1. If that number is too big to swallow, just remember that over two years, it comes out to on $.19 of loss every minute. That should make them feel better.

  2. At the end of the day, the people in both pictures are going to be paying the same amount to live in that house on day 1 as they would be on day 400. Landlord wouldn’t lower rent below market rate, and obviously your mortgage won’t change

  3. It depends on your timeframe and situation, right? We sold, had a 2.8 rate. Renting for a year, probably two. Pulled 450K out of the sold house. Will depreciation over the next couple years on a ~1mil house we want to buy (as of april 2022) take it down to 800k? Maybe? Will it go down enough to "cover" the rent? I think so.

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