Man curses out this dude for working out shirtless.

  1. Don't feel bad for the shirtless guy. He does "prank" videos on youtube to make people feel uncomfortable. I bet this was a set up

  2. Have you ever tried to explain what a Philly/South Jersey accent sounds like to someone who’s never heard it? It’s an impossible task but on the rare occasion you hear it in the wild your ears perk up like a dog…

  3. Fuckkk I’m from the northeast and I’ve never heard someone sound as similar to me as this guy. Fucking jabroni taking my voice, fuck he think this is Lil Mermaid?

  4. lmao i actually know the kid from Bucks County right outside philly idk if he’s at the gym we’d go to tho

  5. non native, it’s fascinating how america is so vast you can instantly pinpoint a location or place someone is from out of the 50 possible states, just from a low sound quality clip of a dude saying fuck you to a teen in a gym

  6. I always thought the Philly accent Dennis does on the ChardeeMcDennis episode was absurd but it turns out people actually talk like that.

  7. You're right. I suck dick for money. Two thousand dollars - I'm that good. And you should see me fuck. I'm the best piece of ass in three States.

  8. He is recording a shirtless guy working out, to show how weird the guy with his shirt off is…yeah that makes total sense. I’m sure it has nothing to do with adding it to his personal spank bank.

  9. This dude is clearly going through some "emotions" that he doesnt like feeling and this young man causes a flair up in those emotions. This makes him angry at the young man so he is calling him names in hope of that negative connotation will drown those feelings.

  10. As a gay man, this guy is gay af, super deep in the closet and very likely very hard in denial (and repressing where he actually also would like to be super deep in).

  11. Definitely, the guy was filming him FFS. He wasn’t concealing the fact he was checking him out. Hopefully, the shirtless guy showed this to the facility owner or manager. The guy was creepy as hell and target was fairly young.

  12. I just don’t get who gives an F about wearing a shirt or not in a gym. It’s like saying that at a basketball court, it can happen. If it was the supermarket or a restaurant or something and a dude was shirtless i can see the point of annoyance i guess.

  13. Dudes clearly upset that he’s feeling a certain kind of way and it’s clashing with his false sense of machismo, so he lashes out.

  14. I dunno man….recording a sweaty shirtless dude, walking up to him, and saying you want to “fuck him up”….seems like there are some closeted emotions in here.

  15. You should wear a shirt to the gym. But if you see someone not wearing one and feel like taking the time to address it, simply tell gym staff.

  16. Came here to ask if it’s bad form to go shirtless at the gym. I’m an old fat lady, don’t know gym etiquette. When I’m in my element, though, and I see people doin it wrong, I find that a little kindness or humor works.

  17. "Hey man, think you could put a shirt on so you don't get even more swest all over everything? Nah? K I'll go let staff know, they can deal with your nasty ass."

  18. Depends on the gym, every gym in Canada I’ve been to shirts are a must and it would be strange to see without. Then I go to gyms in Bali and Florida (lol) and half the gym is shirtless, I don’t mind either as long as people are wiping down the equipment and what not,

  19. Don't get me wrong, the guy trying to start the fight definitely out of line, but Ive never encountered any gym staff member with much interest in enforcing etiquette rules.

  20. Depends on the gym. In most crossfit gyms and most powerlifter gyms it's common for guys to be shirtless and women to wear sports bras. On the other hand Planet Fitness is super strict. Most gyms land in the middle, leaning one way or the other depending on how serious or casual their average customer is.

  21. No way. If you see someone shirtless you should record them so you can use it to masturbate to later like this guy did

  22. Or and this is something we have some how lost along the way. Talk to him civilly and if he decides to be an asshole about it you then talk to gym staff. Why is everyone’s first instinct to tell authority?

  23. My gym had strict rules for wearing shirt at all times. It's a lot more cleaner that way. If not, the person is like a human sprinkler...

  24. Right. I wondered that too. But angry dude should have just gotten gym staff to handle it instead of flying off the handle.

  25. My gym does the same. Keep your shirt on unless you're in the locker room or they'll show you out the door.

  26. My gym doesn't care if you have a shirt or not, but they require you to wipe down the area you worked out in when you are done. More than one way to skin a cat.

  27. “I can’t believe you took your shirt off. Fuck I’m so angry. Damn it, now I’ve got a boner. Look what you did!”

  28. nah he is mad because he is attracted to the guy but his belief system will not let him be openly gay. it is sad that he has to repress it.

  29. I will say that, while I think the dude is definitely an asshole and handled this entirely wrong, at our gym we normally get on to people for working out shirtless (at least during peak hours).

  30. I’m 99.999% sure the dude recording is actually in denial that he’s gay af and attracted to the shirtless dude, so to Convince himself “I’m so straight” he randomly lashes out at the shirtless dude

  31. This guy handled it super badly, but there is a reason shirts are required in gyms. Don't want skin to skin contact on benches and machines, you can transfer skin infections like staph. Also it's just gross and sweaty. At least with a shirt you wick most of the sweat out and just need a little wipe down.

