What can I watch next?

  1. Other quality shows in the burgeoning "metaphysical dramedy" genre include Forever, The Good Place and Undone.

  2. The Good Place. Episodes are about 20ish minutes. A comedy about life after death that is both funny and very philosophical.

  3. No one has mentioned black mirror yet ? Every episode is a new plot. They're about future technologies and how it could theoretically impact us. It's such an amazing show. I suggest starting with White Bear or White Christmas.

  4. Thanks - I’m U.K.-based so know this one. I’ve watched a couple and liked them but one scared the bejesus out of me and I haven’t gone back!

  5. The Resort! It’s fantastic and mindbending, it’s currently streaming and has about 3 episodes left of the series, I’ve been obsessed with it so far!

  6. If I Hadn’t Met You on Netflix is more of a sci-fi drama, but also deals with time travel. It’s in Catalán, but has English subtitles.

  7. Late to your post, but still decided to suggest - Shining Girls (lame title, but check it out)

  8. Not exactly sci-fi, but “Bojack Horseman” explores a lot of the same themes that RD does (generational trauma, downfalls of hedonism, the afterlife, etc) in ~25mins with some comedy sprinkled in there. You just have to get through the first 7ish episodes for that to start picking up and drifting away from the average adult animation set-up (and once it drifts away, it never drifts back) :-)

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