Kitten glad to find human after Semeru Eruption

  1. What he said in Indonesian and Javanese: "Oh my God. Let's go home! Where's your mom? Here, I found a kitten! Are you hungry? Let's go home, sonny!"

  2. A few years ago i thought of but never wrote a short story inspired by all the videos of animals, especially wild, being cute to humans. The premise was that the animals were all asking for help and wondering why they were getting laughed at

  3. That’s exactly how we ended up with our baby cat! She showed up at 5am in December after hearing the dogs bark. Started crying and pawing the window and it been love every since

  4. My cat growing up in the winter if you let it outside in the new snow she would turn around and meow at you plaintively, asking you to do something about the snow.

  5. I would've adopted that little one right on the spot. Mother nature is beautiful but crazy deadly. She tends to remind and humble us.

  6. i've had my cat kidnapped by someone whose kittens were (yeah, none remained alive now) like 2 weeks old. seeing a desperate kitten like in this video makes me imagine how depressingly lonely they are without their mothers

  7. Same but the kitten is so relieved. Look how it runs with that little tail up. Even with all the pain and fear it's so excited to see what it thinks is help. And fortunately, this person did help.

  8. Thanks, the tiny amount of upvotes don't reflect how much people should appreciate folks like you who go out of your way to do things to help others enjoy things like this.

  9. He said "alhamdulillah" (roughly means "praise be to God") at the beginning because he saw that the sky had cleared up.

  10. The kitty is saying: ‘it’s not my fault! I promise I didn’t do it! Was just playing and then everything fell down!’

  11. That's just how you get cats. One time I went to the store and on my way home a random orange cat just started to follow me. He was my cat after that for like 3 years

  12. I'll never understand what a public freakout is versus some random video someone found online - either way this is the internet - I see a cute cat, I upvote

  13. Thank you for letting me know. So glad that these people will not be forced to resort to anything like that and have the rescue and resource they need. I do know a lot of us hunted squirrels for meat after the the largest tornado in my generation hit us. The community was chaos and looking for the house we used to live in.. It took days to unblock a path so finally sent tanks but had to get all of our dead from under the collapsed buildings and and find the few still clinging to life under the debris before they could roll in We did have to eat what we were able to find or get open and a can with a pull tab was gold. A man that grabbed his rifle and still had ammo in it during the storm was guarding something rotating above a fire. I told myself it was a rabbit and hurried away from the enticement of the smell because I was so hungry. While it will take a lot to rebuild, nobody has to resort to killing any meat they can find. We do things we must and what we never imagined doing to survive and it gives you nightmares to overcome. Only blessing be among those now rebuilding their forever changed lives.

  14. Well the second definition of public on google is "done, perceived, or existing in open view," and he's outdoors in open view. So I think it fits.

  15. Truth be told, the joke I made to myself was "Oh, good, now that person isn't going to starve..." but I didn't think it was one I should make on reddit.

  16. Indonesian here. The eruption was kinda abrupt, and there was heavy rain in the area. The result is 35 dead, thousands of destroyed homes, buried several villages due to the high amount of ash, mud, lahar, and debris, and made 5 thousand people homeless for the time being.

  17. Odd how a language you do not know sounds so much more pleasing to the ear in the context of saving a kitten.

  18. I feel like if this kind of disasterous event happened to me and I saw life that needed to be helped like this kitten, you bet I would do anything to stay together.

  19. Why is everyone acting like an eruption will not block a path or escape route and hot lava goes around what you need to survive?

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