My friend dared me to do it, gimme your best shot

  1. The pics are actually screened by the mods and let through in batches, so I believe this one has only been up a couple hours.

  2. Well, I dare you to run past a police officer in a subway station with that budget taliban look. With any luck, they’ll give you their best shot.

  3. We discussed this already - imaginary friends are only in your head, but I guess it's time to subscribe stronger antipsychotics

  4. Its great that you and your mom considered each other friends. I mean you've been living together for 40+ years and only have each other- so it makes sense.

  5. You look like you work at a shitty vape shop, drink at the bar every night with your boys… instead of being with the wife and kids, and have a tendency to spend some or all of the rent money on coke and meth.

  6. Assuming the title is also what you'll tell the cops when your neighbors get tired of the smell coming from your crawl space.

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