We have a child labor because of 1% rich

  1. If they're making 15 an hour, you should be making an equivalent amount more as well. Fight your employer, start a union and push the wages upward, instead of letting them stagnate. Fucking boomers man

  2. I find it amazing that there are people in our society who believe that you can draw a connection from a persons age to the amount of money they should be paid. It shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the way money works and given the fact that these are also the people who violently arrested control of all of the assets IN EXISTENCE over the last 50 years it has gone from absurd and laughable to terrifying and dangerous.

  3. The only place this argument works is if they utilize the concept of experience, and let’s face it, since they consider flipping burgers “unskilled Labor” there’s no reason experience should be a factor.

  4. They don't pay less based on age lol the pay is based on skill and experience. Im 20 years old and i seriously doubt i have the knowledge and experience of my seniors. One day when i reach their level my pay will reach theirs as well. If it doesn't then i will go work for a firm that pays better and as long as you have a valuable skill and experience firms will be fighting for you to stay or attract you to move. Wages aren't stagnant unless you work a dead end low skill job like a burger flipper or cashier

  5. In a perfect world yes. At the age of 16 I had to start working 2 part time jobs plus going to school full time to help pay bills due to an unfortunate family situation. At the peak I was working 36hrs a week at one part time job, 25 hours a week at another and still going to school for 6 hours a day. I don't feel like doing the math atm but I would leave my house at 5 and not get home until about midnight. Kids shouldn't have to work, they should be able to focus on being kids and enjoying their childhood, but that's not the world we live in🤷🏼‍♂️

  6. You're adorable. My mom was on crack when I was a teenager so I had to work a part time job so I could eat. You'd block that. I'd have starved and probably ended up selling myself if you were in charge.

  7. I really dislike the 1 tweet analysis of how the economy works, really shouldn't make so many assumptions about the job market and the economy. This is bad for discourse.

  8. This sub is nothing but hot twitter takes that the OP pretends are a universal constant. It's just smug progressives all the way down, that's why I find it physically impossible to agree with them on anything. Even if they make a good point, they're so pretentious that I still want to vote against their interests.

  9. I don’t think taxpayers make up a 7 dollar per hour difference. The person making 7.50 an hour just struggles for the absolute minimum

  10. What we need to do is make raising the minimum wage our top issue. That means refusing to vote for anyone who does not support raising the minimum wage to $15. And we need to be vocal about it so candidates know that they can't win without us.

  11. I literally had this discussion with someone who was arguing that "unskilled" labor should be paid to as close to nothing as possible to keep people from working such jobs for years. Saying you should only work such jobs for a maximum of a few months until you can get a "Real" job.

  12. I’m a freshman and $15 per hour is pretty good looking at what me and my friends are getting paid ($12.50 hourly, $10 hourly, $9.50 hourly and $20 hourly (but that friend works for her mom and her mom pays all her employees well))

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