What are some fun and relatively affordable things to do in Riverside?

  1. You may really enjoy the Riverside Arts Walk. It happens the first Thursday of every month, and it’s the liveliest time to check out down town with all the galleries open and pop ups and people walking around. I wouldn’t say it’s crowded, but it does get nicely busy.

  2. There’s casual fishing at Rancho Jurupa Park which is just over the river towards Rubidoux. Check their website for Trout stocking dates.

  3. There's also March Field Air Museum, Citrus State Park (that's mostly a relaxing place to go), the Van Buren Drive-In theater, Heritage House, the new Cheech Marin museum, the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, the California Museum of Photography, there's a small waterpark called the Cove, and in South Corona there's Tom's Farms. For longer day trips, we're not too far from Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead, and Whitewater Preserve.

  4. UCR Botanic Garden is a lot of fun. Ryan Bonamino park is super cool for a nice leisurely stroll, as is Fairmont Park. Get some coffee from Arcade down town and stroll down the promenade.

  5. Bank of America is a shitty bank, but I do have one of their credit cards specifically for this: (I don’t actually USE the credit card. I just HAVE it.)

  6. If you haven't been down to the plaza there's a lot of cool stuff there like the theater and food. There's also an escape room somewhere nearby I just forgot where. The mission inn holds tours and the streets around it are very nice, it may be busy at times though. The mission inn also has 2 parrots that talk a bit.

  7. I was going to mention the Arts in DTR but that seems already covered. I’ll add the Thursday Night Market in Downtown Redlands.

  8. Fairmont park is a great way to spend a few hours. Roubidoux hike is a good 2 hour leisure trek. Downtown is nice to walk around and enjoy food and aesthetics. There are museums, theatres, arcade, etc.

  9. Lake Paris is also a place you can fish but you do need your state license. During the weekdays it’s nice and quiet. It’s about 10 $ for the day pass.

  10. Awesome, good price! Would you happen to know of any good bait and tackle shops that would be welcoming and willing to teach me the basics of lake fishing? Only ever done pier fishing and shore fishing.

  11. Koroneburg Renaissance Festival in corona is coming may 28, I think it goes on periodically until the end of June as well. I know it’s not in riverside but it’s pretty close by. Something fun to do during the summer :)

  12. If you honestly just search up “riverside events” a bunchhh of stuff comes up. There’s a paint and sip beach theme coming up at el patron restaurant and then a “oh snap it’s a 90s hip hop party!” Coming up and the municipal theater thing.

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