Shoplifter locked-in by staff goes crazy, smashes items, threatens staff, and urinates on the floor

  1. Yea it's her mom, the crazy woman says "Solta mi hija" to the lady taking care of the kid, which means "Let go of my daughter"

  2. Never lock the person in you honestly don’t know their situation they could be so desperate that they just start shooting. whatever they placed in their bag is not worth it.

  3. Note to staff, product is never worth it. If you can't recover it, let it go. From an overnight manager that delt with this for years when we were still open 24/7.

  4. and this benefits who exactly? this will most likely raise their lability insurance, it caused potential profit lose from customers who couldn't come in and shop, caused unnecessary damage, caused more work for the employees, and the only thing that will come out of this is causing the women to pay a fine if the cops decide to actually do anything about it since they have a long history of ignoring petty crimes like this. the same result could have been achieved by ignoring it and filing a police report latter and the store its self would have been in a far better position

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