Popular LivePD cop arrests a passenger for refusing to ID in Pasco County (You don't have to ID). The man has filed a suit and they have tried to settle more than once. He has refused. Still ongoing. Nice to see someone who doesn't settle and will hit the dept. directly.

  1. For the confused non americans. Some counties in america have been paid off by tv networks to have the police become a source of entertainment for mushbrains. They intentionally badger and follow people for a 30 second clip and then make their lives a living hell if they dont sign the waiver to show their face on tv. Or in the case of live pd, theyre considered "news" so they dont need your permission to blast your face all over. If a person is particularly "good for ratings" they get harrassed and arrested sometimes once a week or every few weeks.

  2. It's possible that all sorts of other people can be accompanying an officer. Most of the time, it could be a random member of the public via ridealong. It could also be a mental health professional that accompanies the officer and serves as a specialized unit. Or in this case, it could be a member of a camera crew.

  3. Don’t you have to resist being arrested when told you are under arrest to be charged and arrested for resisting arrest?

  4. As someone who has been arrested for resisting arrest, no. I had no other charge placed on me and committed no crime and was arrested for "resisting". American law enforcement is a fucking joke.

  5. Supposedly, but often resisiting arrest is the only charge they will hit you with. more and more judges are refusing to accept that though.

  6. No, “resisting arrest” can also apply to resisting temporary detainment, which officers can do for lots of things. If they want to place you in cuffs to pat you down, and you resist, you can get charged that way, without committing other crimes.

  7. I think "resisting" is open to interpretation which LEO"s have perfected. Questioning them instead of obeying their instructions can be and is in their eyes resisting. It's bullshit but just one of the many tools they use along with fear to get people to comply.

  8. Not exactly. Resisting arrest is shorthand for resisting and/or impeding an officer. Essentially at certain points cops have legal authority to conduct evidence gathering etc and you can be arrested if you prevent them from doing it.

  9. I don’t understand how you can resist arrest if you aren’t even sure you’re under arrest in the first place. How can you willingly resist something you don’t know is happening

  10. Same department that harvests student disciplinary data from schools in the district so they can “watch” (eg harass) them

  11. Fuck those cops, take you to jail for resisting arrest?! Resisting arrest is an additional charge , you have to be UNDER arrest in order to resist arrest but what’s the arresting charge?

  12. Happened to me in Miami: Friday evening, I had just pulled a brown bag (had a bottle of vodka) from my work van, got into my car, was going to hook up w/ friends. These assholes “fishing for drugs”, as you accurately describe”, somehow spying on me or somehow happened to see me do that, concluded that I was moving dope, got a whole bunch of squads and backup to descend upon me after they let me drive off for a while. When they had the numbers they felt was good enough to arrest ONE college kid, they boxed me on the road, from all sides, had me stop in the middle of the road, sirens and guns blazing, took me out at gun point, kicked me around, got me scared as fuck, thought they were going to kill me. Lead investigator then offered me a deal: “take us to your house and after we check it out we’ll let you free”.

  13. It's not just cops overstepping thier authority you will find people like this are in every sector of public service. Public servants these days think they are better than the very people who are paying them to serve them. Talk about the tail wagging the dog. It's time for the people to put a stop to it.

  14. By 'fishing for drugs,' we mean getting their flex on, on African American men. It's a hobby. They even know when they've fcked up, but at some point they reach a critical *point of no return* which for Black men, is THE MOST dangerous time in this process. Because the pea brained racist cop says to himself, 'Oh shiiiiiiit, this isn't a 17yo shaking in his shoes - my personal favorite, better than porn or sex w/my wife -- no, this is a grown man with his attorney's business card...NOW WHAT?? Ok, I'm going to SAY 'resisting arrest,' and 'obstruction,' to cover for my fck-up...hopefully, he'll tense up when I squeeze his scrotum through his pants, and I can call that assault...ok, phew...yea that will be the plan.'

  15. Had this happen a few times in my life. "Do you know why I pulled you over?" "The answer is, "no, please tell me officer."

