Australian police forces women inside of van for declining to show vaccination status on her way back from getting a coffee

  1. She was actually arrested for refusing indoor mask mandates in the coffee store and being abusive when told to leave. Police were called and she decided it would be a smart idea to be abusive to them too. Of course she was arrested, and placed in the police van the police arrived in.

  2. Yup, if she had just left like an adult who accepts the consequences of her decisions, no drama and no arrest.

  3. No thank god. I live someplace where I don’t get forced into a van for getting a cup of coffee because I wasn’t wearing my face decoration

  4. You don’t want to wear a mask don’t. But then don’t go to a business where wearing a mask is required and expect them to be sympathetic to you. Same with taking the vaccine.

  5. Yeah, going into Karen mode with the cops is always a great way to handle things and not make life worse for yourself lol

  6. My point here is that laws shouldn’t be considered inherently 100% ethical just on the basis that they’re laws. The covid internment camps are legal in Australia as well, does that mean those are ethical as well? A society that based its ethics solely on the rules of the state is doomed to fall into a tyranny, as we see with Australia

  7. 5 cops? You think they can handle her? Maybe they should have sent 7. What do you want to bet that there was an crime occurring at the same moment that would have been a better use of their time? FFS just write her a ticket and go.

  8. No one should be a victim of police brutality due to race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or their own medical choices.

  9. Go away, anti-Semite. Your inconvenience stemming from your choice doesn’t compare to one of the most organized and brutal ethnic cleansing campaigns of the 20th century

  10. I don't give a fuck anymore. You dont want to get the vaccine, and willnigly go to a place where you know that this will happen to you, fuck all the way off. no sympathy whatsoever, playing a victim for clout. This is exactly why we can’t have nice things, because of this darwinism.

  11. I know for certain I’d love if trolls would stop posting their fantasy straw man stereotypes of people they politically oppose

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