Hi guys! Do these count as a miscut?

  1. How so? With some scissors you think? I find it odd because I’ve bought them from a collector. On the bottom card you can also see a small bit off from the top of the card 🤔..

  2. Taking a pair of scissors or a knife to the card does not add value or make it a miscut. Even if this damage was done at the factory convincing anyone would be difficult.

  3. At first glance I want to say cut by scissors on accident. But upon closer inspection I notice that this is a promo card. Which makes me ask myself how anyone could cut a promo on accident. Maybe this was done by the factory. It is quite honestly very hard to tell. I found a picture of what these came in and they came in a tin where you can see the card from the front middle of the tin. They should not have been in any wrapping which takes away the possibility for it to be cut with scissors on accident. So honestly I think this is factory damage. Or someone did it on purpose…but why would they do that….makes no sense. I’m with you OP.

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