walmart employees majorly fuck up, and check womans merchandise only to find everything was paid for

  1. So I used to work loss prevention for Nordstrom and stopping a person for not shoplifting is a huge deal. If it’s a bad stop and you detain the person improperly you are both civilly and legally liable.

  2. So, There is something called the shopkeeper's privilege, which is a law recognized across the US allowing store owners and their authorized employees to detain you for suspected shoplifting for a reasonable time while they investigate the possible theft. And along with that comes the right to use reasonable non-deadly force to prevent flight or violent resistance. They must have reasonable suspicion, the investigation must be on or near the premises, they cannot use excessive force and the length of the detention may only be as long as it takes to make a reasonable investigation. If any of those factors are not met, the detention is illegal and any force used to enforce it may be criminal as well.

  3. I worked loss prevention for 2 months in 2003. At the time a Non productive stop was a $50,000 court settlement that we were often warned against. She could get paid.

  4. I’ve worked a lot of retail, specifically another store that is similar to Walmart but red… this 100% is not allowed to happen I don’t understand the power trip this guy thought he was on but he’s definitely fired.

  5. I worked at a JC Penny years ago and our LP had a non productive stop. Dude was gone the next day and we got a meeting on how it costs a ton of money to basically falsely accuse a customer of theft.

  6. Yup. I'm surprised to this day to see this shit. I would think it would have been pounded into any employees head.

  7. Yup when I worked in Walmart one of our AP/LP guys decided he wanted to make a bad stop on some Filipino lady that was in there every single frigging night buying hundreds of dollars of grocery for a rehab facility.

  8. The last time I went to a Wal-Mart, it was probably 12 years ago because I fucking hate Wal-mart, but the last time I went they had a guy with down syndrome in the vestibule asking everyone leaving for their receipts and then he would wand them. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. WANDED.

  9. Out of curiosity, how often are people walking out with fully bagged stolen groceries? Like does this happen way more often than I think?

  10. Lmao you can sue a company for stopping you if they think you stole but didn’t? Seems like some Slippin’ Jimmy shit, a few times a year I would just act shifty as fuck and not actually steal anything then get paid

  11. Dude is horrible at his job. Never did he open the egg cartons to see if the chicken eggs were replaced with Fabergé eggs.

  12. “A can of Spam, aye? Everyone knows Spam is tightly-packed and therefore the can remains silent when disturbed. Now listen here…” [shakes can, noticeable rattle] “Ah HA! Just as I thought…” [tears top off can, pours out diamonds]

  13. Yep. You pull me aside a make me go through this and then have the balls to try to tell me what I am allowed to say about it. Go fuck yourself, buddy.

  14. This. I was with my girlfriend at the time were at Walmart and we bought groceries and things for our cat. We went through the self checkout and had about $200 worth of items. On the way to the car, the greeter and a manager came running after us and demanded us come back inside so they can check that we paid for everything. At first I was confrontational because who the fuck is this guy to yell at me in a parking lot, basically accusing me of theft, I would have been calm if they came up and asked to simply come back and check the receipt I would have but the yelling just set me off. At first I told them to call the cops and see if I care but my gf talked me down. After they checked everything and realized that we're not thieves I went straight to customer service and returned everything. I stood there with the most smug look on my face. I went to Sobeys and got everything we needed there

  15. Zero doubt in my mind that guy gets off larping at a gun range on his time off and frequently fantasizes about being a cop. Probably working at Walmart while he gets his "criminal justice" certificate from an online university.

  16. This. The employees would have to do a return on every single item, which is annoying in itself, and then the store would lose the profits anyway because the food items can’t be returned to the shelf. It’s what Walmart deserves.

  17. Omg this. I am an old fuck now, but when I worked such jobs in my youth, I never once got paid enough to confront someone for stealing. Please. I was working at a convenience store in the most incestuous region of the rural south. When the Bubbas came in heavily armed, covered in camouflage and deer blood, if I saw them steal some beer, then no I fucking didn’t. Hell, I even threw in some free Skoal.

