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  1. We've made a lot of progress in how Downs is managed now. It's a condition that definitely has it difficulties but it's not the tragedy it once was.

  2. A family's friend who had Down syndrome surpassed 60. Every birrhday was in a kids buffet. He was lovely and so, so kind

  3. Shit you are so right, it’s shameful that expressions of love as displayed in the video aren’t common place in our society. Is it too radical to make kissing and hugging culturally sanctioned priorities in our engagements with each other?

  4. Man I'm sorry for your loss. You are so right, I know from personal experience that you never know when you will see them last, then you can never get another chance. Make the most if it

  5. If he's staying in the hospital after surgery (aka not an in/out "day surgery" type procedure) you should probably let the surgical team know he's been drinking heavily so they can keep him from going into alcohol withdrawal or worse: DTs. Post-op delirium can be difficult to manage, really extend hospital stays, and delay recovery and can look similar to alcohol withdrawal which is much easier to manage especially if the team knows about it ahead of time.

  6. I worked with a Down’s syndrome boy and he was 100% love and affection. Well, 99% love and affection, 1% sassy.

  7. My two year old greets me like this, it's the best feeling in the world. I bet it's the same even when they're in their 50's.

  8. My lover and I did tours of NYC for down syndrome adults back in the 1990's and we had several working in our mailroom at the college! The most affectionate, loving and just sweet, sweet people. I'm not religious but the men and women I encountered were living angels.

  9. As a father what in the world do I have to do to get my kids to react to me that way when I am 88 and they are in their 50's?

  10. The love between the handicapped and their parents is one of the purest things around when the parent is good. My sister has a in-law family member that has a handicapped son and the relationship those two have is amazing.

  11. When I was a kid my school told us that people with DS can't live past 30ish. I feel really scared about the implications of that

  12. This is great and all. Lovely video really. I would just like to point out your username. That's all 👍🏿

  13. You'll probably feel differently shortly after they hit 18 and move out and you realise that was it. They were only orbiting your life for a small part of it and now they've got their own lives that you might be lucky enough to factor in to.

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