  16. How come citizens can be arrested for laws they did not know but cops can enforce false laws without consequence? Where are the consequences. This fucking baboon literally told this guy he was wrong! He needs to be fired and tried for false imprisonment. Idgaf if he didn't know or got the law wrong. It's his damn job.

  17. Because the Supreme Court ruled in 2014 that a cop doesn't have to know the correct law to pull someone over as long as he "earnestly and honestly" believes he pulled them over for something that is a law. The fallout from that decision has been catastrophic.

  18. Exactly. Ignorance of the law has not been a valid excuse for decades for criminal defendants. It shouldn’t be for cops either. If anything cops should be held to a higher standard.

  19. fun fact, after officers stole $225,000 worth of goods from a suspects house the courts rules "the officers did not know stealing was against the law so we cant prosecute them"

  20. There was a supreme court case that ruled cops don't have to know the law they think they are enforcing. If they think someone is breaking the law, they can arrest them. This is especially bad when cops have an itchy trigger finger and bias towards a type of people.

  21. I once was detained in Buffalo NY when my friend and I were traveling by train to New York City. There was an immigration check where ICE came on board asking everyone if they were citizens. Everyone before me, including my friend, were citizens, but I am a DACA recipient. I had with me my work permit and my SS card that says it's only valid for work only. According to one of the ICE officers, I didn't have authorization to be in the country. I told them they were misunderstanding the law, I didn't have authorization to reenter the country, but since I've never left, there is no reason to detain me. They continue to make up their own interpretation on what the law was, even saying that Trump had done away with DACA and my documentation was no longer effective. I eventually got my letter of confirmation from my family back West to show I was approved to be in the U.S, they apologized for the inconvenience and let me go. We missed our train and we had to get a cab to take us to our next train stop. It was very eye opening to the fact that law enforcement can choose which laws to enforce and when to enforce them, and make up their own without any consequences.

  22. Hi. Lawyer, here. There are often consequences. E.g., the title in this case even explains that the case is still working it’s way through the process, so we won’t know the consequences, yet. The real issue is 1) the consequences are too mild, and 2) the consequences don’t run to senior officers. I.e.e , the offending officer gets a slap on the wrist, but those who trained him are unaffected.

  23. Difference between multiple years of study (lawyer) and 6 months of training (police in the US). There is a tweet where someone is angry at this exact fact.

  24. Because cops are the enforcers of the system so the system bends to accommodate them and their mistakes/abuses since they are part of the system.

  25. https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-pasco/african-american-man-suing-pasco-sheriffs-office-after-he-says-his-arrest-during-a-2018-traffic-stop-was-unlawful

  26. He’s actually made progress. The judge ruled the officer is eligible to lose his qualified immunity. The judge also ruled the arrest was unlawful and not legal.

  27. Officer clearly flashing the torch (flash light) at the camera after he sees the phone is recording in the second half.....

  28. Once the cop saw the license plate was valid he should have just asked the guy to unbend it and sent him on his way. This isn’t Nazi Germany. The cop was wrong.

  29. Generally speaking, pulling over for something nit picky like an obscured license plate is just grounds for starting an investigation. This is called a pre-text stop. Cops generally dont actually give a shit about petty stuff..they just use it to further their investigation.

  30. Why did they stop the video there. They shoulda let it play a little longer. So after he gets out for the narcotics search they immediately arrest him. Basically lied to get him out to false arrest him. Such bullshit!

  31. Pretty sad when he asked the deputy to recite the law that requires him to identify. He cannot recite it but says " I think a sargent is going to explain it to you." So this cop doesn't know his job or what laws he's sworn to uphold. IF he doesn't know this in this day and age, what else does he not know but just makes up as he goes along....it's bullshit what some of the LEO's try to do....

  32. I had a cop try to do this. When I wouldn’t give him my Id he pulled my wife out of the car and started asking her if I beat her or was wanted trying to find any reason he could to make me give my id. (She was driving)

  33. America in total isn't a great place to live but Pasco county seems like the worst place to live just there police alone is enough of a reason not to speak of America as a total.