  18. I used to shop at HEB when I lived in Texas. They have these “shrink prevention” employees who wear yellow vests and singled me out a few times to search my cart and make sure I paid for everything. It was super-annoying and took a long time. Plus they were kind of a-holes about it. Acting like they just knew I was stealing. The third time they did it I was super annoyed because I was in a hurry because I had to pick up my kid at preschool and was about to be late. They could tell I was annoyed so they really took their time. They discovered that I was short an item because the bagger left it by the conveyer. People there love HEB and I don’t know why. Now I shop at Vons and Ralphs and they’ve never done anything like that. Fuck HEB. I do not miss that dump.

  19. That’s what I’m saying!! He so matter of factly goes “oh this ain’t paid for!” Like he’s so happy he caught her (more like desperate cuz he’s starting to look dumb)

  20. It's not about their wage at all. They're on a power trip and they want to imply to that customer that although the customer earns probably more than them and is in a better overall situation in life, they have ALL the power in the world. It's a psychological issue they're dealing with.

  21. When I was younger, my family and I were at toys-r-us shopping around. My mom had just gotten out of the hospital and since we all behaved so well for dad while she was in there they wanted to get us a puzzle or something small and cheap each to reward us.

  22. When I was a kid, I busted my head open on a shelf at Toys-R-Us. I was bleeding everywhere. The employees physically blocked my parents from leaving the store with me to seek medical attention until they signed a waiver saying they wouldn’t sue the store.

  23. Being a father of a 5yo girl, I can't tell you how much that story made my blood boil. Standing up for her & my wife is my job and an honor, I'm sure you were/are fairly grateful for his reaction that day

  24. I took my grandmother to an art supply store once, and while I was looking at stuff a couple aisles away, an overzealous employee accused my 88 year old grandmother of theft, took her purse from her, and when I got over after hearing the commotion she was in the process of dumping my grandma's purse out on the floor.

  25. My old Walmart would have an elderly lady check every recipt on the way out like it was Costco or Sam's. The line would be ridiculous so I would just walk out. I felt bad for her because she'd get upset at me and she was just doing her job, but there's no way I'm going to stand in line to let someone rifle through my food during a pandemic just for security theater. There was one time where a guy ran up all pissy and demanded that he see my receipt so I handed it to him with a smile and wished him a good night as I continued walking out the door. Thankfully, I now live in a place with more options. Fuck Walmart.

  26. An attendant tried to stop me when I went to Walmart in the rich part of town. I only had one item, didn’t bother to bag it, and I was wearing a pair of leggings and a sports bra so it wasn’t like I could hide anything. Told him to check the cameras. He said they did and saw that I had stuffed something in my pants. I told them to check again because it’s very clear that I can’t stuff anything in leggings without it showing. He called the police and his manager. I just left and went home. I did see his manager yell at him as I was leaving. That was nice.

  27. this. they cant make you do anything, at all. they cant stand in your way, they cant physically touch you or anything. tell them to call the police and check the cameras, and you'll be on your way. the police will contact you if there is evidence of anything illegal. if they try to hold you there and you know you're innocent, you have every right to defend yourself because they are holding you without any legal reason.

  28. I had a friend who this happened to and she called head office and threatened to sue for embarrassment and false accusations. They asked her how can we make this right and she said 2 $500 dollar gift card totalling $1000 and they said we are mailing them out right away and they did.

  29. I try to treat everybody in customer service with respect but sometimes you find that one guy that's been fucking around too much and is overdue for finding out.

  30. I literally would return everything and give my money to another grocery. How disrespectful to put all HER THINGS on the floor and touch everything

  31. It was on the floor *AND* people were walking all over and around her groceries. I can't believe the employees weren't fired for that.

  32. The problem is, Walmart has a soft monopoly in a lot of places, especially lower population cities and more rural areas.

  33. I have seen that once. Karen A walked over to harrass some kids about skateboarding on a school playground after hours. Karen B (my Mexican friend’s mom) intercepted her and they had a shouting match because Karen B had already asked the school resource officer about it and the administration said the playground and parking lot were open to us on weekends if we had a parent supervising because they treated it like a community park. Karen A didn’t want to hear it and became more hostile, but Karen B had powers that only come from being an angry Latina and Karen A learned about La Chancla that day.

  34. The funny part is the guy will probably make a Reddit post about dealing with a Karen who was combative during a "routine check" and how he was "just doing his job."

  35. I did loss prevention for a year. If this ever happens and you did NOT steal anything. Make them call the police and let them embarrass themselves then demand compensation from the store.

