new to the game, i'm a little confused about hunts

  1. All electrical devices must be turned off or stashed away. The photocam can't be turned off, so you should either pocket it or throw it away when a hunt starts. It's most likely the cam that gave your position away.

  2. If you had any lights or electric equipment powered on ghosts tend to go straight for you. Additionally if the door to the basement was open the ghost is more likely to walk into the open area.

  3. it's me but my account just got banned because i cleared up some people who didn't understand a shitpost lmao. anyway...the basement door was definitely open and i had the photo camera in my hand, the lights were off as far as I remember, no flashlight

  4. It’s possible you were also dealing with a Deogen who knows players positions no matter where they hide. You have to outrun it.

  5. As soon as the hunt starts the ghost knows your location at that very moment, which is why normally when you hide they are always nearby. Since you were already in your spot then the ghost basically SAW you in the spot. Also make sure you were not holding nothing electronic the ghost can track you.

  6. As others have said, all ghosts are attracted to your torchlight, and if you’re speaking (both proximity and over radio) they’ll be able to make a line to you, regardless of if you’re hiding or not.

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