I promise I’m not sexist

  1. I put everything down (seat and lid) before flushing, the thought of bacteria or particals jumping out when disturbed by the water is gross... otherwise I wouldn't have any issue in leaving the seat up. Its purely a hygiene thing.

  2. So many benefits to just closing both! Way more hygienic, a seat easily available, equality, and when you walk into someone's bathroom, it's a lot nicer than looking inside their toilet!

  3. Seriously, I get annoyed when my wife doesn't close the lid. I don't like the idea of a plume of poop bacteria shooting up in the air right next to where I brush my teeth

  4. I watched a myth busters episode exactly on this subject when I was a kid… I’ve never flushed without putting down the seat and cover again

  5. I put everything down as well, lid and seat (am man). This also makes it "fair". both sexes have to move atleast the lid. Same effort on everyones part.

  6. I know it was just a thought plus you know we keep our toothbrushes on the sink right next to the toilet every time we flush it’s like poop particles all over you’re tooth brush then that goes in you’re mouth and yeah 😂

  7. We all flush while still sitting. We dont have a super powerful flush where it would splash though so it's just what we do.

  8. As a man, I hate that this isn't the norm. Particles can end up over 6ft away from a toilet that is flushed when it's open. Tell me, how far away from your toilet is your tooth brush, gross

  9. This. Plus if your a women just bring the top seat up or if your a guy just bring both up at the same time or just the top one if you gotta poop.

  10. The pee drops I never understood and I’m a guy. The bowl is so large, just a little bit of carefulness before letting loose avoids any splatters. I guess my aim is just better than average? I dunno

  11. Same! I broke up with my first kids dad because he wouldn't stop doing that. I told him to just leave it up! I felt like I was using a public toilet in my own home. Now my husband and 2 boys leave it up. I put it down to use. They put it back up. Everyone is fine with it.

  12. My husband leaves pee drops when he goes at night. He’s absolutely perfect and wonderful in every other way. So I just wipe the seat before I sit automatically now. It’s a small price to pay.

  13. My sisters cat doesn't even go for a drink, if you leave the seat up he'll leap directly into the toilet then jump out confused and panicked like "why are my paws wet?!?"

  14. As a woman, I've thought about this. Eventually I'll get up in the night to pee...and not turn the light on, fall in, get scared and mad, not be able to get back to sleep...then just be mad. I solved this problem by getting a quiet closing toilet lid... because I have a fear that the flushing toilet sprays particles all over my bathroom... everyone closes the toilet before flushing so there is never a surprise.

  15. Falling into the toilet is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. Especially when you're having a midnight pee and your eyes are still closed

  16. Yep in a family with 2 brothers and a dad, falling in the toilet in the middle of night was infuriating!!! Add in a a few pee drops on the edge too… and I was ready to strangle someone lol

  17. Why is it so strange to pee sitting down as a male? It’s hygienic and you don’t get pee splatter all over your feet. Yeah that’s right. No matter how good your aim is, pee will splatter on your feet. Nasty.

  18. You’re right but why do we have to do the extra work to use the bathroom which would you rather want pee on the seat or the toilet seat left up

  19. Yeah but when there’s piss on the seat who’s gonna be the one complaining next? Literally flick the seat down with the help of gravity and move on, how lazy does someone have to be to complain about something so simple? And if u fall in bc u “forget” idk what to tell u, natural selection ig. Honestly how do u forget something u have to do every time u use the restroom??

  20. My toilets are autonomous. They close and flush automatically. No battle of the sexes between me and my husband.

  21. It's like leaving a drawer open. That's open! You can do whatever you want but it IS open. Skip a belt loop. Dont make your bed. Leave toiletries out. Dont put the TP on the role Leave shower door open. Leave the dryer open. You a grown ass man. Do what you want.

  22. It's always funny seeing how willing people are to expose themselves as absolutely disgusting in this debate. Put the fucking lid down you dirty pigs.

  23. Well me being respectful and being raised right I do it every time I use the bathroom. Also it’s just a thought nothing to serious about it

  24. It's down everytime I use it. Like, if it's not up if you want it to be, do it yourself? How is the past person supposed to know you pee with the toilet seat up and not down?

  25. This has been discussed the only sanitary option is closing the seat and lid before you flush, otherwise you’re just spraying piss and shit water all over your bathroom.

