This is why antiwork is gaining popularity.

  1. This dude's wife killed someone while drunk driving a boat and faced no consequences. He's a gigantic pile of shit.

  2. She wasn't legally drunk and she was acquitted because the boat she hit didn't have its lights on because the occupants wanted to star gaze. Apparently not having your lights on while boating makes you invisible and it a pretty big no-no. I'm no fan of O'Leary but I don't think his wife got off because her husband is rich.

  3. Not everyone wants to be as rich as him. Not everyone wants to "fight to get to the top" like him. Most people just want to live comfortably. And he's fucking delusional if he thinks the only thing standing between someone living in a one room shack and being a billionaire is motivation.

  4. This is just a manipulative technique, it's created the "rise and grind" mindset where people believe they should be working to get more money every waking moment, but all that work just funds this guy and his friends.

  5. That's just it. I started out scrubbing toilets at 18 for like $6 an hour. I did get a BA and a MA but I didn't do it to become "stinking rich" I did it so I could afford a family and a measure of basic security and some pleasures in life. People in the 3rd world are struggling to survive and this Walmart brand Milton Friedman thinks that's a great thing

  6. Having to fight tooth and nail to secure every single business opportunity and attend every mundane business meeting to "be at the top" sounds like a fucking miserable life

  7. No, he is taking his infamy and running straight to the bank with it. As a Canadian I saw this segment of the 6pm national news often, and its clear that she sets him up for slam dunks every time (And is eye candy to boot)

  8. This guy is one of the 90 psycho lizards running this planet. Wealth inequality will drive this country, and ultimately the world, into deeper depths of hell...

  9. I believe the 1% should have their total compensation capped within a certain x fold of their lowest paid worker, so if they want more money, pay their poorest first. If your poorest makes $50,000 per year, you can make 100x that or something spread across stock, benefits, pay, etc. If the CEO wants a raise, they should first have to give raises to their employees.

  10. China is absolutely thriving after taking its population out of poverty and investing in infrastructure and quality of life for its citizens. The more spending power people have, the stronger the economy.

  11. This is how Rome fell. These billionaires will have no place to flee when the world is burning. They will be first.

  12. Exactly what I was thinking. Keep celebrating and rooting on that continuously growing gap asshole. You or your children will be the first ones the angry mobs go for.

  13. Ah yes, 3.5B people who probably have had no access to education and can't even read will magically teach themselves and start a company. Says the guy with a fancy business degree and a hell of a lot of parental support. Our maid can't read, and at times I have to help her with her finances to make sure no one is scamming her. How does this man expect people like her to just become rich on their own? What a joke.

  14. Bet he wouldn’t abandon his kids in a slum to avoid giving them so many of the privileges he likely had. I imagine he finds the reasoning that his kids are above needing the extra motivation.

  15. The ego on this guy to think he works thousands to millions of times harder than anyone. Definitely makes me support capping individual wealth.

  16. Somewhere, a dumb fuck trumptard republican is rapidly applauding this man as they hobble out of their tin shacks on their untreated diabetic legs to spend their food stamps.

  17. I'm actually surprised no has successfully killed pricks like this guy. All they do the whole day is make themselves seem less and less human while making enemies You'd think there'd be at least one wronged person with a big enough chip on their shoulder with the know-how to do some vigilante justice

  18. How much money one individual has doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme considering in the USA alone the Fed keeps 1 trillion dollars of currency floating daily. People have to figure out how to get a piece of that money. Some people unionize, some people start a business to make more, and some of those businesses pay their people more because they can. We need to do less in the world not more. Let countries control their resources and find their own path forward without predatory world bank loans or even worse what China does now.

  19. Most of the people I see working hard to get rich don't mind cheating the system and screwing other people to get to the top, that's not working hard.

  20. I motivate my ass every mother fucking day to get out of bed and work midnights seven days a week to support my family. I'm 60 years old. Seven years to go for retirement. When will it all pay off? If motivation is all I need, according to this bozo, where are my millions?

  21. How about making him work in an Amazon distribution center for a week and see how he likes pissing in bottles?

  22. I'm actually shocked this guy has enough credibility to be a celebrity. His analysis is faulty to the core. The poorest 3.5 billion do not have a damn idea of who the richest 85 people are. There is hence no mechanism for them to be inspired to work harder, etc.

  23. So if you look at the list of the 10 wealthiest people in the world, you will see no poor sons or daughters of the global south. You will find white men, mostly from the united states, who came from at worst, middle class family, but generally wealthier.

  24. You will find white men, mostly from the united states, who came from at worst, middle class family, but generally wealthier.

  25. Thats why we had kings. So the poor could look up to them and say im ganna work at there places of buisness and make them money so one day i will be king.

  26. The elite wealthy for the most part know that they only need to distribute enough of their wealth to the middle class to sustain a sufficient population of middle class that will uphold the status quo. I'm in this group, I might not like what I see around me but I'm not really willing to risk my relative comforts & wealth to make it right.

  27. A lot of entrepenuer types fail to realize that most people don't want to dedicate their entire existence to running a business or company like they do - they want to do a job for people that respect them and treat them fairly and go home and not think about work until they have to go in the next day. Not everyone is hardwired to 'rise and grind.' Most people just want to contribute, make enough to live comfortably and do anyting but work when they don't have to.

  28. And this is why he is evil. It's not the top 1% its the top 0.00000002428571428571 compared to 3,500,000,000. (1% would be .01) ... just wrap your head around that.

  29. Oh please, most of the people posting in America at least are in the top 10% of the world. This post isn’t about Americans working for minimum wage.

  30. Fuck me the number of cunts with Irish surnames in the states has really come into the light in the last few years

  31. And people wonder why we dont want to work. Anything I could do would just make a dick like him richer while I get the minimum they can get away with.

  32. Guaranteed that douche has never been happy a day in his life. Living that lifestyle is an obsession. A disease. A race to nowhere land.

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