  34. Pasco county is the asshole of the Tampa area. These are the types of cops who love Q-anon and are dying in droves because they refuse to vaccinate.

  35. How come the police can make stuff up is beyond me. The public should be able to Sue then individually and cancel their law enforcement certification so they can’t jump to the next county over and do the same nonsense forever. Have them flipping burgers instead, burger joints are short staffed and that’s what they seem to be good for.

  36. We need to get rid of or reform Qualified Immunity. The whole concept is legislating from the bench anyways. A lot of people believe the Supreme Court erroneously created Qualified Immunity, and it shouldn't be considered a legal protection. If they want Qualified Immunity then pass it through legislation, not the Supreme Court.

  37. Wow what bullshit. The flashlight to blind his recording and then making them step out for a bullshit narcotic search. This is all retaliation for not complying with made up laws and harassment.

  38. No reasonable suspicion of narcotics. No reasonable suspicion the passenger committed a crime. No statue presented that confirms ID is required to be presented. This is cops bullying the public. ‘I just moved to…’ ‘I’m sorry to hear that’. What the fuck is that? Also where you are headed is absolutely none of their concern

  39. It’s not really a cop’s job to interpret the finer details of the constitution. The broad principles, yes, but the fine details (for example, what types of detainees can be required to present identification) are best interpreted in a court of law, where legal scholars present both sides and come to an agreement, considering local, state, and federal law as well as the constitution and past legal precedents.

  40. Unreal. They had the state attorneys office try to prosecute him for the bogus charge. The judge threw it out. The state asked the judge for a reconsideration request. The judge denied that request also.

  41. Arrests for failure to identify can ruin lives and make people unemployed for simply in most cases not having the need to do that so they book you and it causes a whole thing in your life but a cop has a job and a pension so they dont care what happens to you or how it affects you.

  42. I, a Brit remember being pulled over while in Hawaii back in the day, my at the time girlfriiend (an aussie) was driving. She had her licence on her, our passports were back in the hotel. The only photo I'd I had with me was my Hong Kong ID Card- where we both lived and worked. Neither of us are Asian.

  43. I'm Welsh, my partner lives in Miami so we're both back and forth a lot for the moment. Every time I get in the car over there I pack my passport with my driving licence and I'm fucking terrified.

  44. In 2018, the Sheriff's Office said they reviewed the arrest and concluded the deputies acted appropriately. -From Article…shocker 🙄

  45. LivePD was the most dystopian shit I ever watched, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't entertaining as hell. Basically the Florida power hour

  46. Stufflebeam v. Harris, the court concluded that an officer can request ID from a passenger, but if the officer has no reason to contact the passenger regarding any sort of investigation, the passenger is not required to provide identification.

  47. Really telling moment when the officer tells the driver that he’s sorry to hear he just moved to the community. These officers HATE the communities that they police.

  48. I live in Pasco and have provided links to resources from the Tampa Bay Times about how horrible the Pasco sherriffs office is. They actually won the Pulitzer this year for their reporting on the Pasco sherriffs office.

  49. They have such poor manners. The one that wasn’t shining a bright torch in an innocent man’s face at close proximity reminds me of Percy from The Green Mile.

  50. I’ve seen cops pull people over on this show, make mistakes, own up to them, and let the person go. Wtf is wrong with these dudes. Everyone knows the passenger doesn’t have to identify themselves

  51. My first question is are the passengers correct? I know where I live this is the case. You don’t have to show the passenger ID. Actually the other day my passenger had an open liquor container and the cops didn’t care

  52. ICE doesnt even care about 4th amend. they say you look hispanic and thats enough to detain you for days or WEEKS... NO REPRESENTATION!!! NO LAWYERS!! NO OVERSIGHT!!!

  53. Cops are the dumbest people in the United States. The of the dumbest most egotistical and belligerent person you grew up with and that is a cop.

  54. These cops are an example of what is wrong with law enforcement. THEY ARE UNEDUCATED. The police force is made up of uneducated idiots who only know how to puff of their chests, patronize, and annoy people. The dont know the law and they dont understand the law. The are there to brutalize and demoralize people. It's disgusting. This man knows his rights and the law and they hate it, so they are going to make a problem for him.

