Toys / activities for independent play for 4yo

  1. If you're looking to play with a kid that age without engaging physically, there's always talking games. While I'm cooking or doing other things, I'll often tell stories with my son, talk to him about how things are spelled, etc. It's a way to engage from afar!

  2. Yes my son will sometimes play with the letter magnets on the fridge while I'm cooking. He'll place them in random order and ask me what it says so I'll peek over and try to pronounce "skgithenz"

  3. Painting keeps my 4.5yo busy for hours. She loves the dot paint pens and watercolors, and will paint paper shopping bags to use as gift bags.

  4. Building duplo cities (we have tons of pieces and several bases) and jigsaw puzzles are faves. Water spray bottles outside. Balance bike and a scooter!

  5. Chalk board/colouring books, pipe cleaners (made fish and she made a "rod" and would fish them one by one)... she can play with just about anything.

  6. My daughter is obsessed with her dolls house, we have to drag her away from it usually. We also have a pikler and slide which gets played with daily by her and our nearly 1yo.

  7. I give my kid markers, stickers, scissors, and glue, and she builds stuff for hours. It makes a heck of a mess but she is pretty good w scissors now and she makes some pretty neat art.

  8. Sylvanian families has kept my now 4yo (and a month) busy for the past year or so. She loves piling them up in the car and them going to the beach, or on holiday, to school. Anything she can think off at that time. She's been building up her collection since she was 2.

  9. Sand and playdough are big hits with my 4.5 year old. Also, I have recently made him a playlist on my phone and I play that sometimes to our Google home and that makes him happy. Like he will just sit and listen for a few minutes here and there.

  10. We are currently at grandma and grandpas riding our radio flyer scooters in the driveway. Been at it about 30 minutes and I’m sure it will continue at least another 15-30

  11. Puzzles, small Lego kits, magnatiles. We’ve also had success with the Melissa & Doug magnetic toys (ie character dress up, anatomy, etc) and lately my daughter has a huge obsession with stickers. She literally just fills up notebooks with stickers and LOVES it.

  12. My son loves to play with cars and his hot wheel tracks. It's not totally independent at times because my husband likes to get in there and set up racing brackets lol

  13. I have a bin with kinetic sand in my kitchen. That kid will play with trucks in that sand for hours. He sings truck tunes songs to himself while he plays.

  14. Anything building- i wouldn’t get legos yet since your baby is so young & legos end up on the floor sometimes- but our kids love this wooden train set

  15. My 4 year has many interests, but right now it's all trains! We have many types of tracks, but what seems to be easiest for him (therefore he doesn't stop due to frustration) is wooden tracks with compatible trains that hook by magnets.

  16. My son loves his dinosaurs, Transformers, and Legos. He could get a scenario going for hours. He’ll bring his toys outside too for a change of scenery.

  17. Wooden train sets, magnatiles, a cardboard box to create into anything, board games (shoots & ladders, guess who, don’t break the ice) were all prime toys/activities when my son was 4.5.

  18. Play doh, magnatiles, and small character toys and animals in the doll house all tie for second place here. Her #1 favorite activity is when I give her dry erase markers and let her go to town on the fridge and dishwasher doors!

  19. Strangely sand ( ment for craft activities) beads, sequins and bowls she spent ages mixing them up as food. Also sticker dress up books and magic painting

  20. Kinetic sand and playdough. I can get over an hour with both of those sometimes. He's not great at independent play so they are my favorites. Also anything where he's messing with water in the kitchen. Not his water table.... my sink, and some real things like a turkey baster.

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