Can DeSantis take on Trump?

  1. That governor comparison is not fair. Bush was attached to the presidential legacy of his brother, for whom there was still overwhelming negative sentiment towards him. The Bush rehabilitation tour wasn’t underway then. Its therefore an unknown as to how Bush would fare now after the past few years his brother has had his image rehabbed. And Trump is now associated with insurrection.

  2. Agree with this. Jeb Bush and DeSantis are wildly different in presentation. I don’t know if I’d vote for him but DeSantis is fiery and passionate and isn’t tied down by a sibling’s (and a former president for that matter)’s reputation. DeSantis is animated but much less of a live wire than Trump. I think he is appealing to most Trump voters even though there will be a small sample size of “Trump-or-bust” people. Florida is a purple state and DeSantis dominated even in a liberal county such as Miami-Dade. He seems quite popular in his state. He and Bush are not the same.

  3. True, but Trump has had the advantage of Fox News backing him, and that appears to be over. If Hannity and Fox and Friends spend the next year bashing Trump it should create a real opening in the republican base. Desantis can bide his time, running a shadow campaign as governor with smart PR moves like he has been doing. He'll hope Trump suffers legal problems and the media turn against Trump sticks so that "Trump the loser" takes hold as the narrative.

  4. Trump is going to easily win the primary. These people are drinking the kool-aid from the midterm, but when they wake up they'll be looking at polls showing DeSantis and Trump neck-and-neck in Florida - DeSantis's backyard - while Trump is stomping DeSantis in the other 49 states.

  5. Probably not. The writing on the wall is clear: the right wing pundit class wants Trump gone because of his narcissism and self defeating behavior. Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and others are explicit about it - they want DeSantis. Others privately want Trump gone but don't say it out loud because they'll get rolled. Hannity is known to be one of those people.

  6. Sounds like a selling point for Trump: "Screw the elites in Washington who want DeSantis. It's time to rebel against the swamp!"

  7. The right wing pundit class wanted trump gone in 2015 when they were propping up Ted Cruz. They will pivot over night if trump starts winning early in the primaries. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter who is the leader of the Republican party as long as the party gets to dictate funds and policies. Or lack thereof.

  8. Trump also has a ton of allies who are good at fighting in the mud and directing their base in harassment campaigns. It will be a dirty, vicious fight between Trump and DeSantis, and I just dont see either person backing down.

  9. If Trump were not a malignant narcissist, I'd say the looming legal issues should give him a strong incentive to let DeSantis or whoever take over and issue a pardon.

  10. The right wing only wants trump gone because they're better without him. That's the only thing they care about. They fell in line on J6 because they thought he's a net positive for their power.

  11. The RNC needs to be actively thinking about what they can offer Trump In exchange for him not running as a third party. Of course they’re always too arrogant to get out of their own way and will probably spend the next election cycle antagonizing him, thinking they can be rid of him by defeating him in the primary. While they could potentially beat him in a primary, if that happens Trump is obviously going to lash out in vengeance and yank their 2024 chances. He already has a record of doing this (see: the two senate seats he cost republicans in GA after Brian Kemp wouldn’t magically produce 12,000 ballots for him.)

  12. Trump will fall in line and pretend he made DeSantis and push him as the nominee. I've always found Trump to be incredibly weak He couldn't even fire people face to face. Like all bullies, he's not a tough guy at heart.

  13. If its just them two then yes DeSantis can beat Trump, but it'll not be by a lot and would be a complete clusterfuck of a primary.

  14. But it actually may be just the two of them. Many others won't bother running if Trump is in, either out of deference or just knowing that they can't beat him. And this time desantis is a pretty clear front runner atm, which there wasn't in 2015. Bush was one of the leaders but there were several, and none could get unified party support. The party (or the various GOP elites, cause Trump stacked the party itself with his cronies) could angle to clear others out for a 1:1 and then back desantis

  15. It depends on how many people run. The reason Trump won in 2016 despite being a joke candidate is because all the "not Trump" Republican voters were split between over a dozen candidates. Trump had a small but dedicated fanbase and winner-takes all primaries, so all Trump had to do to become the nominee was get more votes than like a 1/10th of the "not Trump" demographic.

  16. This probably isn't true; I remember there were ranked polls from YouGov or something, that indicated that Trump would have also beaten every other primary candidate in head-to-head elections.

