1st Gen Player wanting to recreate a memory for my nephew. Help!

  1. If you can get the celebrations set that has some remade versions of older cards which you could be nostalgic about. Evolving skies is pretty popular rn too with all the eeveelution cards in it.

  2. If he's anything like my nephews who are 5 and 7 vintage set's probably wouldn't excite him that much anyways all mine care about is if they get a V or Vmax

  3. Hey fellow Texan! I can confirm, neighborhood kids mostly only care about the V and Vmax cards (also, prefer Pokémon with higher HP..?? They don’t really understand the game yet, ages 5-10) They do have favorites too that they’ll collect. So maybe ask your sibling if your nephew has any favorite mons and get singles off TCGplayer site. You could also overwhelm him with a stack of shiny V and Vmax’s (singles, $1-3, don’t have to buy the super expensive ones), and buy a bunch of packs (evolving skies, celebrations, or the new fusion strike set coming out in November). If you have Costco membership there’s a cool exclusive that has metal lunchbox, pokeball tins, etc. for $34 (contains 8 packs and some promos), but it’s pretty bulky so I wouldn’t want to fly with it. 3-pack blisters with a promo card retail for $15 at big box stores. Check lane blisters $5. Sleeves boosters $4. So you can get a lot of sealed product for $200. Ohhh I am really excited for the flareon, Vaporeon, and jolteon vmax boxes coming out in December ($40/ea). Comes with a few packs, jumbo full alt art vmax, and alt art v and vmax. So depending on when you’re going and if you can score some, that would be a hit! Sorry for long post, I got super excited. Hope you guys have a great time!

  4. Well if he's in the UK then it might be worth having a look at the main online UK stores, Chaos Cards and Magic Madhouse for ideas. There's also Total Cards website, Smyths Toys (website & irl) and GAME (website & irl) but the first two would be the best places to start. Just be aware that the hype has hit over in the UK as well plus there have been issues with delays in supplies arriving from the US as well as reduced quantities of supplies arriving as well so you may want to plan well in advance.

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