  36. Serious question - So if they didn’t call the cops, could you, as the customer, call them and say they are making a non-productive stop? What could the cops do if you call and tell them that Walmart is calling you a thief? Would those workers get in trouble?

  37. “You are free to record but don’t need to give commentary.” You wouldn’t be able to shut me up with my goal to make you cry.. if you are going to accuse someone of a crime, make sure you are right first..

  38. Yeah when I worked retail I was told you better be god damn sure someone stole something before you accuse them of it. Acting on suspicion will catch your ass a lawsuit.

  39. Also worked at Walmart as a shift supervisor and holy shit, if my employees ever did this I would've have their ass on a platter. So much against policy here:

  40. Yes this! My friend threaten to sue and they asked “how can we make this right” and she asked for 2 $500 dollar gift cards for embarrassing her and wasting her time with a false accusation and they mailed her the two cards.

  41. Oh I’d be returning all that, claim they missed something and make them count it all again, then repurchasing all of it. we’re wasting everybody’s time

  42. Holy shit, this is disturbing. He’s groping her food, leaving it on the nasty floor for people to step over, all the while accusing her of stealing. I’d be asking for a refund, and I’d be leaving the food exactly where he left it.

  43. So let’s say that checking the cart was necessary, it’s not, but let’s pretend. There’s so much that it needs to be removed from the cart. What if they invented something that they could then place the items into as they’re checking them, something the woman could then wheel out to her vehicle. They could even keep hundreds of these by the exit.

  44. Agreed. These mother fuckers ask for my receipt all the time. Eat a bag of dicks. I don’t pay membership fees to shop at Walmart, I didn’t even use a register with an attendant. You can fuck right the fuck off asking for my receipt.

  45. The one exception is if you are shopping at bjs or Costco or anything that requires a membership. They write that shit into the membership agreement and if you don’t stop, they tear it up :(

  46. After I’ve paid, it’s my property. If they think I stole something, they can check their cameras and call the cops. I don’t have time to sit there while some moron rifles through my shit.

  47. They can ask you to stop but you have no legal obligation to do so. I always just say "no thank you" and keep walking when they try to have me stop.

  48. Would she have a case for illegal detainment? She purchased the products. They are now owned by her. They then refused to let her leave. I bet a good lawyer would get her some easy money.

  49. "All these items are paid for, and if you think you have enough probable cause to use physical force and can defeat my false imprisonment claim, come and get me."

  50. Wal-Mart out here stealing millions from taxpayers through welfare subsidies for their employees and they're still acting like you haven't given them everything in your pockets too. Fuck them. Steal their shit and burn that mf down on the way out the door

  51. That smug kid... Seriously, i can already see what he would be like with a little more ounce of power. Really wish she would've have just said, "thank you for wasting your time and your products, i want a refund now" and go to another store.

  52. REFUND MY SHIT RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. HOLY SHIT. I meant that shit in all caps. I would be on the phone with corporate while they did that shit and before I called corporate I would have called 911.

  53. If they ask you to do this and you didnt steal, ignore them. Walk out. Tell them they can call the cops. Your transaction with them ends at the register. This is illegal detention/warrantless search/ false imprisonment.

  54. Fry's was the worst for this crap. I'd spend upwards of a thousand dollars in one visit, and they'd try to do this. They'd chase me through the parking lot all the way to my car, then I'd just drive away.

  55. Walmart particularly tries to receipt check the people that use self checkout. It isn't a membership store that has receipt checking built into the ToS. Just keep walking. If they won't let you leave, then tell the cops you're being illegally detained. In any case, make them refund the entire sale and then fuck them. Demanding to impound her ID is extra fucked up. Don't give away your ID same way you don't hand your keys to a car salesman so they can "look over your trade vehicle".

  56. If they don't trust people using self-checkout hire more cashiers. Fucking idiots. I only use that thing in the first place so I don't have to wait in line.

  57. I am white and my wife is not and everytime we leave Walmart if she is pushing the cart we switch because they never stop me to check my receipt but if it's her she gets stopped pretty much every time 🙄

  58. Last time I visited a walmart. I used the cashier check out not the self check out. I watched 10 people walk out without being asked for a receipt (all white people). I walk by and she says "Can I see your receipt?" I reply, "Naw, but thanks for asking." And kept on walking.