  17. I think if there aren't that many candidates, another candidate has a chance but... I still think it's unlikely. Trump will be the nominee.

  18. I think DeSantis could win a GOP primary in 2024, but Trump could sabotage him in the general by convincing "Trump or Bust"-ers not to vote for DeSantis. IMHO, DeSantis's best bet is to wait for 2028, or to promise Trump a blanket pardon if he sits out 2024.

  19. Keeping in mind that DeSantis is only 44, I think it is very possible that he just sits this one out and takes his shot in '28. It'll be interesting though and there will be a lot of pressure on him to run, as well as pressure not to run. It may come down to how likely the Republicans are to win overall, regardless of their candidate.

  20. He can beat Trump for the nomination. But he can't beat Trump without losing a key chunk of GOP voters. He needs Trump's support in order to win 2024.

  21. Could you see trump giving his support after losing the nom? I can't. Except for the fact that legitimate media sources arent gonna shut the fuck up about it. If we all stayed quiet, this would play out how we see it. As it is now, trump might quietly back desantis and pretend like he doesn't want the nomination. Because he can't put himself in a position of weakness and wants to eternally "own the libs".

  22. DeSantis is benefiting from “prisoner of the moment” and “hysterical overreaction” stiff. Donald still controls the Republican base. The election denying, gun toting, anti vax, country types aren’t just gonna disappear. It’s a good 25% of the base. Millions spread out around the country

  23. DeSantis has done everything possible to make himself look like the heir apparent to the Republican nominee. He has the resume, governor House Rep, veteran etc. He can take Trump on. Centers the race on issues he’ll win. especially if there is other people in the primaries.

  24. I'm intensely curious for the Republican primaries. I suspect people are way overestimating Trump's viability even in the Republican base. If you look at the list of people who have lost presidential elections in the past, it's a pretty doomed list for future political success. Trump's broken a lot of trends, but I think he'd get absolutely hammered in the primaries for losing the race, and a lot of his defenders are falling back on the fact that his attackers are mostly Democrats. It'll be a whole new ballgame when he's being hammered by other prominent Republicans, which we're starting to see some early signs of.

  25. Hahaha...DeSantis will beat Trump like a rented mule. If Trump is stupid enough to debate, it will be a hilariously ruthless gutting.

  26. Few on the right want Trump anymore, they're all jumping ship to DeSantis. The big financiers already did this weeks if not months ago. The midterms were the nail in the coffin. They see Trump as dead weight and want him to go away quietly while DeSantis leads the party forward. Even Trump's old press secretary Mackinneney said she wants Trump to hold off on his announcement until after the GA runoff election because she thinks Trump is going to continue hurting their chances at 2024. Most of the big losses in the midterms were Trump backed candidates (ie. Dr. Oz). People are sick of it. Especially when Republicans felt this entire midterm should have been a blowout.

  27. I think DeSantis can beat just about anyone else the GOP might field, but he's in big trouble if Trump runs or even just doesn't decide to back him.

  28. DeSantis is seen as new & exciting within the GOP. He is very popular with the base for his culture war stances and has the policy record to back it up. He's also seen (correctly or not) as more moderate which makes him attractive to anti-Trump conservatives and independents. He's also currently seen as a "winner" who can lead the top of the ticket and assist with down ballot races. DeSantis is going to be a formidable opponent to Trump should he choose to run.

  29. DeSantis is a more likeable and seemingly more competent version of Trump (both of which are not high standards). I view him as more dangerous than Trump because I fear a lot more people will consider him a more legitimate option than Trump based on his rhetoric. Will that be enough to win a primary? Unsure, but I see him as a tougher opponent in a general election against a Democrat.

  30. But this is projecting onto DeSantis a person who simply isn’t there. He’s awkward, socially unaware, whiny, and short. You’re thinking about this in terms of policy and Trump’s electability. It’s actually going to go down like a school bully pantsing a nerd. It’s going to be hilarious, and just like that DeSantis will wither away.

  31. If he has the guts he can run; However, nomination will most likely elude him. Trump still has his MAGA base which is a little less than half of all Republicans. The extreme MAGA, if Trump runs are completely united and will not vote for De Santis if he runs against Trump.