  32. Seems like seeing dude working out shirtless got him feeling feelings he don’t like feeling. Went on the aggressive to cover it up in his mind………..somebody wanted to tag dat ass and didn’t know how to handle it.

  33. Working out shirtless may be slightly weird, but cursing someone out for it is just straight up dumb af.

  34. Fuck you, I'm not gay, you don't even know me, why you singling me out and calling me gay? Out of all the people on the Internet, you just decide to call me gay? Say that to my face and I'll take my shirt off instantly and wrestle you to the ground, get right up in your face, holding you tight, my body pressed to your body, my muscles tensing on your muscles, beads of sweat dripping off my rippling biceps as I tenderly force you into submission, the strain of it all causing us both to eventually collapse into a panting, exhausted heap, our bodies tangled up in each other, perspiration glistening on our heaving chests, I'll grab a fistful of your hair and use the last of my strength to pull your head back so your eyes are looking directly into mine, then I'll say: "Call me gay again, bitch." Because I'm not gay. So shut up.

  35. It is pretty weird to be in a public gym shirtless. It’s also weird to try to fight said shirtless guy after filming and staring at him. I call this a draw.

  36. I mean the guy taking his shirt off shouldn’t be doing that at the gym but the other guy is definitely the bigger asshole here for the way he handled it

  37. It depends on the gym. Bodybuilder and Crossfit gyms don't care but if you're at a Planet Fitness shirtless it's a little weird ha

  38. Seems like he was filming his back to see if he was hitting the right form/muscle groups. If he was doing this the whole time it’s not great, but to check form on one workout I feel like it’s fine

  39. I’d say aggressively accosting someone and throwing around homophobic slurs is a bit worse than not wearing a shirt.

  40. How is it weird? I see shirtless dudes in the gym all the time and have never once questioned it. If I was more confident in my body I’d probably go shirtless too. Shit gets hot

  41. Thats a lottttt of emotions over a guy working out shirtless... he must really like what he sees. (I know I do)

  42. Well actually where I live, in all gym my area you can't work out without a shirt in any of the gyms. Keep your sweat somewhat contained yourself.

  43. Most gyms have a shirt rule, ive worked out in a few that didnt. (bronx, and middle of the desert california) never seen a problem with it in either. If youre sweaty that shit is going right through the shirt onto the benches anyway.

  44. He was so into that guy and when he called him out, he had to act all mad cause he basically refuses to admit his preference. Coming out day is October 11th. It just might be this clown's time. lol

  45. I work out at a gym where people are clothed and most of them clean thier equipment ... it's called decency if a person wants to work out shirtless or nude go to a gym that allows that or work out at home ..

  46. That dude was just looking for a fight. I’ve known bipolar people who would act that way whenever they got too manic.

  47. That’s an unfair and incorrect stereotype, this guy is an aggressive asshole that doesn’t mean he has bipolar disorder.

  48. I’m so sick of people diagnosing strangers on the internet based on a snippet of their interactions. Does such a disservice to people struggling with the actual illnesses you throw around as lazy labels.

  49. Like the dude filming is weird….but does the original guy think he isn’t weird for being shirtless in a public gym while also filming himself? Lol

  50. Most people filming themselves in the gym are checking form, especially when they are alone. When he said he was filming his back, it just confirmed it. People serious about lifting scrutinize their form, and sometimes that includes making sure the proper muscles are being activated and there isn't any compensation happening from neighboring muscles, hence the shirtless filming.

  51. It’s weird but not so weird as to invite strangers to get hostile and threaten violence and yell across the gym. Also the shirtless dude might be an instructor on the side so depicting his reps shirtless can help someone understand form better.

  52. Depends if it's allowed. I prefer to be shirtless and I'm not ripped it's just more comfortable to me. When gyms allow it a lot of people tend to do it in my experience. If it bothers you than don't join that gym

  53. It is but I mean, consider the guys wearing those little g-string ass muscle tanks, are they that far off from this guy?

  54. To be honest, you put your shirt on in a gym. Shirtless training is for posers and its not very hygienic. However, this dudes reaction to it is just exaggerated.

  55. I personally wouldn’t confront the guy but come on man put a shirt on. As a dude who sweats Farr more than the average person this grosses me out lol. Also in my personal experience (anecdotal I know*) the guy who goes no shirt at the gym is also the guy who leaves his weights all over the place and rarely cleans or disinfects after use.

  56. I'm honestly wondering if that dude might be a self-hating closeted, repressed homosexual who was triggered by seeing this dude shirtless in the gym, with this being the result of him not knowing how to express his emotions and frustrations. He seems particularly triggered and disgusted, but yet, is unable to articulate why, resorting to disdainfully calling the shirtless guy a f*g. It just stands out to me.

  57. I think someone is a closeted homosexual and was upset they felt a little funny in their pants when seeing this dude without a shirt.

  58. You half to understand that half of reddit is fat as shit and in motivated. Seeing a fit man who isnt afraid to show his shirtless frame enrages the average redditor. Carry on.

  59. what an asshole, but I do agree that working out shirtless in a public gym is nasty. he could have just let you know his feelings on the matter.

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