Man has a mental breakdown after being kicked out by his GF

  1. Mental breakdown or not, I feel no pity for pathetic behavior like this. Cops should be called and have him removed by force.

  2. He probably didn't behave like this when they met. He was whoever he thought he needed to be to get what he wanted.

  3. I have a brother who at times acts like this. Growing up and well into adulthood he would try and assault me and/or other family at least once a year, he smashed in walls, threatened to harm himself... the works. However that's just how he shows himself to US, his family and heck maybe his girlfriend. To everyone else though he's the cheeriest happiest most positive happy go luck dude who would give you his jacket or drive you home. At least that's what his friends have told me, I've never met that brother before and I doubt I ever will.

  4. I would be really, REALLY concerned about my safety if I was dating this guy. And you say he broke in? The level of mental instability he is demonstrating here makes me feel like he’s very capable of committing a crime worse than breaking and entering. Either he truly cannot handle the idea of other people not completely bending to his will like they are his property, or he is insanely manipulative and believes he can force you to put up with him by throwing a tantrum anytime you challenge him.

  5. Lost a friend to DV as well. She left him finally and he shot her, her friend. Then went on a killing spree while running from the cops. 5 ppl died.

  6. Right? She should have got out of the house or locked herself in a room away from him and called the police. This is a terrible way to handle a person like this that has already injured you physically.

  7. I can't remember where, but last time this was posted people linked to their other videos like this. There was like 10 or more exactly like this, screaming and crying.

  8. The thing with abusers is they aren't always like this. They have really, really great moments at times. That's how they getcha. Some people (like me, hi) are way too nurturing for their own good and grew up not knowing how to set boundaries. Sometimes (like in my case) they believe that they truly can help, and in an effort to heal, they allow shitty behavior to escalate.

  9. I'm all for helping those with mental illness, the ones like this guy who refuse help and instead act like toxic babies can get fucked. I'm through coddling abusive, toxic people cause they're sick and refuse to seek help. I cut out my best friend of 15 years because she became a toxic, abusive cunt. It took too long for me to admit that my best friend was gone, but at the end of the day she is the one who refused any help for years. I don't have to stick around and get abused.

  10. its hard to help those who dont want help. This dude seems to understand the situation but is for some reason freaking out wtf. Not only that it seems he sprained her arm and broke in nah miss me.

  11. I used to play in a band where our guitar players house was like this all the time and his roommates had two kids. Literally had shit filled diapers all over the bathroom floor, and the parents got too lazy to buy diapers so they would just wipe the kids down in the bathtub leaving streaks all over the thing. Eventually refused to practice there anymore and found another space.

  12. If there is they have to get out. The will see this to be normal and act the same way, crying when someone tells them to do the simple tasks they have to do. Anyone of any age shouldn't have to see this or deal with this

  13. Sometimes I feel bad that we leave our 4 year old toys on the ground over night and into the morning. Or leave some food out overnight, but then I see this…. I don’t understand how people live in filth like this.

  14. My house has been horrible before, but since bf moved out (who had depression and such) I’ve been able to keep it clean. Living with someone with mental health, especially this bad, can affect you too. It sucks and I hope she left him for the sake of her baby(s).

  15. I have the feeling they're probably both mentally ill, or she's going through a deep depression considering what she's currently going through. This shit is taxing.

  16. Dated a guy who would act just like this when he didn’t get his way. I was seemingly the first person he dated who snapped when he would try to guilt them into sex, skipping work, ignoring family, etc.

  17. His mental facilities broke down and he acted like a toddler. He definitely had a mental break down. The fact that it also qualifies as a conniption fit doesn't make it any less of a mental break. Dude's gonna snap some day for sure. He will eventually be "Florida man"....

  18. I had a rough day at work yesterday. Just a little. I was in a bit of a bad mood despite trying not to be. And... I felt like a whiny little bitch about it afterwards. I felt bad because... I was not my usual elevated mood self. I felt I was better than that. Then I watched this video and realized... I am not that bad at all... even at my worst.

