Attribution of Blame

  1. Friendly reminder that trying to fight someone online is about as effective as throwing a bagel at a bulldozer. A lot of what we talk about gets people pretty emotional, but be mad at policies, not other users.

  2. Kinda weird I ain't seen a single "I DID THAT" sticker with Biden pointing to the gas price now that it's back down. Really weird.

  3. I think it would be ironic if when gas drops more to put those stickers back on. Then I wonder what there argument would be, Trump lowered prices from Maralago

  4. One reason I'm happy we have gas attendants in NJ... I've never seen one of those stupid ass stickers.

  5. I'm waiting for gas to hit 2$ and then I'm going to fucking relentlessly sticker up every fucking gas station in town.

  6. I'm not sure where you're at, but around where I live, you might have. I've been carefully removing them when I see them, and reapplying them with some tackum* when the prices drop. It's petty, but puts a smile on my face

  7. I hate those stickers and this general discussion but I mean it's def not really that far back down. Everything is super expensive. Again not blaming anyone it's just thr state of the USA.

  8. It’s still over a dollar higher and it’s not gonna be down much longer when the strategic reserve goes empty now your going to have the government and the population all buying at the same time which will drive the cost up even more

  9. I want to do that with the low prices and the picture of Biden wearing sunglasses but I'd need some sort of sticker that's easy to remove and doesn't leave residue. Don't gotta vandalize a pump just to have a bit of fun

  10. Faux News when gas was over $4 under Bush II “The president has absolutely no control over the price of gas” Faux News when gas was over $4 under Biden “High gas prices are all Biden’s fault and Biden’s alone”

  11. Yeah I paid $4.25 in 2008 when Bush was POTUS. Silence from the right, other than to correctly point out that global factors (such as attacking a middle-eastern nation with zero cause) are what actually raise fuel prices.

  12. Fox also had an insane shill "economics expert" telling us that when gas prices quadrupled in four short years, it still wasn't a very big part of car ownership. The reasoning? Because everyone has to pay for insurance and a car payment and parking and tolls anyway.

  13. Yeah I was paying $5/gal in the summer of 2008 while attempting a cross-country RV road trip. I wasn’t blaming Bush for being broke that summer.

  14. It's interesting because they've been primed to think this way their entire lives. If something bad happens, it's Satan, if something good happens, it's God. So, God is all powerful AND bad things happen, and that's okay, because the default is that God does good things and to just scapegoat all bad things.

  15. Not just that, they were saying it was a sign of how strong the economy was... because it actually is a sign of that.

  16. "The Republicans won the House, therefore God saw how much Americans love the GOP and he lowered gas prices, thank you Republicans!!!"

  17. It's also great because when adjusted for inflation gas prices were still higher under Bush II and thanks to government regulations and investments (pushed for by Dems) most of cars are much more efficient than back then.

  18. One week before midterms, gas prices shit up 40¢. 3 days after midterms it dropped that 40¢, and has continued to fall in the last month. We dropped below 3 this week.

  19. I think Saudi Arabia purposely slowed oil production in October to encourage more republican victories in our elections.

  20. They have been doing this to favor their chosen Presidential candidate since the at least 80s. (The first time I noticed this phenomenon.)

  21. They did that with diesel too. It was over $5.60 right before the midterms and now barely a month later it's $4.70. Strange huh?

  22. It's the Saudis as much as the gas companies. They prefer republicans, because they're disorganized shit-heads who can be bribed - or with Trump, flattered, & led around by the nose.

  23. It was almost predictable, but not for the reasons you are suggesting. Gas prices usually rise in Spring, and usually go down in the fall, on average. It happens because demand rises in the spring and decreases in the winter (example:

  24. during peak gas prices, i still saw those MAGA clowns with their lifted trucks and flags doing 80+mph on the freeway. gas prices can't be that bad if it doesn't change their behavior.

  25. Growing up in redneckistan during GWB years - all my “roll coal” friends were bragging bout how low their gas mileage was and hardly balked at the prices (other than some grumbling).

  26. Republicans thought process: “Apparently gas prices are going down now that Hunter Biden’s Twitter cock has been revealed, Joe had no other option”

  27. False, I was just arguing with my conservative in laws, And they just simply refuseThe fact that the price of gas has gone down. They instead tried to argue that the gas prices are still high. They have dropped about a dollar per gallon over the past month or so

  28. they have been radicallized to hate the "other team" at all costs. it's just blind hate man. the best you can do behave normally around them, which flies counter what they've been taught to believe about the other side.

  29. Wide open freeways and $1/gal was a beautiful thing for a couple months for us essential buttheads.

  30. The #1 thing i hear anymore is how my friends were MUCH more financially comfortable under the previous administration compared to this one. Upper $3 to lower $4 is still extremely high for us in gas prices, and wont be back to normal levels until they're to the mid-lower $2. I dont think ill ever see those prices anymore....

