Explaining taxes

  1. Friendly reminder that trying to fight someone online is about as effective as throwing a bagel at a bulldozer. A lot of what we talk about gets people pretty emotional, but be mad at policies, not other users.

  2. I had this conversation with a cousin. Didn't want to get a raise because of the higher tax bracket. Had to slap him in the head.

  3. I've told my parents that if they didn't want me to think critically, maybe they shouldn't have given me the education they always throw in my face.

  4. The number of grown adults I know who have said they would refuse a promotion because they would end up make less due to being in the next tax bracket is.... depressing. No wonder they think taxes on the rich are unfair. "I love the poorly educated" indeed.

  5. Imagine having that talk with a brainwashed highschool dropout. I cannot explain even the most basic of concepts to my mom because religion has drilled it so hard into her head to NEVER under any circumstance THINK FOR YOURSELF. My latest failed discussion was trying to hammer in the importance of statistics in determining correlations, and using the scientific method to determine what is real. Her only response once her single neuron fired was "Fuck statistics! fuck science!" And these are the people voting. Brainwashed, ignorant sheep whose holy book DEMANDS they follow the herd off the cliff.

  6. My mothers husband at one point told me that he refused to take a raise because that meant he would be taxed more and lose money. 🤦‍♂️

  7. Yea....my father in law, retired, thinks if he shows 1 cent over the 22% bracket threshold ($82,###?), he jumps up to the next bracket and has to pay 25% on all income.

  8. The visual is a class of 3rd graders all dressed up in business suits and slick back hair, all trying to make a point on what is best for country’s economy while running for class offices.

  9. I wouldn't mind except the Trump administration threw the ability of employees to itemize their tax deduction. So they are not only cutting taxes for the rich, they're making the working class pay even more taxes

  10. Ask people like this what they think the tax rate should be. It's usually a question none of them have ever actually thought about, because they just say "lower". Ask them what it would have to be cut to before they stopped saying "lower".

  11. I’ve noticed they aren’t running on it nearly as much recently. I hope the left uses what happened to UK’s plan a bit

  12. Yeah remember when during the trump admin they gave a tax cut to the rich and McConnall said “the money will trickle down to the workers and they will give them raises.”

  13. I love trickle down it probably might work but it trickles down about 1 level to an offshore account never to be seen or used again

  14. When really everyones problems could just be resolved by invading all the wealthy people with your mega army, seizing their assets and giving back to the poor to actually stimulate the economy.

  15. They could've been simple. Several presidents on both sides of the aisle (All I can remember atm is Reagan) favored a system where the government does the taxes and citizens audit them.

  16. I grew up believing exactly this because that’s what I was always told, until I took an economics class in college and realized just about all economists believe money in the hands of poor people is better for the economy than money in the hands of the rich. But the opinions of experts never mattered to republicans.

  17. It would be simple if Republicans also cut spending but they don't seem to do that. For calling themselves conservative they sure as hell aren't conservative on government spending.

  18. Except the deficit or national debt being too high, which should be solved by cutting spending on programs for the poor (though tax cuts for the rich do help as well).

  19. If only we could just cut out one step and not have to wait for it to trickle down. Maybe a tax cut for lower and middle class while raising taxes on high income earners? Crazy, I know

  20. What would the republican party say when taxes on the wealthy was 0% and corporate tax rate was 0% and the economy still tanked?

  21. Well governments are pretty inefficient, if cutting taxes leads to reduced public expenditure I'm all for it. If it just leads to government printing more money for spending then I'm against it.

  22. Scenarios like this possibly happening is why Republicans want control of the schools, they don't want their kids explaining to them what morons they've become.

  23. And like history we will regress a little but eventually progress a lot. It’s just really sucks to live through the regressive part which I never thought possible.

  24. Exactly! The rich don’t care about PUBLIC schools, because their kids are all in expensive private schools. It’s a guaranteed class (race)separation for another generation every time they succeed.

  25. Dumbing down and underfunding education started under Reagan as well. The Vietnam war woke them up to how an educated population was bad for their career success.

  26. I doubt a 5th grader understands tax brackets, so I doubt this story is factual, but I do agree with what you said.

  27. Schools (and probably collage/uni) should be political neutral and teach people how to think for them selves.

  28. Republicans literally have to lie about taxes to sell their belief system. Nobody who knows that tax expenditures give MORE back to most citizens via collective bargaining would ever vote for Republican dine-and-dash.

  29. It works though. I have to explain marginal tax rates a lot. To people I thought were smarter. That's not to say I AM smarter, but at least I understand how marginal tax rates work and it's really not very complicated.

  30. I had this conversation with ALOT of conservatives along with why flat tax is stupid and why republican tax cuts do not benefit them as much as it benefits someone in the upper tax brackets but it goes in one ear out the other because taxation is theft unless that money goes to bombing brown people or the police

  31. republican states sure arnt benefitting from taxes thats for sure, they are happy to recieve it but are against it. tax cuts benefit rich people, thats why they can move to republican controlled states, like florida and texas.

  32. I have relatives who think taxation is theft, and being too poor to pay taxes is theft. It'd boggle the mind, if I wasn't aware that the latter was just covert racism.

  33. Trump told Jay Leno in a 1999 interview that if he ran for president his campaign promise would be to apply 14% flat tax to the rich & corporations that would pay off the entire national debt.

  34. Flat tax is fine if you couple it with UBI. Works out to be the same as progressive tax (brackets). It accomplishes the same thing while feeling more fair… and as a bonus it would put Intuit out of business.

  35. You can still have a flat tax in income brackets. The goal there isn't "same tax for everyone" it's a simple tax to calculate - no deductions no games no loopholes.

