Erika dom blinds

  1. Possibly maybe. But I get the impression she'd like people to think of these rumours as being wouldn't take much to plant a blind item. I'm just too cynical 🙈

  2. I just don't see her as dominatrix material. She is not sexy. She is not firm. I mean, I'm not expert and if there are any in that lifestyle here maybe they could clarify but - Erika is just shrill. She is shrill and naggy and obnoxious and gross.

  3. Yeah like haven't you got to be charming, sultry, assertive, confident? I'm no expert either like, but her vibes are off, she doesn't seem like she could command a man.

  4. Ericka is VERY calculated. Remember- she planned the divorce filing from Tom the same day as the 2020 election announcement because she knew the media was way too busy with the election than to cover her divorce.

  5. I don’t disagree, I think regardless of what is true she would LOVE for everyone to believe it is. That being said, maybe I’m cynical but it isn’t a stretch for me to believe she had a fling with 2 known philanderers. Lol

  6. For all of Erika’s slithering around on the dance floor and patting her puss on stage, she may be one of the LEAST sexy housewives out there. It’s all so performative and contrived. She’s always used her sexuality as a way to make money and this dominatrix character is another character she’s trying out to see if she can profit from it!

  7. THIS. She may put on the costumes but man she really can’t embody them - just look at that horrid post on her Instagram where she’s doing the splits - the other women behind her look sexy and empowered, whereas she looks like she’s giving birth right there and then.

  8. The most I can see her doing is jumping onto OnlyFans with some dull, lacklustre content before realising that it’s too much work and giving up. She doesn’t have the sexual energy or the right attitude to be a dominatrix.

  9. Please! I wonder who planted those blinds - her creepy publicist with pumped up lips and threaded brows of course! I mean, teddi already debunked the Armie rumour on 2 t’s (oh no!) in a (don’t make me say it again!) pod last week (actually well worth listening to, as teddi and Tamra make fun of Erika wanting to be a Domme for a full 5 minutes) and poor scooter, whatever he did to taylor swift, he did NOT deserve this spurious connection to Erika. Being a dominatrix requires you to have quite a firm understand of human psychology and figuring out how exactly to give someone the pleasure they desire through pain. Can you imagine Erika “I’m lit!” Girardi putting in all that work?

  10. It's probably her team releasing it because I don't think anyone is interested in her sex life ...its actually pretty gross to think about. Not juicy or salacious ....just sad

  11. As a prior Domme (I am no longer in sex work or taking part), she does not portray any of the qualities needed for dominatrix work. Someone that shrill and performative doesn’t understand the nuance of that kind of sexual relationship.

  12. Exactly! She’s so lazy and entitled and selfish - I have no experience being a Dom but I imagine it goes FAR beyond putting on some latex and a red lip, which I’m sure is as far as Erika has thought about it. It requires you to anticipate the other person’s needs and desires and push their buttons and ride the line just so. Erika will be too busy looking at her nails or reading from a script Mikey Minden wrote to have any sort of connection whatsoever with her sub.

  13. I think the Armie rumors started because they were living next door to each other. I wouldn’t actually be surprised if they were true though.

  14. It’s funny Erika would think getting “good diCk” from Armie Hammer is a flex. Because I’m looking at him and remembering he’s eating peoples BBQ ribs (ALLEGEDLY!) and doing shady shit in the Cayman Islands him and his shady fam. She’s no angel but you’d think she’s ease off being associated with unsavory characters. Then again we did just see her in Hawaii with Rinna and Diana soooo 🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. Agreed. People don’t want to believe it because Erika is a thirsty try hard but are we forgetting who these men are😂

  16. Being a DOM is too much hard work for her, no way she’s putting in that much effort to make someone else happy.

  17. She's trash and bought into a marketing model that sez sells. Fine if you're a pimped and pumped version on someone else's stolen dime. Once you lose your looks you become irrelevant. She played a part but the mark gas fallen. Anything else is now a distraction from reality.

  18. Couldn't be Armie Hammer. His sexualising assault allegations were all of him being the dom and expecting sub/rape fantasy 'play' - while actually being a grub using women to abuse them

  19. Why do you think she is talking this up…she knew about the rumor, probably made it up herself!

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