Sex trafficking victim escapes from trafficker in Plano, TX

  1. The good news is this guy got sentenced to 59 years in prison. While the people didn’t really intervene in the typical manner we would use that word, apparently their testimony(along with the footage I am sure) helped ensure that he will be behind bars for some time!

  2. Yeah it sounds great, but then I remember that if the girl found out she was pregnant and tried to get an abortion in a few weeks, any one who tried to help her could be charged with a LIFE sentence according to the new laws.

  3. on the one hand, it may seem dispiriting to see people not stopping the guy-- on the other hand, people get shot or stabbed for way less. Standing there as witnesses is probably best in most cases.

  4. I would be apprehensive to intervene myself knowing that man definitely is stronger than me but I'd be trying to help pull her away if I could. But I would assume he has a gun and if he's cool with kidnapping in public I'm sure he's fine with shooting someone in public.

  5. I mean calling the police is another form of intervention. If I’m not carrying (which is rare) I’m not gonna risk my life. Idk what that man has I’ll take down as much information try to distract but I’m not going to physically step in if I’m not carrying which again is like 1% of the time.

  6. The man was caught, the victim didn't show up in court but the piece of shit had all kinds of evidence against him from his boasting online. He had abducted and kept 3 girls by threats and violence.

  7. That’s why people don’t get involved. If there wasn’t as much evidence and the victim bailed, you’re on his shit list now.

  8. So I read the story and it says he has been pimping her out since 16 and they arrived together at the location to get her nails done. This happened AFTER she got her nails done.

  9. Yes. So you can imagine the bravery it took for her to make a stand. It also says she is not in contact with authorities and the citizens who saw this are responsible for him getting sentenced. I hope she has truly been able to escape, and is making use of the many resources out there for sex trafficking victims. At her age, I wonder if she has been able to go back to school or get her GED. These predators thrive on creating circumstances where their victims are dependent on them. It’s very hard to stand up for yourself when you know your job prospects could be limited, perhaps they have got you addicted to drugs, or maybe there is a home life they were escaping from to begin with so they have no where to go.

  10. I remembered that girl that was abducted INSIDE the Mavs stadium for sex trafficking, wtf is happening in TX?!

  11. Is that Ashton Kutcher's organization? They use imaging AI too. That guy is a fuckin crusader fighting a war against sex trafficking.

  12. When I was getting abused in public by my trafficker I screamed for help and a guy in army camos (I live in a military city) said "YOU call 911"

  13. Not saying it's right but getting involved in what appears (without any facts at the time) to be a domestic dispute is incredibly dangerous. We all think we are super heros but you take a huge risk getting between that, its not the same as helping someone that is hurt with no active threat.

  14. People panic in these situations. Confrontation is not something most people want. Even in life or death situations. People love to arm chair quarterback these things all the time on Reddit. And the fact is most of not all the people who say. “Glad there were people there to help” would be just as shocked and confused as these people were and would hesitate like 90% of the people on the planet. Get over yourself and stop acting like you would know exactly what to do or what you would do in a situation like this.

  15. I love how the only time Americans don't get involved is when it happening right in front of them.

  16. They were probably scared, at least the first guy. If that guy us acting that brazen, he probably wouldnt hesitate to kill anyone who tries to intervene. Easy to act brave from your computer chair, but the truth is you dont know how you'd react unless you're in that situation.

  17. Obviously the guy is a monster and it's good she got away, but if you're sex trafficking, why would you act so abusive like that in public? It's like being a drug dealer and wearing a necklace with crackpipes dangling from it. You don't think picking up a limp person and jamming them into your car and slamming the door is going to raise any suspicion in a crowded parking lot?

  18. Also doors can be locked from opening for child-proofing but the idiot didn't even plan for people actively trying to survive.

  19. Fax. There’s always the chance that he gets off early bc of “good behavior” or “compassionate release”

  20. I've tried helping out someone who looked like they were getting abused (they were). They both turned on me, calling me names and threatening me. Both the woman and the man, both violently motioning towards me. I apologised and just walked away.

