Ted Cruz Attempts to kiss his daughter.. and daughter reacts accordingly

  1. I hate Ted Cruz as much as the next guy but constantly putting this girl in the public spotlight is not going to be good for her mental health. We need to leave her alone

  2. funny how those who shout "pedojoe" when he kisses his grandkids who don't recoil at him, ignore ted cruz who's daughter pulls away from him as he forces a kiss.

  3. NO BODY LIKES TED CRUZ. Notice how he looks up after this wretched act to make sure the camera person caught the shot of him kissing a child. Awful!

  4. I'd guess it's just a sign that Ted Cruz is a shit-stain human being and probably an awful father, so his relationship with his daughter sucks and she doesn't want him to kiss her in public for a photo op.

  5. Yeah...unless the girl has some other mental issues, this is a sign of something deeper than just being upset about something. It's one thing to be 16 and do this, it's another to be this age and be utterly repulsed by your dad.

  6. Suspicious? A teenager avoiding a public display of affection from a parent? I assume you have never had teenage kids, but that does not fit the narrative

  7. The whole "yeah they're going with me .. we're taking her" sounded very odd too, like he was saying it in a way to suggest Ted did something wrong. Very suspicious.. feel bad for the kids

  8. How bad of a father do you have to be to get a reaction like this when you ask your daughter for a hug? This is sad!

  9. That could definitely just be the reaction of a moody teenager in a bad mood, but then going in for the kiss was really cringey and at least a little creepy.

  10. Yep...even when my daughters were in a hurry or mutzy or even angry or whatever, they would at least give me a compulsory hug.

  11. The one that came out as bi and tried to kill herself yesterday because her fucking father doesn't give a fuck about anyone but white cis males?

  12. I’m not a Ted Cruz supporter in fact I am quite the contrary. I think he is toxic Political vapor and stands for nothing. That being said, many kids including my own were not keen with public affection, regardless of whether their fathers are public figures. This reaction seems quite normal for a young girl that does not want their friends to see her dad giving her a kiss. Of course we all surmise that Ted is doing it for a politically motivated photo op but either way the kids reaction to PDA is exactly what I have seen from young teens my whole life. He may be an A hole but he probably loves his kids like most Dads. On the side of fairness, this seems totally normal.

  13. Remember when he fled to cancun? and when the press said boo he threw his daughter under the bus and Said she made him go? If your kid says don't touch me you don't. It's called consent and it's a parent's job to teach it.

  14. What’s interesting viewing this video in hindsight is that just a couple days ago Ted Cruz’s daughter was brought to hospital with self inflicted stab wounds. 911 was called to Cruzies house because of it. Those are clearly troubled children, I wonder why?

  15. Jesus Christ, are people in the comments really trying to insinuate he is abusing his daughter because of this video? Regardless of his politics, this line of thinking is anything but healthy, and not only because of him: to expose his child for her father politics is pretty messed up.

  16. Now if only the people that vote for him would have the same sense as his own daughter. We would be so much better off.

  17. She tried face flicking him away,she pushed him away as he pulled on her,she said "OW!" 3-4 times..and then he kissed her. She should have screamed RAPE.

  18. I’m not even religious but I think she should have thrown holy water in his face to let the cameras catch him burst into flames and melt.

  19. That’s very inappropriate!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf is wrong what that guy. I’d seriously have him charged if he tried to kiss my child. What fucking world does he live in that he can touch kids like that. Sick piece of shit!!!!!!

  20. Politics aside - his daughter’s body language shows she doesn’t care to be there. Add him trying to kiss her to show the world that he’s a family man and once again her body language is very clear. In the end all that this does is show his priorities in the most cringey way possible. Most politicians are like that. Doesn’t matter what “side” they’re on. It’s just the nature of the beast.

  21. Child is embarrassed when Dad tries to give her a kiss in public! Tune in later at 6 where we talk about the shocking story of how water is made of water!

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