Should “full compass unity” posts be restricted?

  1. That’s not true. If you find something that any quad would approve of or, alternatively, take issue with and demonstrate it using the compass, then it’s relevant.

  2. The worst thing about them, and surprisingly I haven't seen anyone mention this after reading the entire thread, is that not only they're lazy, they're usually false.

  3. Full unity posts are so shit. They're almost always cringe and half the time goes against what the quadrant would say anyway.

  4. I never found those to be entertaining, as stated before why even have different quadrants if it's just gonna be: person doing universaly hated thing is disliked by everyone. Also if I just wanted the news I wouldn't go to PCM for it

  5. Seriously? I just made a meme, mocking these full-compass-unity posts, planned to post it tomorrow. Then you stole my thunder. Screw the mods.

  6. show me any ojective proof it got better after the "highlighter rule". you can't because it's a subjective matter. if people like a meme they upvote, if they don't they downvote. and there are also enough proof that effort =/= good content. low effort can be funny and high effort can be cringe. there are no causation of effort and quality.

  7. Absolutly ban them full out. It's not a God damn PCM meme if there is Zero differences across the full freaking quadrants. It's just a reaction meme.

  8. Absolutely. They're extremely low effort agenda posts. They just depict the OP's opinion, and depicts every quadrant agreeing even though that's usually not the case. They're just to further the agenda of whatever OP believes. Fuck them.

  9. Based as fuck. So many new people don’t seem to understand that literally every rule here had a very important reason it was implemented. Even the no negative interactions with other communities one made the posts more creative after it was implemented.

  10. Agreed, been here a long time and it might just be me romanticizing the past but this sub was way more creative when it was smaller. Cross compass unity peaked during the purple purge

  11. Definitely agree with it. If you post a compass react meme with no distinction between the quadrants, then it's barely a political compass meme.

  12. I vote yes, because "unity" is exactly what is going to leads to circlejerkism. I would just like a restriction to days personally. Would be much better if they added more different reactions to them imo.

  13. If the meme is good it will get upvotes. If it isn't is will not. There is no benefit to limiting content that fits the subs theme.

  14. Censorship of a popular meme template just seems like a terrible idea. For your own subs sake, please realize now before things go too far that this type of thing will only lead downhill.

  15. please ban it, reminds me of the "everyone liked that" meme. just pull out a good article like "man saved dog" then make every say "based". literally so low effort and unfunny

  16. Why do mods feel the need to restrict posts? I thought the whole point of up and down votes was for users to determine what they want to see.

  17. If high quality posts are to be expected, should not the moderation of said posts be of high enough quality to deal with them on an individual case by case basis? There's definitely times when full compass unity is just the reality, and if the mods can't tell the difference between when a post accurately represents that and a post inaccurately represents that, should they really be modding this high maintenance sub?

  18. If you look at the survey stats even without the 3rd option counted restricting highlighter memes still had more people vote for it, even with democracy it won

  19. I hate that this sub has gotten so infested with libs now. It used to be mixed enough that we could pass good authoritarian policies that benefited everyone, and now we end up with social rejects going "ALL RULES BAD REEEEEEE"

  20. "free market" doesn't work when upvotes are freely given and unlimited, and there's no way to give more than one to any specific post. Supply and demand only works when there's a limited amount of investment to go around

  21. They are probably better than some reactionary biased stuff and help to create a community feeling. They do more good than harm, we already have an upvoting system to counterbalance them.

  22. No. Fuck off, stop adding these shitty rules. It's bad enough y'all cheated the polls for that retarded rule on highlighter memes. We already have a system for rating the quality of content, it's called the Upvote and Downvote buttons.

  23. I'm not even in favor of restricting highlighter posts. If you hate them so much, downvote them and people will be discouraged from making them.

  24. If you're crying about seeing too much of one kind of post your virgin ass is spending too much time here. Go outside and touch as much grass as possible.

  25. I already have all the power this is asking for input the people do not give use our power. We gain our power and fame through the use of machines that make us all powerful at the cost of never seeing grass again

  26. What if, and hear me out before you write this off as a crazy idea and too much work, what if we create a voting system so users can reduce the visibility of shitty memes? I call this new invention down voting. This wouldn't give the mods extra work once it's implemented... oh wait

  27. Alex Jones voice "It's the big tech platforms, they don't want you to agree. Keep 'em divided. That's how you get gay frogs people."

  28. I would like to restrict that type of memes but I think they would just become "everyone liked that except purple libRight"

  29. We should neither ban nor restrict the meme format. The meme itself will evolve over time to be pcm worthy, we just need to incorporate it even moreso.

  30. Why the fuck would you specifically ban a 'kind' of pcm post, then cite low quality? If the post is low quality, just fucking remove it based off the quality and tell the user to put on more effort, regardless of what type it is.

  31. Why is the "yes" option to restrict "full compass unity posts" to the weekends? This sort of rule is okay for highlighter memes since the problem was oversaturation. These full compass unity posts have no value at all and should be banned altogether (though with the important distinction that this is only when every quadrant reacts exactly the same way; just having them all agreeing shouldn't be enough to ban them).

  32. They’re gonna lose this vote and then full compass unity memes will be made from this. It will be glorious.

  33. I think we should just go full anarchy and ban all mods, and whoever owns this sub should have their password changed for them. No authority or organization in this sub whatsoever.

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