  21. I can pretty safely say I'd just call the cops and stay away. Call me cowardly or whatever but it's just not worth the risk and I just can't say I'd put my life on the line for a stranger

  22. Texas talks a big game about being tough, I saw a bunch of people standing around while this guy knocked a girl out and stuffed her in a car twice

  23. heard elsewhere: "Texans are like housecats: proud of their fierce independence but utterly dependent on systems they neither understand nor appreciate."

  24. i mean sure everyone wants to help, but at the end of the day no one wants to get shot. we've all got our own families and lives to live. not saying I wouldn't call the police or try to vocally intervene but to physically jump in there? idk i'm just a guy behind a computer, who knows how you'd act in the moment.

  25. If this is Texas: Free carrying state, and family values, helping others as agood christian etc. is their motto.

  26. i'm a 5'3" white girl, my only hope is that in that situation I'd get the car's license plate and call the police or something. it sucks ass but there's no way I'm intervening in anything that looks like a fight. even less chance of that in texas where they all seem to carry guns.

  27. Honestly, I'm from Canada, and if I was in the US or anywhere where anybody can carry a firearm, I don't think I'd ever help anybody in a violent situation, only call police.

  28. I would be hesitant to get involved when the perpetrator is obviously is a thug beating a woman. Who knows what he’s capable of if he’s doing shit like this in public. Maybe if I happened to have a bat in my hand and he was facing away from me, I might have the balls to jump in to be brutally honest

  29. I was in a car accident two years back and I'm physically incapable of running, so anyone pulling a knife on me is getting shot on the spot. I'll let the courts decide my fate afterwards but at least I'm still breathing

  30. So is Texas just full of cowards? Cuz those worthless ass ppl didn’t do shit to help just like the uvalde cops didn’t do shit to help

  31. The woman bystander says something to her after she pops out of the car the second time. People probably didn’t understand what was going on.

  32. Acting like passive bystanders are unique to Texas. Remember the girl who was raped on a train in PA and no one intervened? Most (developed) places have a populace thats hesitant to intervene.

  33. No that’s just people in general. Stop circle jerking about hating Texas and realize that most people won’t intervene unless someone else does first. Doesn’t matter where you’re from

  34. People who human traffic in any way shape or form should just be given death penalty immediately, they don't deserve to breathe, I really hope she managed to truly get away and can get some help

  35. Imagine just standing there watching a man frantically shove a young girl in his car and doing absolutely nothing. What is wrong with people.

  36. I’m a Texan. When I lived in NYC about 20 ish years ago a woman was raped on a sidewalk in a neighborhood in Brooklyn in front of God & everybody - no one helped her. Literally actively avoided her while she was being brutally sexually assaulted & screaming for help. I go back every 2 years or so because half of my Family lives there - it’s just as bad as it ever was. 99% of the time, people anywhere in the US are more concerned with their individual safety & can absolutely live with the fact that they didn’t help. Doesn’t matter where you are. Would I have helped in this situation? I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

  37. I honestly hope that guy gets a series of huge cellmates who turn his asshole into their own private playground... for 59 fucking years. His existence should be sheer hell for the entire time he keeps breathing.

  38. Apart from they had no actual responsibility to intervene or training for what to do and their presence made a huge difference to the outcome

  39. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results isn't actually a definition of insanity, no matter how many times we see a meme saying that.

  40. Easy to blab on about how all you tough and brave people would have saved the day, not knowing if this scumbag is going to stab you or shoot you. ProTip: people who do human trafficking don't always play nice.

  41. I had to sort by 'controversial' to see this--that's how many badasses are spouting in this thread. Unreal. I don't know what the fuck I would do. I hope I would try to grab her and run into a building. But I don't know. I sure as FUCK wouldn't go after the guy. I know that

  42. This is terrifying. I used to live right behind this Zoe’s kitchen. Glad she got out safe. Shitty bystanders….

  43. Why waste taxpayer funds on jail? Folks who are without a zero doubt guilty of sex trafficking, ESPECIALLY of minors, should be eligible for the death penalty.

