Qanon dumbfucks gathered in Dallas again today, because they think JFK is rising from the dead. Not JFK Jr. This time they think it's JFK himself.

  1. Nah he had on transitions and cargo shorts, said " looks like JFK isn't so q-a-gone" and "who are you" played as he whipped his glasses off.

  2. They're not even proper 'deal with it' glasses. One side is supposed to have 3 rows of white pixels, while the other is supposed to only have two. These nutjobs are sporting 3 rows on each side. Who does that? Freaks.

  3. sigh Yes. He's supposed to march down the road, reveal he's been in hiding from the democrats (who attempted to assassinate him), denounce Biden, and reinstate Trump through magical powers of past presidency.

  4. They are boomers. They just fondly remember JFK from the good old days and the idea that if he lived he would have revolutionized existence or some shit. So the idea of JFK rising up to join Trump is a wet dream for them. The perfect mix of the new personality cult and the unending nostalgia the good old days.

  5. The dude pretty much responsible for the civil rights movement? The dude that got LBJ as Vice President because he knew the southern racists better since that’s the environment he was raised in?

  6. There’s a donut shop across the street from me, named after the JFK and all of the old white dudes go there - including the older cops. They’re all these right wing psychos who want to rewrite history and ps JFK was a shit President(from civil rights to Cuba) and a crap husband. So maybe he would be a great Republican candidate? Can’t be any worse than what they have no.

  7. Yes, and have a JFK mascot come out and stroke their ego's daily. Similar to mascot Beth, on that Episode of Rick and Morty. Where Rick drops off Jerry at the Jerry day care.

  8. Are we sure the beginning of Q was not a bored young adult somewhere trolling, making stuff up?! The way all this has snowballed is just to fantastical.

  9. Did you take this video yourself? Because I have some serious doubts about this happening in the past few days. I think it's old video.

  10. I used to live at a cult. I knew it was a cult but didn't really have anything else going on so I stayed for awhile, anyways.

  11. I cant comprehend how they can belive he Will come back to the dead like im not american can someone explain why they belive that? Surely atleast most of them know a dead Guy wont just Rise again???

  12. It's amazing how much of an American thing this is. Honestly, I don't know of any other developed country with such a large and active group of complete idiots.

  13. I can't even begin to understand what they're line of reasoning is here? Like I can usually draw some dumbass link to the stupid shit they come up with, but I'm completely flabbergasted as to what this is supposed to mean or accomplish. Do they think he was a Republican? Do they think he would want to rule country at 105 years old?

  14. The best way we can even think about how JFK would view things nowadays is by examining how his daughter views things…. and Caroline Kennedy is a democrat.

  15. The "logic" is that JFK was killed for fighting against the Deep State. Trump is similarly against the deep state. Thus Trump and JFK are allies.

  16. They fully believed Robert muller was actually working with trump undercover to take down the deep state, they can rationalize anything.

  17. Has anybody considered getting a really good JFK impersonator and having them show up and tell the people Trump double-crossed him and killed his son JFK Jr.?

  18. Would be. If he wasn't cryogenically frozen next to walt disney, who has been living as trump since the real trump was murdered right before the 2016 campaign. Can you at least try to keep up?

  19. I'm a retired psychiatrist. What really fascinates me about this group is how do so many people with such a degree of pathology have the mental capacity to self-organize? Staging an event like this would require social skills, the ability to communicate where and when the event is happening in a coherent manner that group members can understand, as well as logistical planning to have t-shirts and signs printed in advance. By right, I'd expect the level of functioning of these people to be so low as to find them in homeless persons shelters. I can only conclude that someone else, someone mentally competent, is organizing all this for them and that they're exploiting the vulnerability of these simple minded people.

  20. They are all wearing the same shirt and carrying the same sign. Leads me to believe that someone definitely organized this and is trying to exploit them for something.

  21. you just described how the right works nowadays. Extremely dumb people being used by immoral corrupt political/religious leaders.

  22. Just remember there is an average IQ for a reason. That means there’s people above the average and below average. These idiots are clearly on the lowest rung of that spectrum

  23. It started as a right wing grift that got echo boosted by Russian state sponsored trolls/bots during Russians hybrid war on western countries.

  24. They got a wiggers gestalt going. They validate each other's desires for their own version of wellbeing and defend each other from commonly held fears... They have a community... Plenty of unorthodox communities have existed for a period of time, and now as a result of failing within American society and all its many contradictions, a community of the ridiculous has emerged, almost predicticably, from my perspective... You may ask what good can come of it - I believe these people are actually shinning examples of where America has failed and will become a source of valuable guidance (not they themselves, but their occurance) to move forward again.

