aliens hands to look like. this is so detailed too! takes a shitton of pics super close up and all angles to document, it’d be cool if you found a way to lift the prints too. i’m sure there are ways

  5. I havent really said everything yet either. I stayed at my girlfriends last night my mom texts me at 4am freaking out because the TV turned on by itself and she found more hand prints on the TV. I havent been home yet to see those yet. If they are legit I will take photos/video tomorrow.

  6. So ask your sister if she stayed there and if she did it while not knowing what to do with herself while in pain. It matches the top 2 segments making contact, lifting it a bit then sliding down and stopping by firmly pressing all the segments. It looks fake like a kid did it not an entity

  7. Truly horrifying. One of the better documented cases of demonic handprints I’ve ever seen! Time to start casting out evil spirits in Jesus’ name. There’s tons of tutorials online for it. Report back once you clean the mirror.

  8. So I have no idea what kind of thing would leave that but my sister just had a major surgery and they didn't give her strong enough pain meds after and for 3 days she was staying at our place in that room in agony and for some reason I think that attracted whatever left those to the room. My mom never believed in anything paranormal her whole life and she's absolutely freaked out from it.

  9. Bro I've had an experience with an entity with hands that seemed similar. If it's the same one I've experienced it's very fucking dangerous. Tread lightly. My throat hit my stomach when I saw that

  10. I would say be careful because if it’s legit and something not so nice you just never really know what it’s capable of…as someone who didn’t believe in the paranormal yet got grabbed very aggressively by a demon “they” can absolutely hurt someone if they want to, so please be careful.❤️

  11. Those are some terrifying handprints. Also more scary when you think of mirrors being portals. Many spirits though have to literally push or pull through this barrier.

  12. I've got saved pictures somewhere of VERY similar handprint on my bathroom mirror right after a shower. At the time myself and 2 children (infant and under age 5) were the only ones living at our home. The print has the very long fingers like yours as well. WTF is it?!

  13. Now that is creepy. What if you lifted those prints and paid an independent lab to try to run a touch DNA test? Who or what would show up? Stuff like this makes my imagination run wild.

  14. I've had 3 family members die from cancer in my house and I live right next to a graveyard. I've had other minor experiences. There's one in my post history somewhere in /paranormal and thanks I might consider doing that to be honest.

  15. Mirrors should not be facing beds or doorways. They act as portals for spirits. I would suggest if she can’t move it, cover it up before she goes to sleep, TV as well. Cleanse home and reflective surfaces.

  16. Can you try to preserve the hand print somehow? For research purposes this could be amazing to analyze particularly in comparison to human hands.

  17. Just being the devils advocate, why’d you walk to the window first? As well as the palms do seem to be the same size as your hand?

  18. It's said that mirrors and reflective surfaces make it easy for paranormal creatures to enter our dimension. That could be the case here. You need to find out what's going on over there by doing research on your land or area and your place's local history. Hopefully whatever's haunting you isn't dangerous, but I'm just not getting any good vibes from what I saw. Don't get scared easily. While you're doing your research, pls keep us updated. Stay safe and take care.

  19. Get a priest in there to cast out whatever that thing is. And ask God for help something evil is in that graveyard. And looking at what you've said it is after everyone who is is that house. Have the house blessed. Not sure but it might be feeding off your mom until it's done with her.

  20. Get yourself some sage and rosemary and cleanse your whole house. Especially the mirror, get some hamsa charms and place them round the house too.

  21. I had the exact same thing happen on my bathroom mirrors, two handprints all the way at the top of the mirror where no one can reach. But they were between me and my wife's size and human looking. The handprints on your mirror is one of the craziest things I've seen here.

  22. Definitely looks like someone with similar sized hands slid them down the mirror. If it really isn't you, you might want to look into your home security, because this makes me think intruder way more than ghost, demon/jinn, or alien.

  23. It appeared in the middle of the night with someone sleeping in the room so I highly doubt thats the case. Weirdest break in ever. Also my house is creaky as fuck all hard wood floors so you literally can't sneak.

  24. Thats fine i understand skepticism but It's not my room it's upstairs and we are together literally all the time except for work and she's not here when I'm not anyway she has her own place

  25. Ugh, I mean I WANT to believe you, but damn it would be too easy to have faked this.. damn you internet proof

  26. Well I almost failed art class in high school and I have no idea how I would even go about recreating the detail in this. I know I'm a stranger and you have no reason to know if this is legit but I swear on my soul I had no hand in what is on that mirror (pun intended).

  27. Update is I took these off the TV last night and while the hand print is not as defined you can still see the size of it. Nothing else of interest has occurred since the television.

  28. I'm thinking this was meant to be a joke, but things don't appear the same in print as they do when spoken. This pushed the line of being a rude comment. This time I have just removed it, and there is no warning or anything. But any further comments we can add this on top. Just in the future be careful what and how you say things. We don't allow anyone to be rude toward anyone else. Thank you for your cooperation.

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