  44. Sometimes just being there is enough. Once enough people are there and can say "hey get behind the four of us" it's enough to get her to safety. Yea they didn't engage the guy but bystander effect and all that. At least they didn't walk off like "not my business".

  45. Yes. In Texas you are allowed to use guns in the defense of others. However, this particular area is probably not filled with too many daily carriers.

  46. Where are all the good guys with guns shooting them that Americans like to talk about any time gun control comes up?

  47. I’ve been obsessed with the YouTube channel Soft White Underbelly, who does interviews on the less fortunate (drug addicts, homeless people, prostitutes, pimps even). I think what fascinates me is this is literally everywhere, in every single city. We just don’t see it so don’t pay it no mind. But this is really someone’s day to day life as they know it.

  48. Worst case scenario the girl couldn’t escape, the silver car could have been the most help by blocking in the white car…. I hope the driver is less indecisive if this happens again

  49. He won't have any sympathetic or curious bystanders when the same thing is happening to him inside a prison cell. Fuck this type of person

  50. I get why everyone’s mad about the bystanders not helping and I have no doubt the bystander effect is in play here, but also you have to think would you intervene and risk getting hurt or even shot by this trafficker for a person you know nothing about, especially when there’s other people who could help (noting bystander effect). I know I would hesitate.

  51. Great example on how you have to keep fighting before they take you to another place. Once you are in the other place the kidnapper has full control and your chances of escape become a lot smaller.

  52. Is this what they mean when they say "Once you go black, you never go back"? (Asking for a friend that was looking at what I was watching) /s RELEASE THE DOWN VOTES!

  53. I would like to think that if I saw something like this I would step in, but honestly you don't know how you're gonna react to something like that until you're in that situation.

  54. Momma been raising some pussy ass cowboys out there in TX lately. Dude strolled up past the car like he wasn’t witnessing a fucking kidnapping

  55. It’s pretty clear no-one in the thread knows what Texas is actually like. Plano is a normal middle class suburb of Dallas with normal suburban people. “Cowboy / Tough guys” that everyone seems to think Texas is saturated with, don’t live in the cities.

  56. Seems like men in Texas are a bunch of pussies. They just look and don't do shit. It's like their minds are really slow at comprehending when someone is in danger.

  57. You should really do some more research into the Kitty Genovese case. Many lies were placed into the original news article to push a “Cities = cold & bad” narrative. The original paper even had to print a retraction in the last few years because the story is so full of inaccuracies.

  58. It wasn't the bystander effect in this case. The perpetrator showed agression and was violent. It's totally normal that people who're not used to this aren't going to intervene. You can't expect normal citizens to risk their health and lives. Seems like the big dude talked to him, maybe something like "what are you doing? Stop it asshole" etc.

  59. This literally is not an example of what you described. The first person who notices what's going on tries to intervene, backs off for their own safety and then begins contacting someone on their phone.

  60. Broad-fucking daylight, busy area, multiple witnesses (who didn’t bother to help), tf was this dude’s plan for escape? Please tell me he got arrested.

  61. Lmao at all of these hot takes in this thread "err durr, y no1 help11!!??" Like they would turn into John Wick if this happened in front of them. I see this irl and I'm minding my fucking business, it has nothing to do with me and I don't leave my house with the goal of possibly getting shot.

  62. People here sure have a lot preconceptions about Texas. Plano, TX is a very safe city, consistently ranked in the top 10 safest cities in the US. Not many people carry, and children walk to school or hang out at the mall unsupervised all the time. Really shows that human trafficking can happen anywhere.

  63. Everyone keeps mentioning the bystanders....let me remind everyone they are in Texas...where you don't need a permit to open carry and everyone and their mother has a gun. You intervene and you could get shot. Today's world and in the south it's not a simple let's help someone who needs help. Should I help, will I get shot, is it worth it? I completely agree they should help but in the moment in today's world it's not simple. ...

  64. Sex traffickers are the lowest of the low. Forget prison. He should have been beaten to death by the girl’s family with flaming hot pokers.

  65. This is one f’d up, sadistic, premeditated crime. Glad to hear the guy got 59 years. He deserves more.

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