  32. I agree with this take. Trump has cultivated a core voter base… like 30-35% of the part and as a block they aren’t going anywhere and the GoP need them. Trump isn’t going anywhere.

  33. DeSantis is much more well liked than Jeb or old Ted. He is very well liked among Republicans at large and within the party establishment. But Trump still has a hold over a lot of voters. It’s gonna be one heck of a primary, that’s for sure.

  34. The GOP leadership has been tired of Trump for a while, and now they’re blaming him for the midterm losses. Half of Republican voters want someone other than Trump to run in 2024. DeSantis will have a lot of support if he runs but it will tear the party apart. I can see Trump running as an independent just to sabotage the Republicans if he’s not the nominee.

  35. All Republicans will vote for DeSantis if he’s the nominee. But only a portion of Republicans will vote for Trump. If Trump is the nominee, it would pretty much guarantee the Democrats will win 2024. If DeSantis runs, he will capture a lot of moderates and those on the fence because he resonates well with voters and it’s a great communicator.

  36. Yes. The Republican party elites are close to going all-in on DeSantis after (possibly overinterpreting) the election results in Florida and seeing the fate of so many Trump-backed candidates. Trump didn't get to 50% in the 2016 primary season. He won because the rest of the vote was split with multiple candidates. I suspect a lot of those non-Trump voters will revert back to a non-Trump candidate.

  37. It really depends. If trump can deliver a good zinger on him on a debate stage, the base will automatically love trump again and all of the party members will go where their voters go. This is the thing with the GOP. If you don't have a solid platform of policies to run on, your party will be whatever is attractive and popular at the moment.

  38. Keep in mind that Desantis drew the congressional map for his own state and the median age of Florida is almost 43 years old. He does well in Florida where the deck is heavily stacked in his favor, but his political positions are very much out of line with the mainstream, and imo put him at a disadvantage for president.

  39. Apparently DeSantis is deciding to take a hands off approach to Trump and not respond to him which didn’t exactly work for Republican Candidates in 2015/2016. Also DeSantis looked incredibly weak during his debate with Val Demmings which will be a tough look against Trump.

  40. Yes. Honestly a lot of ppl voted for trump bc they just aren’t democrats but desantis is much more palletable than trump. Maybe not in beliefs but at least in presentation.

  41. There is no candidate that stands a chance against Trump. Not because Trump is good, but because Trump is dirty, plays dirty, and has foreign "friends" who will absolutely go after anyone who threatens him.

  42. The gop needs to change its primary set up so that Trump can't win via a mere plurality. The field is once again likely to be large and diverse and Trumps core will carry him farther than Desantis.

  43. He definitely can. Recent polls have shown him finally pulling ahead of Trump for once, there have been reports of some grassroots groups already pulling away from Trump, and he's lost more support from major influencers like Shapiro, Walsh, and Owens. There's also been a lot more negativity towards Trump on social media in the past few days. I think you're going to see more of a shift against him as the primaries heat up.

  44. It will depend on who Fox News wants. If Fox News lets Trump on more, then DeSantis is fucked. If Fox News doesn't let on Trump, then Trump is fucked.

  45. Trump is the old, wounded lion in the pride. His is becoming a drain on the rest of the group, and one by one they will turn on him. You are starting to see it, albeit a bit slowly. Other Republicans, former advisors, pundits. They are already tossing his ridiculous "steal" rhetoric under the bus. It will accelerate quickly and he will become the GOP pariah. The pride will go for the neck, and kill him off before he endangers the GOP further.

  46. DeSantis would kick his ass. Then again Trump has that old man strength. I think DeSantis would knock him out.

  47. DeSantis reminds me of Nixon— pugnacious, a smart lawyer, served in Navy, takes positions for political gain, dark-haired and vaguely seedy looking. Democrats may need a JFK/Obama charismatic type to beat him.

  48. Except Nixon was charismatic, lost to Kennedy, and then barely defeated Hubert Humphrey, a non-incumbent who was inextricably welded to a flatlining presidency.

  49. Yep, i think DeSantis is a bigger threat to the democratic party. Because he holds a lot of the far right positions that Trump holds, while being way more charismatic and effective.

