Outside Mar-a-Lago, a concerned woman wants to know why the FBI isn’t doing anything about Hillary’s emails or Hunter’s laptop.

  1. When you can’t remember who Turd Ferguson is, then you google it and see a pic of Norm and remember, cant stop laughing for 5 min.

  2. Some Mars Attacks! like characters in front of this place, washed up crisis actors looking for a big break.

  3. I love how they understand that criminality should be investigated, but they get tangled in a fucking six pack holder on their way to understanding that Trump is being investigated because of his criminality.

  4. What's funny is that Trump signed the law for stricter punishments for misappropriation of classified documents in 2018 because of Hillary emails.

  5. And like...no defense of said criminality. No "he didn't do it". Just "stop investigating it!"

  6. Jesus Christ when will you people get that there is no problem with their understanding of the situation. Its just bad faith engagement. Its conservative strategy 101.

  7. Yes, a weaponized FBI director that was put in place by someone, can't recall who, but clearly some liberal nut... Uhm. It was like 2017 when that happened... Yeah, totally a biased FBI director who's out to fulfill his own party agenda. Someone quick save us! /s 😆

  8. I'm willing to meet them halfway. Throw Trump in prison for all the crimes he committed and throw the Clintons in prison for all the crimes they committed.

  9. Didn't his laptop just have pictures of like... naked women? So what? He's allowed to have that. If it was children, that's where the problem lies.

  10. Best way to show you're serious, trumpers, is to take over Mar-a-Lago and block Mike Pence. trump will provide the snacks and welcome you with open arms into his home.

  11. What is that accent? Where is she from? Is she here legally? Is she here on a genius grant? Is she 26... with a lot of cosmetic surgery? Is she 62 ... with a lot of cosmetic surgery? Did she design that hat? Is this the same person who designed Melania's "I Really Don't Care, Do U" jacket? Who is this woman?

  12. I hate to even ask this question because it's so frequently asked by Republicans in bad faith, but... Is she even legal to vote? We all know that it's usually Republicans committing voter fraud after all.

  13. Are we sure this person is not satirizing the whole Trump cult? Honestly I refuse to believe someone could wear this hat and mean it.

  14. The fact that they can't even entertain the idea that maybe Trump did something wrong would be impressive if it wasn't so batshit crazy. Same for the election, like even after all they audits, they can't even imagine a world where people wouldn't vote for Trump.

  15. The whole idea of weaponizing the FBI. This is the sort of norm that Trump broke all the time, acting as a bad-faith dictator. The stuff he and his supporters accuse his opponents of doing are the things he gladly did himself while in power. This is among the reasons why, even if you are a conservative, you MUST find someone else to run for President in 2024. The damage that Trump did continues to be enormous to our norms and values.

  16. This whole "clown fashion" trend among Trumpers is so fascinating to me. She knows how stupid that hat is, they all do. They all know how ridiculous and tacky they all are. What matters to them is that it provokes people. It gets a reaction, and in their minds that is victory. It's the whole Trumpian ethos distilled into cheap threads.

  17. I know better than to pin a Re pube lickin' down and ask for logic but I would like them to either acknowledge 1) TRUMP LOST or 2) he won and is therefore ineligible to run in 2024. I know they both hurt but you have to pick one story.

  18. Dude do they any other counter? You can say a thousand negative facts about trump and the only response will be, Hilary’s email and Hunters laptop. Like bro both those people have never been presidents.

  19. There's also plenty of legit things to complain about regarding Biden but they don't ever get more complex than calling him a communist (which he's not) and chanting "Let's Go Brandon" like it's clever.

  20. I know people who still claim Jan 6th was a peaceful protest. You can't claim it was a peaceful protest if you are attacking capitol police. One was beaten with a pole flying the American flag. Maybe not everyone who attended the rally breached the capitol, but a whole fuck ton did. Lies, misinformation and propaganda is a real bitch.

  21. The RINO part is something that has always perplexed me. Instead of evangelizing their message to try to sway people, they immediately just make them an enemy and attack them. Not really the best way to garner more support, especially when people are leaving the party in droves…

  22. I never thought I’d ever throw out the “crisis actors” accusation, but these people sure seem suspect. They were able to drop everything to descend on Mar a Lago with short notice, and they’re willing to say and do anything in defense of Trump, regardless of how ridiculous they appear.

