Is Sabaton currently the biggest Power Metal band in the world?

  1. My two cents - I'd agree with you, Sabaton is the biggest, or at least one of the biggest PM bands right now. Their career is having a steady increase for a while now, they are in peak years for a band members' age and their stage performance is an entertaining show, with all the props, tanks and effects.

  2. As much as I love Tommy, Kamelot has never recovered in popularity from losing Khan and they probably never will unless they make a bold stylistic change.

  3. I agree that they’re probably the biggest right now, but I don’t think Reddit is a good measure of something’s popularity among the general public

  4. Broden has gotten pretty chubby sure but no reason to shame him like that. Definitely the biggest though.

  5. They are definitely high up there. Out of the older bands only Blind Guardian, Helloween, and Avantasia probably compete these days (And Nightwish, if you count them).

  6. Yes. I don't really think it's too close either. Nightwish are maybe next but they are hardly power metal anymore so I'm not sure they count.

  7. As an American, my benchline for EU bands is whether they're big enough to tour in the US (as a headliner). Right now, I think only Sabaton and Dragonforce have been doing so.

  8. This is true. If Americans dig it they will probably rise to the top. A lot of PM bands arent as successful here as they are in Europe

  9. Man, it's so hard to tour in the US. The flights are pretty cheap and the costs within the country are reasonable compared to Europe, but the visa process makes it pretty much impossible without a massive budget.

  10. Sabaton together with Powerwolf and Hammerfall may be the biggest power metal bands right now with sabaton taking lead for sure.

  11. HammerFall's glory days are long behind them. I don't doubt that they are still doing well for themselves, but there are nowhere near as big as they were during their heyday in the late 90s and throughout the 00s.

  12. There's a massive gap between Sabaton and the other two. Sabaton are headlining arena shows at the moment, whilst Powerwolf are playing Roundhouse in Camden later this year and Hammerfall co-headlined with Helloween at Brixton Academy.

  13. Yes, I think they are. Their music is very suitable for the masses. Very simple, easy to listen to and with relatable lyrics.

  14. Eh, I actually have to disagree with Hansi if he said that (not knowing the argument tho). They're adapted to a very specific aesthetic, but it doesn't make sense to not call it metal. If you call it rock(?) then tons of other metal bands will lose their label too.. What are his criteria?

  15. Ah yes, my friends and I often relate about our shared experiences fighting king to a soldier, shoulder to shoulder, to keep the last piece of Belgium free.

  16. Well if Hansi doesn't consider them metal, what are they? Because to me they are heavier and faster than hard rock.

  17. It's either them or Nightwish. Bands like Powerwolf and Beast In Black are big for power metal. Sabaton and Nightwish are big for metal in general.

  18. Unfortunately they are the biggest and I don’t think that’s even a debatable title. Second biggest might be what? Dragonforce or something due to their guitar hero fame?

  19. I'd say so now, however I think powerwolf are primed to take their crown. Their live shows, even in shorter sets like at festivals, are absolutely incredible.

  20. Was at hellfest. I don't like Sabaton these days, but I can confirm they had the biggest crowd with a large asterisk - that being Metallica was playing the other mainstage directly after, and people were staking out. So as I think about it, I don't know lol

  21. I wouldn't classify Sabaton as power metal. They're more a heavy metal band with power metal tendencies. If you listen to their records, you'll find out that each one of them only has 2 or 3 songs that are actual power metal and all the others are heavy metal. So for instance the most famous power metal bands are helloween, hammerfall and dragonforce imo.

  22. Bigger doesn’t mean better. I would put Powerwolf ahead of Sabaton. But I’m going to say that Gloryhammer is rising the ranks and I feel like when they release the next album that will really send them into the stratosphere

  23. Powerwolf had the potential to be better than Sabaton, but in my opinion Powerwolf got too repetitive. They're both two of my favorite bands though, I just like Sabaton a bit more.


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