  50. Take him on? Sure. However, their efforts will utterly gut the GOP's chances at winning the white house until at least 2030something. MAGA are RINOs, and a cult of personality. The GOP will see a ripple like never before when the egos of those men clash while running for POTUS. Plus, Mike Pence may run, and MAGA hate him. So, this will benefit the center, and left of center for a very long time. I'm personally all for the center right and fringe right to eat themselves alive.

  51. I'm curious to see over the next few election cycles if it is even possible for a republican candidate to win nationally without literally being a cult leader.

  52. That’s what I keep saying, the guy just doubled down on restricting abortion access, one of the main things that just killed his party in the midterms. His whole deal is culture war bs and he has the charisma of a potato.

  53. This is wholly anecdotal but there seems to be a lot of support for DeSantis over Trump with the people I talk to up here in the Northeast. I think a lot of original Trump supporters are kind of souring on him. Just a personal observation, I don't have any hard evidence to back it up.

  54. That only matters if we get to the general election, not in the primary. Republican primary voters are a very specific sample of the population and I think they would reelect either DeSantis or Trump if given the chance.

  55. Depends on how primaries are run, and specifically in what order states vote. If Deep South/extremely conservative states go first (TN, AL, MS, FL, OK, TX(?)), we could see a DeSantis/fashy type gaining a lot of momentum and beating out other candidates who'd carry more moderate states.

  56. I think DeSantis will get the GOP nomination and Trump will run as an independent effectively splitting the vote. The Democratic nominee will have an easier time but I wish that person was someone younger than Biden.

  57. As a straight independent from Miami-Dade, I'm not surprised that DeSantis won, and I do think that he has a shot to dethrone Trump as the frontrunner of the Republican party.

  58. The "don't say gay" was an example of media trying to get a hit piece. Republicans never branded it as don't say gay.

  59. Less a question of if he can take Trump and more of a question of if it’d be a Pyrrhic victory, which I’m almost positive it would be for whichever one came out on top. At least for the time being. Things might change a whole lot with that in the coming weeks though and, depending on how much fallout there is from the GOP underperforming and how much does end up squarely with Trump and sticking with him then it might be easier.

  60. Average brain dead Zoidberg voter: “He may not be perfect, but do we really want some unknown new guy? I'll stick with the evil maniac I know, thank you.”

  61. Can DeSantis beat Trump? Yes, and I think the results for Trump endorsed candidates this primary shows how far Trumpism has fallen in Republican voters.

  62. If the GOP base was most concerned about winning the next election, then I would think that Desantis would be the man to beat Trump in a primary. Unfortunately, the GOP base is made up of many who joined it specifically in support of Trump. While Desantis could probably put up a good fight, I still think Trump would ultimately come out on top there. And then quite possibly go on to lose the general election and doom The GOP senate chances as swing state candidates are once again shackled to his corpse.

  63. DeSantis will beat Trump if he chooses to run. The question is will Trump smear DeSantis so badly during his primary that he loses all hope at winning the general election?

  64. The GOP primaries are winner take all and not proportional. This is basically how Donald Trump was able to win the nomination. Donald Trump never really received a majority or close until it was very late in the process. If the GOP keeps this method and multiple people run, Donald Trump will make things difficult as he has a core group that will vote for him regardless.

  65. My first point is Americans clearly have a very short memory conservatives will have forgotten about the midterm by the end of the week and will for sure have forgotten they blamed trump by then. Second point is the race between the two would for sure be very close and the people that vote trump are fully behind him. If trump were to lose he would for sure claim there was fraud or it was stolen and those loyal followers would believe him. Then that makes me wonder what the republicans would do bc then they would have to take a stance against election denial… scared and excited to see what happens.

  66. trump is toast. If it runs for public office again it will LOSE. I would vote for my local can collector first. Bye don.

  67. As a Floridian of 12 years and a voter (Democrat born and breed) I believe dems didn’t vote in numbers as in the past. Charlie Crist was not a popular choice as he has a history of waffling in Parties and on issues. Had a strong Democrat against DeSantis we would have had better results. Let’s see what happens in 4 years from now.

  68. Who cares , they will both get their cheeks clapped by the democratic representative. I have zero faith in the GOP, religion and our stances on some social issues will make it impossible for us to win. The world is sick and tired of the abortion bans and I don't blame people for voting democratic after the GOP is becoming a theocracy.

