Good candidate for breast lift and/or augmentation to make them perkier?

  1. Excellent candidate for a lift and augmentation. Great quality skin and overall nice shape. Good canvas to start with.

  2. I think so! I had a breast reduction and lift in 2018, and had implants this past December. I think you’d be really happy with both. I do suggest implants for upper pole fullness from my experience 😬

  3. I think they look great! I don’t think they look saggy at all. They look young and healthy. If anything, wait a couple of years.

  4. Is see everyone saying fat transfer, research it, I personally wouldn’t recommend it. It’s unpredictable results can leave you with asymmetry, fat will die off after transfer. I’ve had implants for 21 years never any implant illness the highest risk was with the texture implants that have been removed from the market. There is always some risk it’s important to do your own research and do what you feel comfortable with. I definitely recommend a lift I’ve personally had a lift with implants and I’m very happy with my results. Good luck.

  5. You have such nice boobs. The light sag is cool and natural in my eyes. I would say augmentation only. If you want super young perky boobs then yes get both.

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