  26. Yeah, it sucks when tasks are gendered. Everyone should just share all the tasks. Today I want someone else to be the person who has to clip elastic tightly around their chest in order to avoid being called an unprofessional slut. Any takers?

  27. I’m calling bullshit (somewhat aptly). There’s NO WAY everyone here puts both seats down to avoid fecal plumes. Everywhere I go, it’s just the sitting part that’s down … hell, most establishments - including fine hotels and restaurants - don’t even have a top lid. Some of y’all be posin

  28. We put the seat down in my house because things just fall in the toilet. I only had to lose one toothbrush in my whole life to know that thr seat goes down. I have lost razors too. We have weird storage issues, so this is a problem we have.

  29. It’s unsanitary to leave the seat up when you flush. Also, pets and toddlers are another reason to keep it closed.

  30. In our house of equal male and female, we all close the whole lid when we're done. Keeps splash from flushing contained, smell contained, and any stains out of sight.

  31. As men also need to take a shit, I guess the probability, that someone needs the sit down is higher and therefore it's just common sense, that the genuin position is seat down.

  32. From a medical point of view, it is actually better for men to sit down while urinating. Especially as they grow older and their prostate gland grows bigger.

  33. In my house the lid gets closed and EVERYONE has to put it up and down to use the toilet, so I don’t understand why this argument still exists

  34. At home, seat and lid down. With public toilets, I always leave the seat up because 9/10 times when I go to use the toilet somebody’s peed all over it. Then I have to make a choice: hold in a poo, or clean up someone else’s pee 🤢

  35. I was actually never taught about the put the toilet seat down thing, I was confused when my friend got mad at me for not. Everybody in our house just kinda deals with it, puts it down when it’s up, or puts it up when it’s down. Simple.

  36. I read this to my wife. She stopped what she was doing, looks me in the eye and says “fuck you guys!” Thanks OP, thanks.

  37. This is something I’ve considered many times, if feminists truly want equality, why does toilet etiquette skew towards females? By the very least it should be a non-issue, i.e move it up and down according to personal needs, however one might also consider the household. If it’s a man’s house or a majority male home, considering number 1s are a more common toilet missions than number 2, the majority of toileting missions in a house would be male number 1s, therefore the most common toilet configuration would be seat up. Therefore to insist on a seat down rule would actually be more inconvenient for the most people. Take from that what you will.

  38. I keep the fucking toilet closed at all times when not in use and think it's really weird that not everyone thinks this way. I don't want flush spray. I don't want the smell. I don't want to drop things in it. It's even a place in your bathroom to sit! It just makes no sense to me that anyone would ever WANT to have the fucking lid open all the fucking time let alone the seat.

  39. Yeah you’re not sexist… but I am 😳😂. Now my kitchen needs some attending by a certain gender that is dumb and only useful for reproduction. #REKTurMOM

  40. What if we lived in a world where guys were accurate enough with their piss rifles that they didn't need to put the seat up in the first place?

  41. Damn the comments are cancerous. If the position of a toilet seat when you get to the bathroom is enough to piss you off then I’m jealous of your lack of actual problems

  42. Women who complain and get crazy about the toilet seat being up, are fucking horrible. Like can you really be that lazy? If I have to shit, do I not look to see if the seat is ready for my ass? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

  43. I don't mind when my husband or my boys leave the seat up. And when I use it I just leave it down. Nobody complains in my house. I never understood why that was such a big deal. It would be worse if the guy doesn't lift the seat up and then pisses all over the seat.

  44. Its a good way to get people to not pee on the seat for sure. If I use a public restroom and have to use a stall I'll leave the seat up after I pee. It home I will close the seat and lid. My mom had a bad habit of dropping her phone in the toilet, it also helps keep the pee/poop water in the toilet.

  45. Or you just simply use it to your needs and leave it like that then whoever needs to use the toilet next can change it if they have to - it's equal work

  46. My husband lived in a house of 4 males and only one female and the seat was always up. Raising the seat or lowering it is not an issue for me, he leaves it up 9 out of 10 times. That was until we adopted 2 kittens and since they love to play in the toilet he puts the seat and lid down. Also he is the one who cleans the bathroom including the toilet so I have no hard feelings on how he wants the seat. It's such a trivial subject. He is also the main cook in the relationship which is nice since I was the main cook for a family of 5 for almost 20 years before we got together. I have health issues and he is my caretaker helping me do a lot of simple daily activities. If he wants the seat up then so what it's not a sexist thing to me.