  19. As someone who was like this to my own girlfriend it makes me so ashamed to see it happen from ‘her perspective’. She would beg me to give her space or just leave the room and I would break down like this because I was so much of a control freak and didn’t want her to have her own freedom to calm down. I still have moments where I have an impulse to not back down and just be louder/ in her face but I’m so glad that I’ve realised how shitty this is and have stopped it. It’s so pathetic.

  20. Did you apologize to you (ex?) girlfriend for such behaviour? Good on you for realizing that something like this is not okay.

  21. Literally stop yelling at him. Go in the other room, call the cops, and wait. If he enters the room you're in, defend yourself with action not words.

  22. No shit lol. Not to mention the caption acknowledges a mental issue but doesn't think maybe recording someone in a corner might not be the brightest idea for your own safety. Record your ass to safety, not clout.

  23. The baby chairs in the corner of the dirty bedroom. The ones about 3 feet from the tray of weed by the bed...say otherwise. These degenerates deserve each other.

  24. That's not a breakdown. The guy is purposely acting like that to get what he wants. He's an emotionally and physically abusive partner. God I can smell him from here as well.

  25. I work in a long term residential psych hospital for adolescents with severe behavior and mental health issues and this guy is behaving very similarly to some of the youth I work with. Not that his actions leading to this are okay but this man is genuinely mentally ill.

  26. Notice she is not breaking up with this creature, she is only telling him to get out for now. "Once again" all over again, this is obviously their relationship dynamic. There is a part of me that says "Maybe these two idiots deserve each other."

  27. If he's this abusive regularly and has been for a while, then it's not that black and white. Victims of domestic abuse rationalize and normalize the behavior as a coping mechanism. Abusers are usually very manipulative, too, so he's probably spent a grand amount of time victimizing himself and guilt-tripping her over his issues. She might feel guilty leaving someone who clearly needs a lot of help.

  28. They might actually be broken up, but he won't accept it. He's probably homeless and literally just wants to be indoors. And she simply wants him out. Thus the impasse. I lived this exact relationship in the 90s. Except my apartment was tidy.

  29. Only if it was so easy to look at someone living in your house and tell them to leave and never come back my state requirements are a 30 day certified eviction and they can battle it in court and drag it out for 12-18 months

  30. he got caught cheating so she peaced him out and he didn't wanna go because he obviously had no fuckim clue how to act like an adult.

  31. The guy who set himself on fire for a woman in Memphis displayed this kind of behavior. This guy should be out of their life immediately and if they don’t get him out, that’s 100% going to get worse. Way too many warnings from people in this post that their behavior will just escalate until “You made me do this to you” rings inside his head and she is dead. RUN!!!

  32. So not to excuse behavior whatsoever but his outburst seems very reminiscent of a major behavior and mental disorder. I've worked in special needs for a decade and this is blow for blow what tantrums have looked like from 2 students I've worked with in that time. They can't control these outbursts it is a direct result of their disability. Not excusing it at all but there are cases where people have intellectual and genetic disabilities that create almost identical behavior and in those cases yelling at them only makes it worse. Something should be done and someone shouldn't have to take it if they don't know what they are getting into but I feel this person is intellectually and genetically handicapped and those thoughts have to come into play when judging someone. Either that or it's faked in which case this is disgusting.

  33. I have suffered from something similar, I'm having flashbacks now, I'm feeling bad now for me and for her This is awful and heartbreaking nobody should experience this

  34. According to the looks of the house itself (piles of trash everywhere) I would say that they are both crazy all of the time but at this point she has a 'lucid break' so she's throwing him out.

  35. Why’d she post this? It’s going to make his mental health 100x worse. Yes he’s VERY MUCH in the wrong and he needs help, but she’s literally just posting this for internet points when she could just get a restraining order and show the cops the video

  36. Pretty sure this is less a mental breakdown and more a new manipulation attempt as his powers over the victim has finally worn off. Makes me want to grab him by a leg and swing him into the nearest wall until that godawful racket finally shuts tf up. Can’t even own the fact that he broke in, meaning he’s so willing to look you in the eyes and lie, then pretend like how dare you even accuse him of lying about something that’s obviously a lie. He needs some hard lessons or there will be a trail of victims just like this poor female a mile long. Someone grab it and shut it up by any means necessary.

