“Why aren’t millennials buying homes?”

  1. is the private housing market nothing but a giant intergenerational ponzi scheme? you pay a lot to get in, the value appreciates "by itself" and the only way to cash out is to sell to someone who would pay more for the same building that is now lsightly older

  2. Try finding a new small 800-1500sqft house. Nobody is making them cause the profit on larger houses is greater

  3. Hopefully we see a return to that or prices coming down as generations age out rather than the more likely scenario of corporate housing purchases that sit vacant driving prices up....

  4. People want big houses and builders won't build unless they know they'll be sold. Supply and demand. Sucks if you're looking to buy a brand new home, but that's what it is.

  5. We have a home thankfully. We got lucky living in a very small town (home prices are 3x what we paid now). But we can’t afford childcare. So we won’t have children. It’s a decision we didn’t plan on having to make, but here we are. We’ve been focused on taking care of our 2 cats.

  6. I know what is happening in Central Indiana, and while the $150,000 price in 2012 would be accurate there, it would be about $250,000 today. This $400,000 price spike might be happening in hotspots (near the ocean or in Colorado) but not in Central Indiana. Yes, minimum wage is still $7.25.

  7. Is it true that buying a house is a factor that can cause someone's politics to move to the right? Obviously there are outside factors why homeowners are more likely to be conservative (age, class, etc.) but I believe the simple fact of owning a home has an impact too.

  8. No, I’m still left but it does get annoying how property tax is based of the assessed value and just because my imaginary value of my home goes up my payment can increase a few hundred dollars a month. I’m still a 27yr old with student loans who managed to find a place I can afford and then you get shafted. You can say, “but that’s all equity you could cash in on!” No, where would I live then? I still have 28 years left to pay it.

  9. London calling. 550 000 buys you a studio flat. One bedrom flat of you go to the outskirt. I would LOVE to pay 550 000 for a house with a backyard. But that's over 1 000 000 here.

  10. My grandparents paid £3000 for a 3 bed house, 2 bathrooms, garden and driveway. My parents paid £70,000 for a 3 bed, 2 bathrooms, driveway and large garden. My best mate and his missus bought a house 12 months ago, £180,000 for a 2 bed, 1 bathroom, driveway that she can't even fit her mini cooper on and a garden that's about 10ft by 10ft It's ridiculous.

  11. The idea that the ideal and preferred form of housing is the single family home is the biggest scam ever. It is literally the most resource intensive and wasteful type of housing that exists but it's also the only housing looked at so often for "home prices"

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