In case the MR safety videos don’t wake you up...

  1. This linked post is a great case study of why you shouldn't ever trust what you read in reddit comments.

  2. I was getting an MRI of my neck done years ago and the nurse told me to take out my nose ring. I assured her that it was white gold and non-ferrous. She said “You paid for white gold, but let’s not test out your purchase with a ripped open nose.” I took out my nose ring.

  3. This happened to one of my clinic sites when I was in school. MRI student (which was also a Rad tech employee of the hospital) was taking a cancer patient to the MRI machine in a wheel chair.. idk how injured the patient got, but I heard they were stuck in the machine too. The tech still works there as a rad tech but obviously got kicked out or quit the program for MRI.

  4. Notice at the end they are able to remove one of the objects with little / no resistance. They have ramped the machine down probably in preparation to remove the machine.

  5. They used to show a video at orientation about MR safety. It was my favorite part of the day. The video was just engineers displaying the destructive power of the MRI magnet by throwing things into the bore.

  6. Reminds me of the case where the nurse was bringing an oxygen tank into the MRI room and it launched out of her hands into the tube right into her 6 year old patient. Crushed his head and killed him instantly.

  7. Any follow up to this? Is she still working? If I were responsible for someone's death, I don't know that I could continue working as a nurse/tech or at all.

  8. As part of our radiology residency orientation they had us go into an MRI machine with keys and other things. It was surprising how much pull the magnet had.

  9. When I was a kid in nursing school (16 years old) I was instructed to deliver a patient to MR on a wheelchair (patient is mobile but those were the rules of delivering patients). I waited around a couple of minutes until they were finished and when the patient stood up I proceeded to push the wheelchair into the MRI room because I thought the device just "turns off when not in use". Basically just before I passed the doorframe all of the doctors and nurses jumped up from their seats and yelled at me for even attempting to do that. Never gonna forget that lesson, even though I'm in med school now

  10. Right?! Scary. I’m our divisional safety person but thankfully the MR stuff is handled by one of my colleagues.

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