Pads or tampons should be free for people who get periods...

  1. In my country they used to be taxed as a luxury item. Like soaking up blood is a luxury that we treat at ourselves to every month.

  2. Agreed. I just dropped $20 on pads to get me through ONE period. That's $240 a YEAR just for having a goddamn uterus.

  3. Consider options like cups! I switched and haven't spent a dollar on pads in almost a decade. Plus they are so much more comfortable than tampons

  4. Menstruation products are fairly expensive and extremely important for public health and hygiene. Boys will never understand what it's like and will always ask for something comparable, but boys don't have any bodily function comparable.

  5. As a male, I agree that menstruation products should at the very least be cheap and accessible to all who need them. I really couldn’t care less what us guys would get out of it because I just don’t really care, I don’t have a similar problem to compare to. I feel the same way about all forms of birth control and STI care too, though condoms can sometimes be free in certain states or through certain organizations.

  6. Also it some sense it does affect men indirectly: imagine if the price of menstruation products was free, how it could affect some family budgets. Obviously this isn’t as big an issue as actually dealing with the issues like women have to but I think being on the non-supporting side to free products is a little bizarre.

  7. I totally agree with all this but had never considered how it must be for homeless women until you said it, thank you for that insight!

  8. yes that is so true they will never understand what women or people who menstruate go through its suck a pain full process and those hygiene products are so expensive

  9. They should be because you can't stop a period. And I just know someone will talk about free condoms. Well you don't need to have sex , but a girl is going to bleed so give them someone to help or someone going to free bleed on you a d make you cry

  10. It can be argued that one doesn’t need to continue to buy menstrual products often. There are reusable menstrual products that can last for a decade (silicone cups to replace tampons and cloth pads to replace disposable pads).

  11. I feel like the argument would be a lot of things are necessary, for example food etc etc, so should that be made free too? The problem is, by making one thing considered a necessity free, then it’s ‘well what about x, y and z’. Should they be significantly cheaper? Hell yeah

  12. So since everyone is up in arms about the word “free” how about just, “at cost.” Sell em just as cheap as they’re made. Do it with all basic hygiene products. If someone wants the expensive stuff, it’ll still be there, but provide a much cheaper version for those that’ll struggling.

  13. I agree except I would argue that although I have male anatomy I think I should get them for free as well. So that I can give them to females that need them. Also pads work well for first aid.

  14. Why is your day ruined? Because you had to think about part of the process that bought you into this world? 😂😂 grow up mate.

  15. As a guy 100% agree. They're expensive, and something required for basic hygiene. They should be given out as part of any universal healthcare system.

  16. Nothing is free. Someone always has to pay for it. In this case you are advocating for the government (ie. Taxpayers) to buy it for you. Explain to me why you think I should pay for it for you. What is so special about pads and tampons as opposed to toilet paper, soap, shampoo, or even food? All of them are basic necessities to live but no one just expects the government to provide it to everyone for free.

  17. i agree. not everything can be free, somebody’s gotta make it, it uses resources and they’re going to want payment. all other necessities of life aren’t free so why should menstrual items be? if you want free shit make it yourself.

  18. The difference is with periods, it's fifty percent of the population, so its about bringing up the ability to exist with the same dignity and accessability to males, it's about making things equal

  19. They can’t be free, materials, manufacturing, distribution and labour all cost money. Plus the company that does all that work and investment need a profit. All that can be done is have feminine hygiene products free from VAT or sales tax, a lot of countries already do this as these things are considered essential so they are tax free.

  20. If that's the case then toilet paper should be free. If I don't eat I'll actually die. By product of eating? Poop.

  21. So you don't feel the people who manufactures those items deserve to get compensated? It's someone's labor that makes those things available to you, they deserve to have it paid for.

  22. That’s not what they meant… they would get paid the same way police officers, teachers, medical professionals, and construction workers do, taxes.

  23. In the UK we can get free condoms through some sort of method I don't know coz I've never needed them.

  24. Used this service when I was a teenager - used to get a little card and in certain places you could show it and they would give you a free bag of condoms. They wernt the best quality tho but did the job.

  25. Breaking the bank? Don't know where you live so I have to ask: Where do you live and how much do they cost? Because here in Germany they're not expensive at all, even though they are taxed like luxury items at 19% (same goes for other sanitary products like diapers)

  26. see this doesn’t really function in a capitalist mode of production, I think there should definitely be very strong support systems in place for people who cannot afford them, and I think that they should not be taxed, but when you argue something like this people can just make the same argument for toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, and I don’t think rich people should be having my taxpayer money as a working-class person to pay for something they can afford to buy. I donate to homeless shelters and I donate sanitary products whenever I can, but I certainly don’t want tax to increase because i have to pay my share for people in gated houses to have free sanitary products. maybe if the program was funded only by people in high tax brackets that would make sense, but I believe the best way of dealing with the problem is programs handing out free products to those who actually need them.

