Bodycam footage of police officer Orlando Hernandez driving 100 mph on a 40 mph zone which ends with him running over a pedestrian on a sidewalk while responding to a call to back up other cops

  1. What the fuck did this cop think he was doing at that speed mounting a curb? This guy should lose his badge and get a sentence.

  2. The article I saw on this earlier said he was doing between 80-100mph when he came up on a red light and swerved onto the median to avoid the cars at the red light and hit a guy on the sidewalk

  3. It’s bc theses cops were chasing seriously criminals in one of the highest crime rate neighborhoods in the USA. You probably live in a nice neighborhood where crime is not such a problem.

  4. And the worst part is the shitty police unions will protect this piece of shit and his decision. And they wonder why all cops get a bad wrap…if they would not protect the shitbags that shouldn’t be cops then The sentiment would change.

  5. na, they just blame the death on the person attacking the other officer. as we all know cops are not in control of their own actions and everything they do is only because of the "criminals" they are interacting with /s

  6. People need to stop repeating that, it's a LA / Hollywood slogan, and not real beyond a few forces that copied them off the TV. Cops aren't there to protect people, never were.

  7. No, he will be investigated by his peers. While on paid leave. They will find no wrong doing and he will kill someone else in about 2 years time. Standard procedure

  8. “Dispatch, please send extra units. I hit a black guy, but I’m pretty sure he was jaywalking… Or he had priors… Or he looked menacing…”

  9. This is my town. Not more than a couple miles where I live. Super sad on all accounts. However I feel the cop is getting a bad rap. Terrible accident but these are beat street cops in some of the highest crime rate neighborhoods in the USA. Obviously it was a total accident and there’s -robably lessons to be learned here but what will likely happen is fewer cops in Sunnyside leading to more crime, good cops taking fewer chances of catching murderers. Trust me, no one has ever accused me of being a boot licker but I actually respect HPD and although there are problems, they do a good job in good faith.

  10. It might be an accident but it is also incompetence that led to the death of an innocent civilian. Cops should not get a free pass.

  11. It really doesn't matter. People stopped at a light aren't going to be able to get out of his way at that speed

  12. Pedestrian was on the sidewalk! Cop was speeding in the rain, lost control and went over the sidewalk where they hit a pedestrian.

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