i just beat nemesis

  1. Congratulations! Huge accomplishment and so awesome to see folks jumping into the game still. The great news is that it's all easy* from here!

  2. I just had a nice run… figured I’d collect as many artifacts as possible this way through, only to get nailed in a sun room.

  3. This! It wasn’t until I used a 16 Rotgland that I made quick work of Nemesis. Thermo and Carbine just took much smaller chunks

  4. Man I just wanna says it’s so refreshing to hear ppl talk about amazing games like Returnal. My real life friends only play COD and 2k. They don’t understand my fascination at all!

  5. Congratulations! Another great thing about returnal is seeing how different people struggled with different bosses as nemesis was probably the one I died to most. The run I beat him I got all the luck with great weapons. Artifacts, health upgrades, astronaut etc

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