Last Night’s Video

  1. The new stuff going on is that Phil is suing everyone (the girl, the girl's parents, the girl's grandparents, journalists, media outlets (Daily Beast, Reuters and Rolling Stone magazine) lawyers, law firms and other regular people talking shit about him on social media) in an effort to "clear his name". He claims the girl lied in her recent affidavit to the Scranton Times and he is going to "make her" admit she lied. He is as unhinged as he's ever been. Did you catch the part last night where he said Scavino, Snowden, Flynn and Kash all work for him? Laughable.

  2. Thanks! I figured it was something along those lines. By the way, I’m still waiting for trump to be reinstated, the 2020 election being overturned and Martial Law to be declared.

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