Lady freaking out at cashier over not getting to use a grocery store as a bank.

  1. I’m a moron too, because I have no idea what this woman is talking about. Is she saying that she can only get cash back in increments of 200, but wants 400, so she’ll have to buy more items to get her cash back? I’m genuinely curious why she’s trippin this hard.

  2. Same boat. My best guess is you need to buy a minimum a of 3 items to use cash back at all, but you have to buy at least 1 item for every $100 you get as well.

  3. That’s exactly it. She’s blaming the cashier for not knowing her intentions and tripping that she would’ve done two transactions if she had known. All she had to do was buy a lighter or a pack of gum to do another transaction, but instead she’s going full Karen on a low paid employee for not reading her mind. This is why people are getting so tired of boomers lol bunch of entitled asshats

  4. I hope she's not using a stolen debit card. You can see that she already had a wad of cash on her too. Why does need another $400 or just go to the bank?

  5. When I was a Kroger SCO cashier I let someone do $600, it just made me use my override card. It’s allowed, but we tried to keep it under $300.

  6. Same, I'm wondering where this is. Safeway Starbucks gets pissy about the whole cashback feature so I don't even fuck with it anymore.

  7. Yellers hate when you mention they're yelling. Working in fast food I go all passive aggressive and lower my voice at yellers; they fucking go insane.

  8. Seems like the correct thing to me. The reason we have so much ridiculous behavior in public is people don’t get called out on it. If only the other shoppers had the guts that kid had, maybe this imbecile would leave

  9. When you are talking that loud, you are speaking to the whole damn store, so he had a right to say something imo

  10. Man this lady is loony buuuuut if this dude was in fact a child, recording who cares but, once he spoke to this nut job don’t come with the “he’s a child. If that was her son she should have told him to stop. Dont let your kid be in the line of fire and complain when they are shot. Also not defending the wild lady’s actions just pointing out the other ladies defaults as well.

  11. But we have to because we need the check to live out lives. It sucks and show how society treat other people. Please be nice to the cashiers and other employees coming from ex-employee from that company.

  12. I see a bunch of comments asking why this crazy is trying to take cash back from a grocery checkout vs going to bank/ATM.

  13. I was thinking the exact same thing, if I need a small amount of cash out when banks aren't open I usually buy a drink at a gas station and get cash back.

  14. These people need to have some consequences for this shitty behavior. The fact that people allow this to carry-on w/o consequence is why it keeps getting worse.

  15. I know this move from my broke boy days. You can over daw an account when you buy an item at a store and get cash back. I have a hunch that was what she was doing. Why else get so fired up?

  16. I don't know about everyone else, but I am usually kind of quiet about carrying around that much money.

  17. He's trying to defuse the situation. Screaming lady is unreasonable, so anything you say is going to cause more of a fight. Lady with kid is calm, so she's more likely to walk away. It sucks, but it's the easiest option for him.

  18. I feel like I saw him in another video at a Walmart being super racist, but it's probably someone who just looks exactly like him.

  19. Projecting neckbeard insecurities, talking big behind a screen, zero awareness of how jobs or customer service works…gotta love it.

  20. "are you high?" lol they aren't the ones that need $400 dollars cash. what are you planning on spending that on? I wonder

  21. Karen a term for a bitchy white lady, making it racist imo. Imagine we had a stereotypical name we called all bitchy black women. No one will admit it but its true. If this woman was white it would be titled karen 100%.

  22. To be fair the guy that said "you're already loud" I would be pissed off too if some kid started talking shit in the background

  23. Don’t act like a fucking toddler and throw tantrums in public, then you won’t need to be told to grow up by a teen. Problem solved

  24. Exactly! The third-party who stepped in really escalated it unnecessarily. She was already unhinged, so what did he think the heckling would achieve? Then the lady backed off once the mom said he was a child, but then the kid spoke again!

  25. Sometimes you need cash and you can't go to the bank or an ATM. She's 53 and she is scrounging for a way to get $400 dollars without spending too much. Maybe the items that she bought take up the remaining balance of her account minus the 400 she wanted to get back?

  26. Fuck that, society isn't your punching bag to scream at. Go use a bank or something, it's fucking weird to demand hundreds from a self checkout. They AREN'T ATMs or banks , that's why they make you buy shit, it's a "convenience" the store provides IF you're buying something. Either she planned poorly, is buying something off the books for some reason (shady), or she's legitimately having an emergency and needs cash and in this case she still needs to not take it out on others

  27. I love retail lmao even if I’m doing the most tedious task nothing ever around me is the same. This is peak ignorance and entertaining smh I need help 🤣

  28. I really don't care if it's the better outcome. I hate when people insist on appeasing an aggressive or violent person just so they calm down. Fuck that, they don't deserve that shit. They wanna escalate then they get tackled and restrained until they cut that shit out.

  29. Weird situation overall. Local grocery chains near me, let you pull out as much money as the bank if they have the cash on hand. I got like $700 from a Food 4 Less when I was buying a used car but, I knew not to use finicky self-checkout lane’s especially with a transaction of that volume.

  30. My store makes you buy $5 worth of items before you can take cash out at a register. Could have been the case for the "lady" also.

  31. Our self serve machines don’t take cash any more, probably for this reason. If we go to the cashier to buy groceries they can do cash back but there is a limit on it. This isn’t a bank it is a grocery store. Same type of person used to go to my old work and get an eyebrow wax and pay with a hundred dollar bill. I didn’t carry a large amount of cash in my til, especially early in the day. If they want a large amount of cash, go to a bank machine and stop making a big embarrassing scene.

  32. Just refund one or two of the items and tying them up separately if she wants more cash to shut her up and get her the hell outta the store. I always tell the customer the cash back amount limit to avoid this. At least she’s a courteous Karen. lol

  33. The employees are far too happy to still try to help her. As soon as she cussed and called the first lady a moron loudly I would have told her that her business was not wanted.

  34. "I wasn't talking to you!". No, but you were being loud, obnoxious and rude, and people don't have time to deal with your bullshit.

  35. People abuse the shit out of cash back at my grocery store and literally bleed our registers dry. Then when we don’t have any cash left they freak the fuck out.

  36. That's not a lady (sound was off) .... totally not a lady.. (She turns around) OMFG yup. That's a lady.

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