Brotherhood! Funds are needed for the needs of our brigade. For those who want to help, we also have something: Whoever sends the largest amount by tomorrow at 21:00 will receive a trophy helmet of a Russian paratrooper as a reward. Plus a gift from me and Yankee.

  1. Yesterday, I saw a video of Yankee asking to meet Angelina Jolie -- now this today. Is he the new PR face?

  2. He won’t have that damn epic mustache then 🤣 I believe similarly to Samson, Warstaches power resides in the ‘Stache. Also, Angelina better make her move sooner than later before he gets wifed up

  3. I recognize the other guy besides warstasch, pretty sure he was in a clip calling to a wife of a fertilized orc telling her husband's ass was in his head now lol

  4. If any of you end up winning the helmet make sure you know the laws in your country. There could be legal issues with importing it, depending on how it was acquired.

  5. I would like to donate but there are a lot of fake charities out there. How do I know my contribution is actually going where it should?

  6. Wtf am I going to do with a Rustian helmet? I don’t ride a motorcycle, or do anything too fancy with my bicycle. I guess I could wear it on the job site instead of a regular hard hat, idk. I’d rather just send a couple yards and get a little piece of knocked out Ruski steel. Like a 1” plug From a BMP, or a T-72. Something punched out, like the size of a US quarter- with a little hole I could run into my key ring, 🇺🇦could make a decent little haul if it’s set up right, with a cert. of authenticity, and the vehicle type it was yanked from, maybe when, where, how it got De-Rusafied? Just a thought.

  7. What do they need money sent directly for them for? What equipment/supplies do they need? It just feels like this is becoming a grift towards the people who legitimately want to support the war effort. Not going to even mention how weird it is to have a kill trophy auctioned off…

  8. They are funding their unit directly, previous donations went into trucks including a Dodge Ram from the US, and they even showed how they fabricated machine gun mounts to the trucks. They are pretty open about what they do with the money

  9. Looks to clean probably a dumped one? The Russians have been bailing out of vehicles and walking off as they had enough probably came from a apc

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  11. Binden just requested billions of more dollars to support them...mind you during a time when our inflation rate is climbing due to all this crazy ass spending...and these guys want more...they want your money...go ahead,give it to them they already get your tax dollars.

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