  69. No. Because he has the charisma of a Graham cracker and will fold under pressure. Trump will trample all over him. DeSantis is a bit of a pushover

  70. There is this weird mythology being built about DeSantis that he's Trump but without all the bad parts. I think what a lot of people don't realize is that DeSantis is a very petty and small man - he has a fantastic comms team that controls his messaging carefully and he listens to them, but he's going to crumple the first time Trump calls him 'tiny feet' at a debate, very much like Little Marco.

  71. I don't know about all of this to be very honest. DeSantis seems like the flavor of the month here and can be buried under something else really quick.

  72. There is no question, mainstream right wing media companies (FOX et al) know that DeSantis has a better chance of winning in 2024 than Trump does. They have no reason to support Trump.

  73. he should. objectively he's the better candidate. He's conservative enough to appeal to the Republican base without Trump's cringe moments and childish trantums, he's also much younger and appears collected, competent and modest, a sharp contrast with Trump here.

  74. modest seems a stretch for his recent messianic self-presentation, but i guess everyone seems modest compared to Trump.

  75. As someone who pays attention to DeSantis's day to day antics, I don't see him as modest at all, and often not collected. He's collected when his day is going exactly like he hoped it would go - when he runs into a hiccup he's instantly severely disheveled. As for modest, I mean he just ran an ad that borderline deifies him within the biblical canon, and he makes no effort to brush aside the gushing, cult-of-personality praise he receives publicly from his most devoted. Not to mention things like forming new militarized forces that answer to him, the whole flying-migrant-from-TX thing which was probably illegal, his tirades at teachers, public workers, and kids. He's really just a slightly more subdued Trump, and not a whole lot more intelligent either, but crucially, he does seem to possess more self awareness which gives him a huge advantage over Trump who could never stop himself from sabotaging himself.

  76. “modest”? This is the pudgy bully who has a screaming tantrum anytime he senses disagreement. Remember he went off in a rage on those school children?

  77. My question to everyone here is what will be said by all these newly self proclaimed anti-establishment republicans when the party has abandoned trump?

  78. authoritarians like to back the winners; if the party abandons Trump, Trump runs, and he loses a couple primaries, tons of followers will fall away. Not all, though.

  79. No. For the time being the Republican Party is a Trump cult. DeSantis may be their guy in the future but as of right now the Republican Party eats, sleeps, and prays to their Supreme Overlord Trump

  80. He won because of Gerrymandering. Districts he literally drew himself. Please let him take the GOP in 2 years, he will lose handily. He can’t gerrymander the country, and the GOP will not understand how the Florida red wave, just didn’t turn into a national phenomenon. That dude is a cruel turd that needs to be flushed.

  81. Desantis will win the GOP nomination. Trump's gonna throw a tantrum and start his own party a la the Bull Moose party (but significantly dumber). His diehard supporters are large enough that the GOP vote will be split, securing another Democrat presidency.

  82. Desantis will absolutely beat Trump in the primaries but it'll be close. The best part is that Trump will never accept defeat and endorse Desantis so many of his supporters will either sit out the election or write in Trump, ensuring Democrats win the Oval Office.

  83. Well take on? I rather think that they would tear each other apart and the loser at the end would be the GOP.

  84. Trump won’t be able to cross the finish line two years from now. He’s a narcissist and so small a person that he’s going to want to be at the top of the Republican Party if he can, but he knows that campaigning is somewhat hard work and he’s already been through it enough to know this.

  85. I agree with this partly. If DeSantis (which I think he could possibly) were to win the nomination that would be a disaster for the GOP. There’s not a chance Trump would let that go and his base of loyal followers would join him. Even if his base of most loyal followers was only 5% of registered republicans then they’d still likely loose to whoever the democrats ran. However, the share of MAGA republicans in the republican party is around 40% (

  86. No. Convincing Trump supporters to not vote for Trump is an impossible task. Trump will be the curse of the Republican Party for the rest of his life.

  87. Do I think its wise for DeSanis to take on Do I think he will..yes. Do I think its good for us Democrats, yes!

  88. Even some people who might have voted democrat would favor desantis if presented with the premise of: who will more likely keep trump out of office, desantis or Biden. Competent effective leader, vs feeble minded old man

  89. No. Exit polls from mid terms show trump is the preferred nominee by a country mile. And when trump is facing de santis alone he can spend all his energy focusing on him.