  36. Oh no .... Their Moms are idiots from a generation when public schools actually taught useful skills & were fully funded to do so 🙄 .. I recall our city grade schools supplied free breakfast & lunch daily to everyone, not just welfare kids. That continued well into the 80s. Wow did those boomers make that possible by paying taxes???

  37. Even here in the UK, I'm surprised how many people simply don't get how our taxes work. Everything you earn in a bracket gets taxed at that bracket's rate, even if you earn over that bracket.

  38. It's the same for the US but some people can't seem to understand it. There is a welfare cliff but that doesn't normally affect the people complaining. People below a certain income can get free health insurance. If they take a raise, then they actually lose money because then they have to pay their own health insurance.

  39. It’s the same thing here in Canada. Am in a management position and it’s disturbing how every single other manager did not (and most still do not, despite my best efforts) understand how our marginal tax brackets work…

  40. What sometimes happens is that people had some deductions from their employer that happened to change at the same time as their raise (e.g. increased insurance or pension contributions), so their disposable income goes down when they expected it to go up.

  41. More succinctly: "If two people are exactly the same except one earns $1 more than the other which puts that person in a different tax bracket, their total taxes less than a dollar apart"

  42. Understanding the world around me shatters the illusionary world Fox has built for me. In the words of a wiser man, I reject reality and substitute my own.

  43. If you're dumb enough to think that's how tax brackets work, then there's no chance of you making enough money for them to affect you.

  44. If you ever need to explain tax brackets, have them grab a copy of the tax tables. You can give them a few breakpoints to look up, though it'll sink in more if you use their actual income minus the standard deduction.

  45. It’s not about smartness. It’s about opportunity and willingness to be educated on the topic. Many people have lacked one or both of those. I’ve explained it to high earners who it definitely did matter for and whose brain was the reason for their high earning — they just hadn’t cared to look into it deeply for some reason or had been mislead by the wrong surface level information very rich people and their politicians intentionally put out there.

  46. After FDR and up till Reagan the US had the largest middle class on the planet, taxes on the wealth were 50% and more. Now with all the tax loopholes and the lowest rates on the richest, our middle class is dying and you need 3 min wage full time jobs plus welfare and food stamps to afford what 1 person with one min wage full time job could afford pre Reagan

  47. Can confirm, I have 3-4 gigs at a time and will never own a home by the looks of it. My kids dad was permanently injured in Iraq, but we were never married so we’re (the kids and I) navigating so many barriers alone. I moved them to the best school district in our region, but we are literally going to bed hungry.

  48. The post WW2 period is an absolute exception and shouldn't be considered the norm for what a middle class looks like. The main competitor was literally bombed into oblivion and took a long time to truly recover.

  49. I mean, she’s not wrong. I made 100k last year and still paid my taxes. Everyone pissing and moaning about “tax increases” don’t make near enough to have it hit them.

  50. Plus, if you’re getting hit with tax increases this year, next year, the year after next, or last year on a lower-upper middle class income it’s almost guaranteed that those increasing were made by republicans because they have the permanent cuts to corporation and individuals got temporary cuts that would expire when a democrat was in the White House.

  51. Ok so vice did this hilarious piece on Douglas County/Roseburg, Oregon exploring why the community decided they were paying too much taxes to have a public library and it’s a perfect example of this…

  52. For all the people that are responding with “that happened,“ do you go see a standup comic, listen to their stories and jokes, and then tell them how you don’t believe that those stories are real? Like, how do you survive being a human being and interacting with other human beings while also being so literal to not understand humor in a sub that clearly has “humor “in the name?

  53. Yes, conservatives are this stupid. The Tucker Carlsons of this world spew exactly this lie, knowing that their audience will lap it up, and feel outraged.

  54. Thats why as spaniard i don’t undertand republicans because in Spain the left and the right are in favor of public heatlh care, paying taxes, tax the rich, public education, paying the older people with the taxes so they can retire. Literally my mind can undertand why is bad paying taxes. We live in a society its a form of helping each other. My grandpa had three heart surgeons and cost 0€ because we pay taxes. If the republicans want fredoom and free market and be rich go to the mountais and live there but you in a society is about build it toghether.

  55. Speaking of taxes, the number of grown ass adults that seem to have no idea how progressive marginal tax brackets work is too damn high. Like amazingly high.

  56. I click on profiles that say things like this just to see if they are an Uber diver or a Door Dash Driver, and then, of course, which cryptocurrency they're infatuated with.

  57. I'm Canadian and have a buddy in Florida that I sometimes game with. He was telling me one time how he didn't want to take a raise because it would increase his taxes and reduce take home. I asked if they didn't have brackets and he said they do. After 30 mins of explaining marginal rates he was still adamant that he would end up pocketing less.

  58. I had a guy at work say the same thing. I didn't just explain how marginal tax brackets work, I downloaded the "how to file your taxes" manual from the IRS and filled out two EZ income tax forms from him.

  59. That’s why enjoy having my dad, a man educated in national economics who knows what the fuck he’s talking about. Thus, we can avoid shit like this.

  60. A friend of mine, who is "not Libertarian" but agrees with them on most things (including the whole "taxation is theft!" schtick), posts a lot of Libertarian memes, and reposts a lot of Libertarians, not too long ago posted yet another Libertarian meme. Something about how unfair it is that the government is taking 30% of your income.

  61. I feel this. I pay to get my kid into the next school district over, the best (and wealthiest) in our state. Cheaper than private school, but not cheap, and requires her mother and I drive her and pick her up from school, but it's the best education we can do for her.

  62. The girl was 100% correct I think you need a new career!! If someone told my kid that they wouldn't be worth a dime when I got thru !!

  63. The biggest problem is too many republicans think because they make 80K in a low cost of living area that they are in fact rich. They really think all these policies will effect them and they simply won't.

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