  31. What was funny was they were all screaming about high gas prices when it was almost $5 a gallon then the price fell like a rock for a while, and they tried to spin it like prices falling like that was a bad thing.

  32. Yea I was curious as to why Maga folks stop putting the "biden did this" stickers on the pumps now that prices are coming back down? It couldn't possibly be because they are hypocrites or biased. We all know they are the most level-headed, objective, and logical group of people.

  33. I'd buy some of those stickers now, but I don't want to give money to the dickheads that were further radicalizing Republicans by selling them in the first place.

  34. Because of whoever's in charge, I can't even own a spaceship to drive around locally. Thanks a lot, you jerks

  35. KiD: For christ's sakes dad, don't you think that if Democrats controlled the gas prices they would be cheap now, and expensive when the other party was in office?? Oh that's right. You just voted for Hershel Walker.

  36. I think we should all just agree $2+ gas prices are bullshit and blame the companies making record profits while we eek out a basic existence... The insert old millionaire here who's president at the moment doesn't mean shit.

  37. After having this conversation with a few people, I can confirm that they still blame Biden for the cost of gas and want to pay the same price they paid back in 2020 when nobody was driving anywhere.

  38. So funny that these people will degenerate into terrorists and murderous seditionists across the entire country! So funny that the spineless, weak, pathetic government won't do anything about them. So funny that the seditionists responsible for j6 are still free and allowed to be in positions of power! So funny the American people have done nothing about it like we did for blm back in 2020 because they're all about talking a big game now never walking the talk and this is why there will never be a marchagainstnazis in real life because everyone is too much of a coward to stand up for their 'strong beliefs.'

  39. It never ceases to amaze me how people can do these mental gymnastics for shit like this. Seeing and hearing only what they want

  40. Fuck, living in oil country Alberta, I feel this. OPEC fucks with the price of oil and causes mass lay offs, then suddenly its Trudeaus fault. Get a bunch of cunts in safety vests blocking traffic and demanding our federal government be dissolved because they won't even try to get into a different industry after they get laid off for the 13th time.

  41. Number one reason it went up was because of z trump pushing the Saudis to cut production. Gas would have been $1 or less during Covid if not for him screwing us.

  42. Had a coworker tell me that Bidens administration has made it so North Eastern states only have 25 days of diesel left. I think it was about October when he told me.

  43. I still find it hilarious when Americans whine about gasoline prices despite having some of the cheapest gasoline in the world

  44. Actually the second one dad should be saying something like “no they aren’t, they’re still going up” “it’s because the mid terms” or “still not low enough should be 50 cents”

  45. Considering the impact fossil fuels has on the planet, the price of gas is way way way too low. The negative externalities should be priced in, to account for the true cost of gas.

  46. Don’t buy a ford F150 and two SUVs then. Gas is $7 a gallon in England and they haven’t died of car too expensive yet.

  47. Do you think it should remain magically at 1985 prices forever? What do you think it should be? Seventy-five cents a goddamn gallon?

  48. What makes me laugh is this goes the other way too. When gas prices go up Biden supporters say it’s not his fault, but when they come down Biden’s Twitter account will take credit for the drop in price

  49. The fact that some people are so fucking stupid that they genuinely think that this kind of shit is something that specifically and only people who don't vote like them do

  50. So while it is absolutely 100% true that conservatives assholes are morons and hypocrites who engage in magical thinking and regularly ignore obvious facts when they are inconvenient for them - this specific criticism is dumb.

  51. This post has nothing to do with the philosophical point of leaders affecting gas prices through other action and their political positions. Nothing.

  52. Where's the one for Biden saying he doesn't control prices when it was going up but took credit when they came down?

  53. Gas national average 2.39 on Inauguration Day, today the average is 3.41 per AAA. Yes they’re down since the record highs but still up 42.6% since the start of his presidency

  54. Downvoted for posting 2 sentences of verifiable, factual data points. Says all you need to know about this subreddit.

  55. Ive seen people mention that he opened the gas reserves, but other than that I rarely see anyone say it's because of Biden. Most people are just happy it's going down. That's it.

  56. Soon we'll see this in a Canadian subreddit with "Trudeau" clumsily edited over "Biden", and then in the Ontario subreddit with "Ford" put in.

  57. I had this EXACT conversation with a conservative friend of mine. Pointing out the hypocrisy only makes them stick their heads further in the sand.

  58. No silly, gas prices coming down are due to prayers to GOP Jesus, who is also interested in hearing prayers before sports games and child beauty pageants.

  59. Kits been a nice 10% drop from highs, but we’ve still got another 40% to go to reach pre-Biden prices

  60. My favorite from the idiot commenters in my local news ‘well prices going down mean the economy is bad, Biden is ruining the economy’

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