  90. I think the important thing is to keep Trump supporters believing the Republicans have conspired to get rid of Trump, and deliberately sabotaged all of his endorsed candidates to hurt him politically. I want to see the Republican electorate as divided as possible going into 2024, because I don’t think Trump is electable any longer. The last two election cycles have demonstrated that. Desantis might be able to win unless MAGAs hold on to Trump, and refuse to vote for him.

  91. I think Desantis better just let Trump do thing because otherwise Trump will damage him with attacks because it’s all about what’s best for Donald. Ron’s time will come.

  92. DeSantis is trump 2.0 but smarter. The stunt he pulled about buying people to Maryland is going to be hung on his head forever, he may win in Florida but he doesn't have the charisma to win in a country wide election

  93. I think there’s a chance, but the base still has a massive attachment for Trump. You could see a split between the party elites and the base where the leadership wants DeSantis and the base wants Trump. I think in a divided primary that would give Trump the advantage, but if the GOP all fall in line behind DeSantis from the get go it could overcome the lock Trump has on the base and win the nomination. So if it’s just the two of them, DeSantis could win, but if there’s even 3-4 other candidates Trump could win with a plurality

  94. The fact this is the conversation is super depressing when looking forward for America. We don't put forward our best to lead, we put forward our worst. What a fucking clown-show. C'mon Americans, get your heads out of you're asses and start voting for INTELLIGENT candidates that will act in GOOD-FAITH. I know it seems hard to do because we're all so convinced that the US is a deteriorating state, but remember that there are foreign nation states that are actively contributing to this divide because "a house divided cannot stand", and they really want the US to fail. We need to come together, Dems & Reps, to counter the success of Russia/China in creating this divide between us using disinformation & misinformation. Please 🙏

  95. Food for thought... Desantis/ Republicans won big in Florida because he (Desantis rewrote (gerrymandering the congressional districts toward the the right).

  96. Another “political discussion” about advice for republicans. Don’t care. There seems to be a huge number of questions along this line.

  97. 🤣🤣🤣 Nikki Haley bwaaahahahahaaaaa she's made it clear that she's a trump sycophant, she doesn't stand a chance, thankfully

  98. Maybe writers at the NR or Democrats such as myself think Haley (or Tim Scott or Rubio circa 2015) seems like the best option but I don’t think average primary voters share the same sentiments lol

  99. 🤣🤣🤣 Nikki Haley bwaaahahahahaaaaa she's made it clear that she's a trump sycophant, she doesn't stand a chance, thankfully

  100. DeSantis is a right-wing media darling at the moment and has the full backing of the establishment. He has a chance at beating Trump in the primary but he would not win in the general. Why? 3 reasons:

  101. Forgot to add that DeSantis isn't much of a debater and is somewhat timid and shy. Trump's showmanship would hurt him.

  102. That might be best for the Republican party as a whole, but not for DeSantis. If Trump wins in 24, DeSantis will struggle in 28 against a Democrat after a 4 year Trump presidency, not to mention the Republican field will be crowded after 12 years dominated by Trump.

  103. No. They are fighting over the same rabid portion of the electorate, which is only 30.% of the country. They will both then get the same voters in the general election that are going to vote republican no matter what.

  104. Perspective on DeSantis's win- the Democratic candidate was a former Republican governor who flipped parties, was about as vibrant as a piece of linoleum and the Democratic Party (for all of its candidates), ran campaigns that would have been an embarrassment to someone running for 8th grade class president. The Trump vs DeSantis will be a shit bomb and neither will escape the flying shrapnel. I was once told, "Jesus sits at the right hand of God and the Holy Ghost wants to take that spot." The two of them will be locked in a murder suicide pact. So far, Trump is the only one blowing steam and DeSantis has said nothing, but when Trump begins to do any damage, it will be interesting to see how the battle goes.

  105. I mean, that was before people knew how a Trump presidency was going to be. Back then he was new and different, a total outsider. Now half the GOP is absolutely tired of him. There is not a single person who didn't vote for Trump before that will vote for him 2024, and there will be a lot of people who did vote for Trump in 2016, maybe even 2020, that probably won't vote for him again in 2024 after January 6th.

  106. What is most odd is that he won by double digits in blue areas. Why are Florida's results so out of sync with the rest of the country? Sounds like Putin election wins here.

