Queen of Canada arrested by RCMP over threats to medical personnel

  1. Not arrested yet, temporarily detained on a 48 emergency mental health evaluation. The doctor said she wasn't certifiable, which means she can be held liable for her actions. I expect an actual arrest down the road.

  2. And that they don't just toss them in the joint, but actually assess whether or not these people aren't just stone cold crazy, and go from there.

  3. I was confused by this too. This Queen of Canada person isn't an authority figure in the government, just a local lunatic who calls herself that.

  4. Ya, Canada and a handful of other countries are considered “commonwealth nations” and are connected to the British empire. This is a big reason the UK is such a world power still. The royal family has a lot more pull and a role in policy making then people think.

  5. If the person who needs help isn’t willing to accept it then not even the best team of doctors can be adequate enough. Often part of a delusional persons beliefs is that they are in fact not delusional and it’s everyone else who’s crazy. It’s extremely difficult to get someone like this to take medication. Fortunately she made a mistake and made a specific threat where now the medical system can deem her a danger to others. If she hadn’t then there is nothing stopping someone from spewing cult like nonsense since it’s very difficult to prove someone is a danger unless specific threats are made. Even if someone were to kill a politician based on something this nut job said, it’s nearly impossible to prove cause and effect since she’s not the one who committed the crime.

  6. She is. This woman is a cult leader who claims she was secretly given sovereignty over Canada, and that the government knows it but are refusing to give her control.

  7. It appears she's stopped calling herself Queen of the Republic of Canada. By definition a republic cannot have a Queen as its ruler.

  8. Huh. Until now, I wasn't totally sure she was a real person - I assumed the name was some kind of weird anagram or code for something Q related.

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