Family refused of boarding Disney cruise confronted with security.

  1. i wonder how long the family spent harassing the workers here. too bad only like 10 seconds made the cut.

  2. I can't help but to believe she's more excited about the attention and traffic to her channel than she would've been about being on a cruise.

  3. Also the pity factor that this mom is using pissed me off. Panning to your teenage son saying “sometimes I feel unimportant” is a shit move.

  4. For a family that literally vlogs their whole life, it's kind of surprising they had less than 2 minutes of footage worth showing here.

  5. Women who have entered their 24th week of pregnancy as of their embarkation date or who will enter their 24th week of pregnancy during the cruise will be refused passage due to safety concerns.

  6. butnahhhh, they should totally accommodate and make an exception for me cause i'm raging with hormones and shit and i'll fooking wreck disney with my social media contacts if things don't go my way /s


  8. Yea my read is she knew the rules would prevent her from boarding, and did the standard American "this rule doesnt apply to me" thing. I love seeing people like this get shut down, too many places cater to their whining.

  9. Major cruise lines like Disney Cruise Line does not allow women that are more than 24 weeks pregnant to board. The family did not do their research, and took their doctor's approval as green to go ahead with the vacation. Now this family is trying to play the victim and make Disney look like thugs.

  10. Guns in the hands of professionals don't scare me at all, and this is coming from someone living in a country where guns are banned. These guys weren't intimidating them at all, they were very calm about it.

  11. Yeah, if someone decided to go in there and shoot a bunch of people you'd be happy the guy had that weapon. This lady is just a shitty human.

  12. HAHA oh god i dug way too much and this lady is such a professional victim. In her 3rd video of playing the victim, she tries to deflect away from what was likely her unreasonable behavior, says that her issue was being treated rudely, and not that she couldnt go on the cruise. Why would you believe that? Who wouldnt be upset not to go on the cruise? Especially when bringing a fuckton of family. Either she was completely ignorant of the rule, or thought she could bypass it, or was looking forward to playing victim.

  13. I'm so relieved that this wonderful family were able to survive with the juice rationing in the crazy Florida heat. It got really touch and go there...their faces even got red. Also, thank you, family of superheroes for stopping possible identity theft. Even though you are mad at Disney right now, I consider you the real life "Incredibles". Please stay in the air conditioned vehicle for you children's safety...all the way back to your home. Please stay strong, even in the face of very threatening security guards. I hope Disney reimburses you to the fullest...or at least some sunglasses to protect all villains from your "super laser eyes"! Regards, Universal Studios

  14. I know nothing about the story, but I hate this woman right off the bat. Why are they not allowed on? What were they doing that was so shitty? Did they not have the proper paperwork and were being assholes?

  15. Not enough context to this. Can't judge anybody, buy assume the person recording is full of shit, otherwise they'd have made this video somewhat coherent and explained what their problem is.

  16. How did it not occur to someone who is late term preggers not think about whether she'd be allowed to board? When my wife was pregnant absolutely everything she did, thought, investigated, was through the lens of a pregnant woman. I generally don't trust companies but something is missing here.

  17. Okay it’s upsetting you can’t get on your fucking cruise or whatever the hell... BUT THIS AINT A PUBLICFREAKOUT lol mods do ur jobz

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