  25. Did you never have a client with serious issues who was still productive and successful? I've met a few different people who were middle class or better who were every bit as disconnected from reality as these people. I would assume someone in your field would have internalized how some people with serious mental illness can be otherwise productive in work and even socially. Organizing something like this with 20 other like-minded nutballs wouldn't be out of character, it would slot right in to their dysfunction. Hell, I bet it was better organized and had less in-group conflict than most other protests/marches of similar size. I'm not sure you can be as deep into crazy theories as these people without some serious focus and obsessiveness.

  26. They all got that chronic lead exposure shuffle in their gait and the very slow head turns and slurred speech of people whose brains have a lot of holes.

  27. The sad thing is that these are just the most boomerpilled. Half of our republican voters are dead serious, willing to die on a hill of "American values" made up by a bunch of YouTube/Facebook bros recording videos in their trucks.

  28. "Curing sheepnesia" as they proceed to turn around facing the camera all wearing the same shit and carrying the same fat head.

  29. How hard can it be to infiltrate these idiots ,and convince them to all hang out in death valley for a weekend . Like tell em Santa will be there or something.

  30. The fact that they think everyone else is a sheep, while blindly believing insane claims from a guy that lied to them before.

  31. Oh man. It must be so damn sweet to be that fucking dumb. Just go about your day, not be bothered by critical thinking or logic. Just free!! Ahhhhhh! Just fucking bliss.

  32. If you are wearing a red tee shirt with pictures of the Kennedys today in Dallas believe whatever you want but you are an idiot. There is no doubt about that.

  33. I love the total lack of self awareness here. The irony. Dozens of people slowly shambling together, no energy. "Curing Sheepnesia" - then the camera pans around to dozens of slack jawed people standing in a herd with vacant looks on their faces, all dressed identically.

  34. It’s so true. The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the demented fucking heart of the shit-hole state…Texas.

  35. Do they think jfk would support their cause? By modern standards jfk would be something of a centrist defs not batshit crazy republikkkan

  36. Wait...did this happen again? Because it happened twice a few months back. So Q got those dates wrong and this time they are right?

  37. They really are! It's like, if someone told you a few years ago that people this fucking stupid were out there somewhere, you wouldn't believe them.

  38. The ignorance is wild. Can't wait to see this LARP die when Trump does. Oops spoke too soon, then they'll wait for Trump to rise from the grave.

  39. This shit won't die, it's too lucrative. One of trump's dumbfuck kids will take over or some other far right grifter. There are hundreds of them waiting in the wings.

  40. I feel sorry for the servers and wait staff at whatever Dallas establishment was unfortunate enough to host these people for lunch.

  41. Everyone in this country are a bunch of sheep...except this group. They are a bunch of freethinkers out there. Not blind followers like all you demonrats. Whos gonna get the last laugh when 105 year old democrat JFK shows up with Trump to save the country?

  42. "Get a picture of this guy"..Translated to: "We finally found a person of color who might be just as wacked as we are! That oughtta resonate with the atifa masses!"

  43. Who says this shit for these people to believe?? Where was it stated that JFK was coming back from the dead?? I can’t even understand these people.

  44. Again? Busiest 59-year-old corpse ever. Crazier than thinking he will rise again like the Great Pumpkin is that they think he would support them in any way shape or form.

  45. This is literally to distract people from the incriminating evidence towards Trump about Jan 6. The republican party is trying to distract people.

  46. This is all just a big joke, right? Adults found the internet and decided they were going to pull the most elaborate “trolling” ever, even if it meant destroying the country.

  47. I know Jim Caviezel has gone insane with right wing shit, but in the show Person of Interest, when it turns out that John Greer (John Nolan) is the one behind the political group, and they did all that weird shit not knowing it... this feels like that lol. It's like some rich person is having a field day with these idiots, and directing them to do shit like this, while also funding them just a little bit. Though reality is probably sadder, and these idiots are super in debt having bought all this gear for this nonsense

  48. Please, can we find a body double, dress him up as the President, and have him pop up from behind the grassy knoll? I would pay to see reaction videos from these folks.

  49. They actually believe that JFK, the most well known, most investigated, SINGLE CONSPIRACY THAT THE VAST MAJORITY ACCEPT as it was mind boggingly obvious (that there was shenanigans behind his death, the Warren Commission/Magic Bullet etc, not that he's still alive lol) to the point I LITERALLY got taught about it in modern history, IN AUSTRALIA, THAT GUY, is gonna just, pop out of the shadows and trump!? The guy that literally ended the CMC, wanted to leave Vietnam if memory serves, was an all around decent leader, if not a bit of a man whore lol, IS GONNA COME BACK AND BE PRO, whatever this numpties support?

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