  59. Maybe I’m a piece of shit but if that lady really did stroll on by without scanning her water bottles, I wouldn’t give a rats ass. You paid for hundreds of dollars worth of groceries and tried to get out without scanning water bottles… who gives a shit, have a nice day mam.

  60. They're fucked. Only loss prevention can do that and they have to wait until they exit the store. Also LP can not touch you if you don't want to stop. I used to work there back in the day. This woman will have lawyers knocking her door down.

  61. First off why was she picked for special inspection and why didn't they bring another cart to put the checked item into instead of on floor

  62. You can give all the commentary you want nothing he can do about it, I would return everything even if I just went to a different store.

  63. Admittedly it does suck she had to deal with that, but any time I hear "I'm a Christian" in defense of something my eyes can't roll any harder.

  64. Worked at trophy shop years ago. A new guy gets dropped into the engraving job with little experience. Owner says "have any questions, just come to me." New guy comes to owner with a 3rd question of the day, on his second day on the job. Owner says, "Can you just fucking figure it out for fuck's sake?" New guy just looks at him and walks out the door. Owner chases after him and doesn't apologize, just yells at him "I AM A DEVOUT CATHOLIC!" Owner seemed to think that was what you say when you're shitty to someone. That guy did not come back to work.

  65. When I was in high school I worked at a shitty convenience store for minimum wage. People stole shit all the time but guess what? At $6.50/hr (2003) I don’t give a single fuck, take it all for all I care.

  66. You're free to record anytime you want to and he doesn't need to give you permission. You can give them all the commentary that you fucking want to because again, you don't need his permission to talk.

  67. Lawsuit, I want a refund, a public apology and employees fired. You will not humiliate me and contribute about your day as if I'm the punchline

  68. Generally curious here, but if was walking out of a WalMart and some employee told me to come with them into some room for a security check I would outright refuse. If I'm wrong then please correct me, but I don't recognize the authority of ANY Wal-Mart employee to detain me.

  69. Why do they even care? Even if she did steal something, they don’t get paid enough to be forced to go through peoples purchases. Wal-Mart would be fine, even if she didn’t pay for a thing in that cart.

  70. They seemed to care a lot. This guy was eager to find something, anything, that she didn't pay for even if it was 2 cans of green beans rung up instead of 3. I mean, look at that gotcha when he said she didn't scan the stuff on the bottom of her cart. Then his refusal to apologize. It feels like it was almost personal for him.

  71. Funny how some retail employees go out of their way to protect the financial interests of their corporate overlords.

  72. I would wait until they are done. Then I’m asking to return everything. Then I’m reporting that prick. Then I’m pressing Walmart every single day until that prick is fired or reprimanded to my satisfaction. If it’s lost on deaf ears then I know people.

  73. After you pay for it, it’s yours. Walk out of the store and let them yell and let them call the cops. They don’t have authority to search your stuff.

  74. Wait, they took her ID? Like an official government issued ID? and held it from her? Need some lawyers here, but that sounds like they may have broken some laws.

  75. The imaginary ego power trip of lower level management at Walmart is a real thing. Almost a decade ago I worked for a company that installed cellular signal boosting equipment in the ceiling near the cell phone kiosk so the cell signal worked for new phones. Every time we ran into either a store manager or a floor manager who would tell us that we were not able to install and we had to leave the store.. Our orders, if we were denied access or the freedom to install, was to call a dude who works at Walmart headquarters in Arkansas. I don't know what his job was but we were told to call him 24/7. As soon as we ran into an issue installing because of troll gatekeeping and call out to him, the store would get a call back in ten minutes or less. Everyone knew who the dude was and it was all tail between their legs "yes sir" and red carpet apologies from that point. "Oh sorry we didn't know". I had papers and work orders from Walmart headquarters!

  76. You just know that guy is a Redditor. Hope he’s reading these comments and is extremely embarrassed by this pathetic display. What a way to conduct yourself for a company that doesn’t give a shit about him. SMDH.

  77. This is why I never stop for those people, and no one should. They have no right to touch me or the goods that I purchased and paid for.

  78. I would’ve returned all the food right after this happened. They put the food on the floor and accuse you of stealing? Refund and take your business and money somewhere else

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