Small lips-what would you recommend?

  1. A lip lift. You have a long philtrum. A lip lift with fat transfer or fillers would be great for you.

  2. Maybe the tiniest amount of filler? You have a small mouth too so too much filler would look off balance in my opinion. I also have a small mouth and won’t go near lip fillers.

  3. Lip filler for sure. I just got it not too long ago and it’s the best investment in myself I’ve done! I wish I would have done it years ago. Start small and build your way up. I ended up getting a whole syringe my first time. It ended up being not that much at all once the swelling went down. I have really thin lips too so I’m gradually working my way up and building slowly. Getting another syringe in a month to build structure.

  4. Thank you everyone for the advice and recommendations! Also I have on zero makeup so I apologize for the thin eyebrows I ruined in my teens. 😅

  5. Definitely agree with the lip lift to begin with , then find a good injector for some filler to balance the upper lip with the lower one . I think it would look super natural !

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