Soooo, when's Ubi going to fix the vaulting animations?

  1. This was supposed to be fixed long ago but it still happens constantly. Very frustrating when you die because all you could see was their gun barrel coming through the window but they had a clear line of sight on you.

  2. For me it’s not even a “sometimes it works correctly” thing, literally every time someone vaults on my screen the animation is broken.

  3. It's actually fixed, but it only works if the player is NOT in ADS. When they're in ADS, the old broken part where they're not visually aiming properly happens.

  4. Not just that. Sometimes while they are in the vaulting animation your hits won't register.

  5. They partially fixed it. The bug still happens when a player is leaning while vaulting. I made a post a while back about this :

  6. They did not fix it. It was the last part of op health it was suppose to be fixed but wasn't. I have called ubi out on this shit on twitter and here

  7. Doesn't matter, it could ruin a lot of situations, especially as caveira if you wan't to stealthily wait for more people to jump in or something.

  8. This. The animation has nothing to do with this death. Shooting knees with silenced SMG-11 is the problem.

  9. i think it was the beginning of Blood Orchid they said they fixed it. That uh... wasn't true if they were leaning.

  10. I had something similar happen last night. Was playing on House and had a Fuze firing through the slotted skylight at front porch top. I ran around to the window on the side of it in work shop and as soon as I get there he head shots me but his body was still perpendicular to my view, like he was still firing into lobby. The killcam showed he had turned to kill me, but he definitely didn't from my pov. All this was while he was roped up to the roof.

  11. Ya agreed. If there was no animation, then tat wouldn't be fair. However, can latency be part of the reason here?

  12. He isn't complaining about the fact he didn't kill him. He's complaining about the fact that she wasn't even looking at him but got the kill.

  13. Personally stopped playing few days ago because stuff like this... Hopefully they fix the God damn servers soon...

  14. If they cant actually fiz whatever is causing this issue, disable the ability to turn while vaulting. Youd still be able to fire, just not at oblique angles that make no sense for a human to be able to do.

  15. This would also help balance the latency advantage people get vaulting through on run outs. So many times I’ve died before the sound of the window breaking is even finished, giving the player outside a chance to react would make the game a little fairer

  16. It was fixed for awhile, but then it broke again during one of the updates. Hasn't really been mentioned since then.

  17. I remember at some point they said they fixed this. Then somewhere along they must’ve broken it by fixing another thing and have remained silent.

  18. Same fucking thing happened on consulate. Ash was vaulting over the plants in front entrance heading towards yellow stairs(?), i open fired only to have her shoot me mid vault animation...

  19. Honest question, why are you able to ads while vaulting anyways? Seems like a really inauthentic mechanic, almost cod-ish to me.

  20. Funny. This looks more like peeker advantage. When I do the exact same thing I die before I even see the enemy. Good that it works against me.

  21. I still get killed by this crap all the time and because of it happening too often i have now got into the habit of just shooting someone as soon as i see them vaulting into a window regardless if the player model is not even looking in my general direction.

  22. Well, to be honest, you would have died anyway... I mean, this way at least you are able to see his gun first. Imagine how it will be when they fix the animation and you just see Hibana prefiring you. I can even see all the incoming "fucking peekers advantage!" threads because people doesn't understand prefiring at all...

  23. Now, I can totally understand it being annoying. But whether the animation worked perfectly or not would have no impact on you surviving this or not.

  24. I have made tons of posts about this and on Twitter at uni. They only respond to meme bs. It's not hard to fix a vaulting animation at all.

  25. you are getting downvoted because the majority does not understand the problem :D you are 100% right and this can't be fixed untill they start penalising aiming while vaulting.

  26. I get so fucking tilted when i die like this. Not only does it look retarded, but why the hell is there no accuracy penalty for things like this and drop shotting?

  27. I bet if you didn't have the suppressor you would have killed her and you wouldn't be bitching.

  28. This sub is the thing that made me take R6S off my wishlist. It's disgusting for a game of this nature to have so much bullshit.

  29. They honestly blow the bullshit waaay outta proportion. This isnt even a problem other than a quality of life visual improvement. They still vault the same whether they look at u or not this guy would have died regardless if he saw she was looking at him or not.

  30. You guys are going to downvote this guy for being honest? At this point I can’t tell if it’s just Reddit or this community. Seriously I would think twice about buying this game at full price (which I didn’t thank god) if I saw this many issues in a game that’s been out for this long with a large portion of this community being extremely toxic. My friends are the only reason I got this got and frankly the only reason I still play it so chill.

  31. i dont see why it’s such a priority. whether his body was turned toward you or not doesn’t affect your ability to shoot him. if anything it gives you an advantage since you see his hand and gun before he’s even out of the window

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