  47. Then you would end up sitting on the cold ceramic and not the seat when you have to shit really bad. More. This would happen more, because you know it already does

  48. Honestly just be considerate to the specific person or people you’re living with and you’ll be fine. We all have separate restrooms in public so it’s literally a non issue.

  49. I'm a girl and I don't even see why this is an issue. Why would you not look at it before you put your butt on it? You're literally staring at it when you come in. Plus, it's like 3 seconds to do put it down.

  50. How about this....if in friends or acquaintance house, leave the seat as you found it. Feel free to adjust others seats to do your business, close to flush for hygiene and then return to original position. In public, never touch seat. At home, agree with your partners or Co habitatants what the correct resting position is for the seat.

  51. i put the toilet seat n lid down.......n then i would tell my gf (at the time), "the effort it took to for u to put the lid up is the same effort to put the toilet seat down".......needless to say, i win the toilet seat argument Everytime 🚽🤘

  52. It’s sexist because there is no reason why the seat should have to be raised in the first place. There is plenty of space for anyone with a penis to aim the stream with the seat down. But because men can be disgusting animals at times and just piss all over the seats and not even wipe it off, toilet manufacturers created the liftable seat.

  53. Adults and toilet-trained children are more than capable of manipulating toilet seats without difficulty.

  54. My male friend who lives alone always left his seat up, until he had midnight intestinal distress, ran into the bathroom in the dark, and dunked his whole ass in the toilet. Aside from those sorts of situations, you should really close the lid before you flush, or you're just spraying a fine mist of toilet water over your whole bathroom. So I'd say, people would have nastier bathrooms overall

  55. What the fuck do you think the lid is for???? Decoration?? It’s to contain your poop particles and keep things from falling in. It has nothing to do with accommodating genders, ffs.

  56. I think having the seat down should be the automatic because everyone sits down to use the toilet sometimes and it sucks to accidentally fall into the toilet bowl water cause you didn’t check first. Also, I like putting the lid down when I flush because otherwise germs spray EVERYWHERE

  57. I honestly don't understand the debate over this given that you would need to close the lid anyway so it doesn't look like a gas station but like a bathroom in a home.

  58. No. Put the whole lid down after every use (before flushing). Everyone is equally inconvenienced and you don't mist doo doo water on the toothbrushes.

  59. Well because only you need the seat up and sometimes even you need it down so if you lift it up, just put it down. What's the harm?

  60. Probably nothing would change. If you wanna be a bit extreme maybe humans would build an increased immune system as a whole due to slightly more germ exposure??

  61. Then we would all be on something called Tidder replying to a post asking "what if we lived in a world where we we put the seat back down?".

  62. Apart from the germs/bacteria issue already pointed out, if you leave it up females need to put it down so extra effort, if it’s left down then it can stay like it is and no effort needed. I.e by leaving up you force women to change it, guys can piss either way so it shouldn’t matter too much. Anyway only times I piss standing up these days is if I’m desperate or I’m in a public urinal/work/shit house and or drunk

  63. I think a better world would be one where all bathrooms came with a urinal in addition to the toilet (which all came with bidets).

  64. I mean I close the lid regardless, it’s just more sanitary. Less shit particles in the air and walls, not to mention toothbrush if you’ve got that sitting out in a cup holder

  65. Putting the lid down was originally my pettiness at my sister's for being too lazy to look before dropping pants. Then I came to find out about everything splashing up.

  66. As a guy I've never understood why other guys can't just put the seat back down. It take a nanosecond and it makes the other half of the human population feel a little more welcome.

  67. You’re still an asshole, or lazy. A man leaving the seat up affects every one. A woman leaving the seat down affects no one.

  68. Besides it just being more hygienic to put the seat and the lid down, I put it down so nothing falls into the toilet. Closing the toilet is more practical in every way.

  69. Cuz it being up is 1) unhygienic (the entire lid should be closed to prevent poop particles from spraying into the air), and 2) unfair. Everyone can use a toilet sitting down. Also, men don’t literally fall into the toilet if the seat is down. I can tell you personally it is a terrifying experience when you sleepily walk to the bathroom at 2 AM and sit down when the seat’s up and fall into the toilet

  70. Be able to pee without getting it all over the top of the bowl and then we'll talk. Living in a house with three men, I can't even imagine how gross the toilet seat would be if they left it down every time they peed.

