GDP Growth Rate beating forecasts - Recession Forecast not materializing.

  1. The fed want to decrease inflation and take excess money out the economy. They don’t want to cause a recession, that’s not their goal and want a soft landing. We are atleast heading towards some normalcy again as demand decreases across the board for housing, Labor, Leisure etc (just with higher rates). Which is normal, the record low interest rates were never normal.

  2. Property prices have peaked and are on their slow downward trend. If this is what the correction looks like I am fine with it.

  3. When everyone believes a recession will happen.. it means it’s not going to happen. Black swans causes recessions

  4. Then why is this sub flooded with recession posts? It’s less about re and more about recession and tech layoffs.

  5. The ONLY thing slowing a recession is the US deglobalizing from China. Other than that we’re in a recession and housing is down like 6-10% this year from peak

  6. GDP is only positive because of a decline in imports and a surge in exports, mostly oil from the Petroleum reserves.

  7. This sub needs to change the description to this right here. It more accurately describes it than the one they have now

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