  37. Botha of them are fucked. If someone acted like this with me I would never allow them in my life again. He might be crazy but both of them are shit bags.

  38. This is co-dependence. He obviously needs her for money and housing, and she needs him to feel needed. He, being the fuck-up that he obviously is, seems to have fucked up again and she uses that to control him by withholding money and housing. He should obviously be relying on himself for these things but may be addicted to drug and alcohol, or going through injuries, or maybe just hard times. The point is that she has allowed him to become reliant on her, so now she presents herself as his savior, but is really his master. I know he wasn’t doing what she wanted, but I think this video might show that this is something that happens every now and again in this relationship, and he was Hoping to do what he usually does and take his tongue lashing and pretend to not exist in the bed for a while and let things cool off. I really think this is very toxic for both people. I think they are both victims and are both the antagonist. She may post this video saying ohh he’s doing this or that, but as long as she doesn’t call the cops or keeps forgiving him and feeding this toxic relationship than she is as much a part of it as him. I really hope the best for both of them. But overall…. Yeah that was a pretty crazy breakdown

  39. After dealing with someone who has BPD I for a period suffered panic attacks despite never suffering them before her. She alleged I abused her when in all actuality she's the abuser who hides behind the fact she's a woman and in domestic cases is usually perceived as the victim, especially in very nuanced cases. I never looked like this I would just feel I couldn't breathe. I'm not saying he's innocent, but I wish folks wouldn't be so quick to disregard him because he allegedly harmed her. Far too many women play off the good will of folks. It's brutal out here.

  40. I 100% agree with your take, I am currently in a relationship with the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, but after a few months of our relationship starting she showed some signs of BPD type II, I have never personally dealt with some one I love more than anyone so rapidly changing to where it seemed like an entirely different person than I loved. Some of her worst episodes (imagine the person you live with and want to spend the rest of your life with suddenly say they don’t want to live anymore, completely shutting down, saying you don’t love them, they don’t want to be with you anymore, etc, when they were saying they want to grow old with you that afternoon) mixed in with my untreated panic disorder led to me having complete breakdowns like this man, I would have full blown panic attacks, I’ve never experienced trying to think of something and literally nothing popping up until these breakdowns, I would hit myself so hard because I was thinking it was all my fault. I never injured or laid a hand on my SO, which I would never EVER condone, but her cold replies did remind me of my SO when she would have her episodes. Obviously though her cold replies could be because he really injured her and she’s had enough of his shit.

  41. Whoa, this is a throwback and a half for me... my (soon to be ex) SO has meltdowns exactly like this whenever we need to have serious conversations that she doesn't want to have, like the fact that our house is frequently as dirty or worse than the one in this video & I can't get her to help clean or just keep it clean to begin with, or the time I couldn't pay the mortgage because she blew all of my money (again), etc, etc.

  42. When white people break into your property. It's called "discovering" and "manifest destiny". When white people take what ever they want from you it's called "civil forfeiture" and "the homestead act"

  43. I hope there will not be a next time, if there is, you need to call 911 and have them send some one. Ambulance mabey, cops if you need to. Mental health isn’t an excuse to break in to some one’s house after physically hurting them. F this guy.

  44. I don't blame her in the slightest for filming it, it's important for her to have proof of the instability people don't see behind closed doors. But did she really need to post it online? Seems like the kind of thing that should be kept private unless someone really needs to know how it is at home.

  45. Man () has a mental breakdown () gives an Emmy nominated performance akin to a toddler meltdown in order to manipulate his abuse victim.

  46. Somehow, his behaving like this while staring into a camera is even stranger this his behaving like this.

  47. Honestly let’s be real, this guy needs help but so does she. No one is mentioning the fact that she was with this guy for probably long enough to realize he can get this way. They are apparently together, he sprained her arm and all she expects is a sorry? I believe it really takes two for something like this to happen. She knows how to trigger him and was ready to record it and show the world.

  48. This guy needs help and love. Reading the top comments has made me realize how shitty the majority is when it comes to health issues. This guy can be normal in 3 months if he got the help he needs. Please don't judge people when they are having a crisis. It could happen to anyone.

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