  107. This is the problem. I think he is a much better candidate than Trump and can make a better appeal to moderate and swing voters. The problem is Trump owns the GOP. He would gladly see the party burn before letting anyone else take the White House. The GOP created this problem, it smacked them in the face in midterms and likely will in 2024.

  108. It all depends on what the base thinks. Leadership clearly thinks Trump should be gone, but I mean they didn't like Trump in 2016, they bashed him constantly on Fox News, and the base voted for him anyways. Who knows how Trump's supporters would react to the midterms in the months ahead, but even though I don't doubt that some are reconsidering him, the real question is how much and if it's enough for the party to not only oust Trump but oust him safely. Perhaps DeSantis can beat Trump, though it's not clear ATM but even if he does, if even a fraction of Trump's cultish supporters still back him wholeheartedly like they did before and think DeSantis is some establishment goon then that could hurt them in the general election. I think whatever turnover that will happen needs to be overwhelming, and at this point, I'm kind of skeptical of that.

  109. Trump/ DeSantis 2024. Trump will die in his second year of prostate cancer (fully preventable), and DeSantis will finish Trump's term and get elected for 2 more terms, 10 years as president!

  110. Going to offer a caution about Desantis. If Florida is as red as its turning out to be right now. Thinking he is going to do better outside of Florida in states in the midwest and other areas is going to be problematic. No matter what anything else he never denounced Trump when Trump was at the top of his popularity with Republicans and people WILL attack him for it and the many instances Desantis has used state functions to attack his critics. The bottom line is whether it is Trump or Desantis, neither of them is going to win the presidency in 2024. The public has made this clear. Republicans need to heed the words of Governor Hogan and start to think long and hard if they want to have any relevance nationally or they will be looking at another 30-40 years of being an irrelevent footnote of history until Genx Millenials and Z'ers die off.

  111. Don’t want to see either in office. Desantis has don’t some weird and disposable things in Florida . He was too lax with the pandemic. He opened up way too soon.

  112. What’s going to be really interesting is how the Republican primaries that Trump wins will be fair and square, while the ones he loses will be rigged (by the Republicans, against the republicans, apparently)

  113. LOLOL im sorry but the level of discourse our country is at for anyone to ask that question fuggin hell this is Hellworld for real lol

  114. This is a good question. The powers-that-be in the Republican party and rightwing propaganda machine are currently doing their best to push the Trump base into being a DeSantis base. They're going to try to walk a fine line between claiming Trump is being wrongly persecuted and that he needs to go. It remains to be seen how much he'll cooperate and who the base will get behind.

  115. Part of Trump’s weakness at this point is that people have largely stopped paying attention to him. As soon as a competitive primary heats up it’ll be all Trump, all the time. Trump has the same sick genius for television as Hitler did for his own propaganda. As soon as he gets up there and starts working his magic and out-crazying everyone else on Earth, his base is gonna remember why they fell in love with him again. Biden may have won his debates with Trump, but you can’t run the same I’m-not-insane playbook in a Republican primary.

  116. No. Absolutely no. Not only we're dealing with a malignant narcissist, we're also dealing with the fact that he brought in the GOP's largest voting block with him.

  117. Even if he does, Trump will switch and run as an Independent because his narcissism can’t help it. Siphon away votes from DeSantis in the end just to make him lose is 100% on brand.

  118. Anyone but Trump. Yes he can. Hell the gum on my shoe can run against Trump. Ideally neither run, Biden or Trump, and we a new shot at politics

  119. Why can't we just have a Trump-DeSantis 2024 ticket: Trump can get re-elected and then DeSantis can be President for two terms after that..

  120. I honestly would give both equal chances. Trump has a fanatical fanbase that will vote for him no matter what. He is also quite toxic and very polarizing. DeSantis is a guy that can try to appeal to some moderate voters as well and is not a red flag to half the country. Personally I think the Republicans and America in general would be better served with DeSantis as the nominee.

  121. Assuming Trump is not in jail, hasn’t lost his company and is still healthy enough to run (he is overweight, has a notoriously unhealthy diet and is only 3 years younger than Biden so this is not a given), I don’t believe DeSantis will be able to count Trump out. Even now like 30% of the country likes Trump. That’s more than half of the Republican Party. I don’t think it’s a sure thing but I don’t think we can discount the possibility.

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