  55. Yup, "arresting for resisting arrest" is always a funny one. It basically means, "I can't think of any law you have broken, but I still want to arrest you, so there."

  56. Maybe PDs need to stop hiring illiterate piglets with barely passing HS diplomas that don't know the law.

  57. So they lied to get him out the and arrest him motherfuckers and you expect poc to trust the police 🤦🏽‍♂️

  58. How come in America we do not have a class in high school where they teach us exactly what the police can and cannot do and what we as citizens must do. I feel like they don’t because it gives the police the upper hand.

  59. Cops are typically ignorant of the actual laws so this isn’t the least bit surprising. Cops are surprisingly ignorant about stop and identify laws and think they get around them by default

  60. Has anyone seen that skit from family guy? "Sir please step out of the car and be white" I think it's a family guy skit. I've been trying to find it for ages

  61. Really ironic that the second cop didn’t want to be identified because he wasn’t involved in the interaction..

  62. The main problem of Live PD is that its supposed to show the situation of when someone actually does break the law. But in order to do that, you have to get a report or just find a fishy person. For the most part, being "fishy" just doesn't cut it in a court of law. Pretty much all of the televised arrests lead to someone actually doing something bad/ illegal, but it always starts with an officer asking a person who doesn't know the law stuff that they have a hard time answering. I saw an episode where a guy said that he drove from his home, and then back to his home. The officer thought that was suspicious. The guy turned out to have drugs or something, but an officer cant really detain you or search you because he thought that it was unreasonable to drive around at night. So as a tip, don't talk to cops. Get a lawyer. Nothing you say to a cop will save your skin (why would they believe "it wasn't me, officer"?). So just don't talk to them.

  63. Live PD Sucks - all cop reality programs for that matter. Capitalizing on the unfortunate circumstances of others. Those are the real Trolls.

  64. The cops aren’t trying to settle. They don’t lose a dime when they do something stupid and get sued. The tax payers do

  65. This is not an instance of bad apples. This is the trajectory American policing has been headed for awhile now. Due to this trajectory, it is our responsibility to adapt and evolve. Always record police, and educate yourselves on the law enough that you can speak intelligently about what your rights are in any situation involving law enforcement, as this gentleman did.

  66. Police unions make it difficult to criminally charge a police officer. The police in the USA can charge you with crimes you didn't commit, forcing you to fight in court and pay lawyers. They can beat the shit out of you and never miss a day of pay. They can steal your property and force you to work through a court system they know is broken, because they broke it. They can do all of this even if you have not committed a crime. Internal affairs is a joke and there's no oversight over hundreds of individual departments that only enforce the laws they agree with. That is the system we have, hundreds of police departments each with their own union. All of this can happen if you piss them off even if you are an innocent who disagrees with them, because you are not the right ethnicity, religion or political party.

  67. It looks that PDs in the country cannot learn even from other PDs mistakes. They don't have to. The miracle of qualified immunity - you can do stupid shit multiple times and people will pay for it.

  68. They are being cheap...if they offered the right settlement then it would be taken. They need to up their offer.

  69. Said it before. Start taking settlements out of police retirement fund. It may not fix 100% of the problem but it will keep tax payers from footing the bill.

  70. I love when a person knows their rights and stands on it. While they were on some b.s., shining the light in his face and camera and then wanting to a search of the vehicle even though they pulled the over for something unrelated to drugs or a crime they brotha was adding up figures in his head!!!🤔😱😜😁

  71. Typical deterrent of charging you with a crime, letting you sit in jail, and then dismissing the charge. "Hey, cooperate and we can get you on your way in 10 minutes". Authoritarian wannabe's.

  72. I was wondering why they were doing a narcotics “sniff” on the outside of the vehicle with no probable cause… and NO DOG! The racist officer who said he was sorry they just moved there and refusing to give their name and badge number when asked should be fired. Hopefully the courts will penalize the police department enough somebody’s head will roll.

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