  71. My argument for men having to do it is because we all sit on the toilet (to shit) whether you're a man or woman, but only men lift the actual toilet seat up to pee. So therefore they should have to put it down.

  72. I always do that when I use the bathroom at my guy friend’s place. I think it makes sense to leave it the way I found it.

  73. I leave it down because I'd someone's in an emergency situation and they try and sit down quick they are in the bowl. It's a lot less dangerous to possibly pee on the lid then fall in.

  74. The objection has never been about the seat being left up. It’s always been about the underlying problem of guys splashing urine on the underside of the seat combined with never being the person who cleans the toilet every week.

  75. I guess you can also take my pad from my panties and put in the trash since I did half the job putting it on? My dad have mentioned the lid thing too as an ”equality” bs. No you put the lid up to use it so you can close it. I close the whole lid before I flush too, so not like you’re doing any extra steps to put it down after yourself. You could also sit down to pee like we do if you wanted to, you just choose not too.

  76. Do you understand that toilet water (and its contents) aerosolize when you flush? This isn’t a gender thing. It’s a “stop getting shit particles all over my bathroom” thing.

  77. I don’t get why it’s such a big deal to leave the toilet seat up. Why can’t girls just put it down? It’s not hard

  78. I’m a male, and I just pee sitting down. I don’t see the point in peeing standing up. I mean, do you realize how much harder it is to scroll through Reddit when you have to be terrified of dropping your phone into the toilet?

  79. When toilet is flushed micro water droplets spray around towels, toothbrushes, walls.. etc. Plus It looks better closed and it was meant to be closed, If it wasnt so it would only have a seat but no lid.

  80. If your in a household of 1 man 1 woman 1 toilet. You should be able to use it then flip it, after every use. Assuming you pee at the same rate. However toilets spit out a lot of fluid when flushed. When flushing the lid should always be down. If you dont believe me look for a video with the glowing liquids, its really gross

  81. If we lived in such a world, the underside of the seat would probably be better designed for cleanliness and aesthetics, or perhaps we'd have a design that eliminated the need for seats at all? Idk, it's hypothetical.

  82. Haha, well then you'd get a lot of toilet training toddlers getting wet and plopping themselves into the toilet by accident. I think the main reason it came about wasn't to help the women but the little children who can't hold onto the sides if the toilet seats not put down again. Those little ppl just go and how disgusting n difficult would it be if the seat was left up?

  83. Me and my boyfriend put both seats down so that we both have to lift a seat up to use the bathroom. Its fair that way :). Both of us are responsible to remember to put the lid down and both are responsible to put it up when using. (Also its icky when toilets flush with no lid!)

  84. I pee sitting down because of 2 good things: 1) i can read more reddit, 2)no piss mist/drips/splatter (thanks to my weird stream) keeps a cleaner pisser area.

  85. Man, woman or whatever, just put the seat and lid down before flushing. Also, if the bowl is brown and streaky, use the toilet brush before you leave. No more need for childish drama over who has to lift or lower a super convenient, hinged seat, and no shit leftovers stinking up the bathroom.

  86. Gay man with husband here. When not in use, toilet lids should be closed. It’s not that difficult to put the seat and lid down.

  87. Sounds inefficient, like the opposite way of doing it as well. My thing is, What if we all just adjusted it to how we need to use it and leave it be? I never understood why there was ever an expectation towards someone else.

  88. I am also one who puts the lid and everything down before I flush to not get sprayed with poop or pee water. Laughing yet slightly concerned at those who don’t and now know their poop is probably on their toothbrush and etc and don’t care 😂😅I guess if y’all wanna put poop particles in your mouth and rub them all over your body with your bath towels it’s your strange prerogative

  89. Are girls that useless that they can’t even use gravity to put the seat down for themselves??? Talk about equality ig

  90. To anyone who actually cares which way the toilet seat is placed when you walk in, do you complain as much when you walk in a dark room isn’t left lit for you or a door that wasn’t left open for you?

  91. You could just sit. Likely it's what most men Will ultimately do anyway. Many will also have a second belly button. Things to look forward to guys. T

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