My suggestion is ain't important for the system

  1. You know how many illegal migrants are here busting their asses for a few bucks. Farming, Construction, Cleaning etc. Industries that rely on these workers. You know how many 40 something year old, lazy sacks of racist shit mooch from a faux disability, scam others, and take advantage of every assistance program?

  2. I see y'all looking at Canada! We have more than enough dingbat racists up here! Send em to La Palma with shovels and sunscreen...

  3. In Germany the last time racists went to other countries in large numbers, our neighbouring countries were not amused.

  4. Fuck that bullshit...they will all come Canada....we need to build a wall on our southern boearder!!!! America will pay for it!!!

  5. Get all your racists and dump m in the states between Florida and Texas, call it Real America for ‘Real Americans’, no vaccine needed and Biden isn’t your president

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