Many detained Russian collaborators today in Kherson: 1. A Member of Russian“electoral commission” during their referendum. 2. leaked info for Russian artillery. 3. head of colony who cooperated with Russians.

  1. Ha! The war made it easier to root out the even the mildly bad, opportunistic weeds. The terrible invasive species developed legs and left by themselves...

  2. Soooo sad they actually collaborated with the enemy orcs to destroy their own country and own people 🤬🤬 no mercy to them

  3. Ukraine is not ruzzia, for those calling for these traitors to be executed on the spot this is part of what Ukraine is fighting against. These traitors will have their day in court and be sentenced according to the law. But beyond that imagine coming out of prison and trying to live somewhere where everyone knows what you did to betray them and caused the death or torture of people they know. Imagine trying to live there now thats a punishment that keeps on giving and is far worse than being executed.

  4. If they love Russia so much, maybe they should be treated the same way Russia treats those who a deemed as traitors… meet Mr Sledgehammer.

  5. Ukrainians are treating them way too humanely. They deserve quick military tribunal followed by gallows, cremation and scattering of ashes in public toilets.

  6. that is definitely what would happen in barbaric Russia. But Ukraine is not Russia and should not stoop to their level. Perhaps it would be more painful for these traitors to be locked up for a very long time while being able to see Ukraine being rebuilt and proposer around them, and they can regret their poor decisions for the rest of their lives... That, or deport them to Russia if they are so keen to support that side.

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