Protesters at Supreme Court rally against fascism

  1. Is anyone else sick of the whole “hey hey, ho ho” chants? Can’t we be at least a little more creative?

  2. America is super unoriginal and bland when it comes to their protest shouting game. Its like three different chants but you can easily change out words, but the claps or stomps stay the same.

  3. I'll make a deal. Get guys to stop wearing their pants around their thighs, and I'll create a new nationally-accepted protest chant cadence. Both have outstayed their welcome.

  4. Honestly both sides of this are pretty terrible at chanting. Lot of energy but no one has any sense of rhythm.

  5. ....this isn't fascisim. This is a legislative issue. Which will be made by people who were voted into office. Hold your representatives to the level of protecting individual rights.

  6. Yea the title is misleading. Fake news, someone needs to call in the ministry of truth on this post.

  7. If something goes against what they want they’ll use terms like fascist and racist or sexist. Even though it’s not, it is a entirely different issue.

  8. Forcing 13 year olds to carry to term their rapists fetus is fascism. Forcing women to die because of ectopic pregnancies is fascism.

  9. Its a bad look. Especially when its not fascism. Can we all stop using these words tho for real. Fascism commie white supremesist especially when theh aint nothing near the actual terms

  10. America is slowly turning into a fascist state. Each step doesnt look like fascism by itself. But al together, in a few more years. Yeah, you bet.

  11. It depresses me how many people in the comments are confused by the use of the word “fascist”. How have you not woken up to this yet? Was January 6th not enough of a woke up call for you? Yes, fascism is here in America now and they are taking more and more power. This is part of the fascist movement.

  12. 50 fucking years to codify this into law... But no... dangle it like a carrot while you sit on your hands and now here we are.

  13. Agreed. Taking the high road isn't working. Democrats have to stop playing nice. This includes tackling Republican gerrymandering, getting tougher on the insurrectionists, cracking down on GOP rule changes (Merrick Garland), voter intimidation, abstenance-only education, dangerous rhetoric, rampant pedophilia, attacks on science, dishonest news, and all the other lying, cheating, and stealing that have become the staple of the GOP.

  14. It makes too good of an election year issue. They had a filibuster proof majority under Obama and didn’t do it.

  15. It wouldn’t matter if it was codified or not. Republicans had majority under Trump to overturn it.

  16. Why do US protests have the absolute worst sounding chants. Like can we self ban any chant that includes "hey hey ho ho"? It sounds ludicrous. Also, here's a shocker, not everyone you disagree with is a fascist. (here's the unfortunately necessary part of my comment where I state that I think abortion should be legal)

  17. Such a kind fascist society letting these jobless college students peacefully protest. I'm sure the youth had the same energy when it came time to vote in 2016, in midterms, and any other critical democratic process. Nope, definitely fascists.

  18. Means rightwing authoritarians looking to force their conformist nightmare society on the rest of us while scapegoating minorities to me.

  19. Nazis were actually Pro-Abortion. Hell, one of the most messed up things during the time was forced abortions on people who were considered defective in some way.

  20. “If I bring up two hot button issues in one title people will argue more about one and not the the other, or both! Either way I win!”

  21. Hopefully people will pay attention to who's upholding their rights from now on. Also hopefully we can reverse this shit in 10-20 years and codify shit we put on the back burner like BODILY AUTONOMY. Jesus christ this country is a fucking brainlet emporium

  22. Both right and left accusing eacother of being fascist , holy shit. Your all being pit against eachother, the lawmakers arnt even there they at home sleeping peacefully.

  23. This has nothing to do with Fascism. I stand with Ginsburg's thoughts when originally passed, technological growth on science will make abortion obsolete. Pills for early detection, as well as improvements in both male and female birth control pills will allow this to move into the history books. We need focus the discussion away from something antiquated and enter the new century.

  24. Conservatives are going to go after contraceptives too. And gay marriage. And probably put sodomy laws back on the table. And just wait until you hear what they have to say about Sex Education.

  25. Don’t use fascism for this. It will just make ppl roll their eyes. This is more anti freedom. Fascism is way worse than this.

  26. Crazy, you can protest in DC without weapons, breaking into buildings, killing a few people. Go figure. I bet that one cop is not the least bit nervous.

  27. I feel like there's always been two very strong sides on about every big decision and no middle ground - would there be benefits to moving to two separate leadership systems?

  28. i’m not for roe being overturned but leaving it up to states to decide their own abortion laws is an incredibly deep misuse of the term “fascism”

  29. They are protesting fascism by protesting a potential ruling for less federal oversight. That is the total opposite of facism. I think they just need to be mad at something.

  30. Aside from a pocket of shitminglers on the right it was pretty peaceful. I just wish we'd come up with new chants. The same old, "hey hey ho ho xxxxx" gets boring

  31. Somebody should ask the wonder bread crew why they don’t go home and talk to their parents and grandparents that were the fascists that set this all in motion a while ago. Ironically chanting “…go home…” 😂

  32. This is not fascism, its pure democracy at work, stop looking for excuses to start another wave of violent looting, leftist turds.

  33. Why don’t they protest in front of the Democrat-controlled congress to pass a law making abortion legal federally instead of being angry at the Supreme Court

  34. Bring that same energy to the ballots and make it legal in your state. You know…democracy. Or is it only democracy when it goes your way and fascism in every other instance?

  35. The same chant for over 5 years. You think they'd figure out that they themselves are the fascists. Stupid is as stupid does

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