  27. How about toothpaste and toothbrushes for people who get cavities? Shaving cream and razors for those who grow facial hair? Food for people who get hungry?

  28. Unpopular opinion but here me out. I don't think that they should be free. Of course it would be amazing if they were free. But the primary argument around free sanitary products revolves around its involuntary nature.

  29. While I agree that the basics of life should be readily attainable, I also unfortunately don't foresee that ever happening here in America where people can't even break an arm without breaking the bank.

  30. When you say free are you implying tax payer funded or like grow on tree style. I'm down for the latter, would be cool to see tampon trees

  31. No one dies if they don't have tampons but people can die of hunger. So food should be free by you genus logic

  32. Ok, seen a lot of PPL say a lot of stuff here, and my conclusion is: make basic hygiene products free, I'm not saying that an aftershave should be free, but raizors could, I'm not saying that shampoo/body wash could, but perhaps a simple 2 on one, a toothbrush even if the paste is still paid, pads and tampons, cause condoms should just be cheap. Just the very basics for someone to be "presentable", cause then you enter the loop : can't get a job cause isn't presentable, can't look presentable cause can't afford it

  33. Gonna get downvoted but food isn’t free and we need that to live. I agree that these things should be cheaper but not free

  34. Is this some American problem I'm too Australian to understand? General sanitary and health products are never breaking the bank...

  35. You just discovered a tenant that holds up all of America. Free gimmes. "this is unfair give it to me for free for reasons."

  36. When you say free, what employees are working for free and who is supplying all the free raw materials and investing in the infrastructure necessary to produce and distribute the free products?

  37. Not everyone wants to be "inclusive." They don't care about inclusivity or if they invalidate people with what they believe. It's their right to be that way. 🤷‍♀️

  38. inclusivity is a two sided coin. you either make the mass feel included but exclude a small minority, or make a small minority feel included and exclude the masses. i’m not going to say that the term ‘people who menstruate’ is inherently bad, but this is an issue that is sex based and not gender based. The term woman currently refers to both biologically female people and female presenting people, unless we split the term in two, both are perfectly fine to use in the situation. clearly you people care more about the feelings of a very small minority than the human rights violations of a majority, judging by the fact that its the issue you are arguing about. get your priorities in order and stop being pedantic.

  39. Get reusable ones. Food, water and shelter is far more important and as long as not everyone can have those, we don’t need free period products. I’ve had my cup for 6 years now.

  40. Menstrual cups should be normalized! A single cup lasts upwards of a decade, they are emptied every 10 hours which lessens the amount of times one needs to put themselves in dangerous situations to use bathrooms ( refugees in camps sometimes have this problem with shared bathroom areas). And silicon is much easier to clean than rags or even bamboo pads. Plus it's very eco friendly and comfortable!

  41. No. I disagree. You can use your HSA account to pay for them but that's about it. I have to pay for pills to keep myself alive everyday. You can afford a weeks worth of supplies. It does not come close to the expense of my heart medication.

  42. I don't like when people say things should be free, because it's misleading. You're not saying menstrual products should be free, you're saying the government/ tax payers should pay for them.

  43. Do you seriously think that you are not allowed to call women women because someone acknowledges trans men and nonbinary people and their need to access sanatary products too. That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard. You can't say that Sandra from HR is a women anymore. You have to say "Sandra from HR is a person who menstrates" or you will get cancelled. You can't say "look at that woman over there in the red jacket". You have to say "look at that person who menstates over there in the red jacket."...or you will get cancelled. You can't say "Valentina Tereshkova was the first female astronaut". You have to say "Valentina Tereshkova was the first person who menstates astronaut" or you will get cancelled. Nobody is saying that apart from you and JK Rowling

  44. Get yourself a sheep, that way when we you need one just grab a handful of natures pads right off their back, the supply is endless

  45. I've said this since forever. I go through around 10$ of pads every month. Sometimes more. That's me ALONE. I don't even have very heavy periods all the time. Mine lasts a long time. If you're talking about a household with more than one girl? 20+$ a month. It doesn't sound like much, but it adds up. They're too expensive. Even if they don't become FREE, can they at least be CHEAPER ffs?

  46. I believe this was considered before, but the problem is feminine hygiene products are costly to manufacture, so giving them out for free wouldn't be feasible unless the companies that make them were paid another way, aka the government, which would mean higher taxes, but people bitch and complain whenever taxes are increased for any reason.

  47. It's just a living expense like food, toilet paper, housing etc. Really sucks you have to spend an extra 5-10 bucks a month to buy tampons but no it shouldn't be free.

  48. What about the manufacturing shit? do you want the gov to hand them out? Then expect shit quality. Do you want to make it illegal to sell tampons and pads too? Bet that can't be good for the economy.

  49. No one is denying they exist, there is a reason why they are called "syndromes", "conditions", "diseases". They are not normal and therefore are the exception.

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