  23. If you really ever want to understand how much of a shit show the hunter biden thing really is for the conservatives, take a look at hunters icloud leak. I looked through every text message, every picture, every video. There's literally nothing incriminating other than him smoking crack with hookers. The FBI has more important things to do than arrest somebody for smoking crack and doing hookers. Conservatives were literally losing their mind over this leak, but then literally within 2 days it was already over when every single byte of data had been gone over and nothing was found. I also saw a lot of pictures of Hunter biden's dick.

  24. Hilary's emails have been investigated multiple times, including during the Trump administration, and no evidence of criminal activity was ever found by any investigatory body. In fact, it was Comey's letter reopening the investigation just before the 2016 election that tanked her 10 point lead, and gave the race to Trump. Her emails have done their job, it's time to retire that old horse.

  25. Something was done about Hillary's emails. There was an entire trial in which she gave all of the emails to the court. Compare that to any of the Trumps using their private emails for official government mails. Hunter's laptop is less real than bigfoot.

  26. Even if it was real, no one had provided context to why it matters beyond the president's son sucks but isn't a got damned official.

  27. It’s funny. It’s funny because it’s ah, bigger than, ah.. [ clears throat ] ..you know, a normal hat.

  28. By their own logic, is it even possible for Trump to be investigated in a "reasonable" way? If they've decided he's innocent before even knowing why FBI investigated then they're truly fucked in the head.

  29. I feeel so sad for these poor indoctrinated people who don’t realise the people they would probably die for don’t give a flying fuck about them

  30. It costs $250k per person just to get into the club. These people are defending a place they could never have access to.

  31. You know what I do when I want people to take me seriously? Wear a giant fucking MAGA hat in TV interviews.

  32. Is this one of those Far-Right Cosplayers I've read about? Her accent and ridiculous hat make me wonder...

  33. I love how these people are making complete fools of themselves by defending a complete and obvious turd, no matter what he say or do. Keep it up, Trumptards!

  34. i wonder if she stood infront of her wardrobe asking herself "what should i wear and what with what will I be taken serious? a yes the giant MAGA hat will do the trick"

  35. Is it me,or does she sound Russian?Hunters laptop is WHERE?2 people in the world claim to have seen it,then it “magically disappeared”?!?But they just KNOW!

  36. Not american here, I always see right wing nuts crying about Hunter Biden laptop but never understood why, can someone explain if there is something or just nuts being nuts ?

  37. Okay, so you're worried about Hillary and Hunter when your guy has multiple investigations going on at the same time that when they announced this raid no one knew which investigation this search warrant was issued for. Was it the missing documents, was it the 1/6 hearings, was it for the Trump Org investigation. When your guy has so many investigations going on at once you are banned from playing, what aboutism or the just asking questions ploy.

  38. Omg, these MAGAts are dumb. Hillary actually sat and gave testimony. Giggles basically shut up about the laptop… I think that lasted less than a week because the Trump twats couldn’t get their story straight.

  39. Women supporting Trump always baffled me. It’s like a lactose intolerant person working at an ice cream shop

  40. All of those were investigated by Republicans, BUT republican leaders CHOSE to bait conspiracy theorists in their party into thinking there were still unanswered question. There are no unanswered questions.

  41. Sad and scary. The one's calling people that think for themselves the "sheep". They are told what to think, who to like and what to say. Their arguments are literally the tweets and headlines of politicians and media. I worry about the small number that will feel justified for killing other people and never question it. It is scary how easy it is to control these people while they believe they are the most free.

  42. She has a foreign accent. I'm sure the Maga chuds will welcome her with open arms because theyre widely known for thier love immigrants. Hungarian accent probably in town for the orban speech

  43. Didnt Hillary sit for questioning by GOP congress for almost 11 hours. How many hours has trump sat for questioning after giving out national secrets and try to start a coup da tat? Where's the up roar over the trump family stealing from charity organizations and using them as piggy bank. Fuck that lady and anyone who still support treason.

  44. Can these GD Fuck'n MAGA Idiots move on already, their dumbshit argument is 2 years old already. Do these Fuck nuts ever finish reading a book or do they just read the same chapter over and over and over and over...spoiler alert, the chapter doesn't end any different, move on to the next chapter!!!

  45. I have absolutely no problem with Biden or Hilary being investigated and held accountable if found guilty. Why wouldn’t I want them held accountable?

  46. Yeah idk maybe I’m just tired, but is that woman an Eastern European trans woman? Something about the accent, voice, and jawline

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