Cops Complain After San Diego Residents Are Finally Allowed To Oversee City Surveillance Programs

  1. The City buys them resources. The City and the population have a right to know how they are being used. Stop yer whining Coppers.

  2. Half of the calls the cops answers are homeless, mentally ill, and other situations where someone needs real help and not just to be arrested.

  3. Amazing how opinions start to change once people begin to learn about police from sources other than politicians, prestige journalism, and Hollywood.

  4. I’d like to see a summary of what the new policy requires. Whole lot of jibber jabber in that article. I’d rather just have the facts and decide for myself who is being reasonable.

  5. There aren't as many bad cops as people think. The bad ones trend on social media. The police force is so short staffed because no one wants to risk their life for a job people generally disrespect. It is way too easy to become a cop and no one wants to join. It only takes 6 months of training when it should be a 2 year minimum training period. We have an epidemic of undertrained police, the system needs to change if we expect society to respect those in positions to protect them.

  6. Risking their life LMAO. Fucking landscaping and construction are more dangerous jobs than being a cop. Most police deaths aren't even from being killed by criminals. COVID, car crashes, and health issues(heart attacks, cancer, etc) are the large majority of police deaths.

  7. IMO peoples opinion on police depend on where you grew up. If you grew up in Main Street USA, then I can see why you may think that there aren’t many bad cops. I didn’t. I watched 10 cops beat the shit out of my friend for no other reason than the female cop who called for backup felt threatened. Lieutenant showed up and sked me “what the F is going on?”. They had no idea - none of us did, but they still took him and his wife to jail. I picked him up the next day and he looked like he got hit by a truck.

  8. Here comes the ACAB little sissies ....its all F'k the cops until you need one. Go ahead and downvote, you know I'm correct

  9. We know that 'when you need one' is exactly where police departments focus the smallest minority of their resources. Police actually spend more on public relations and lobbying than on stopping the violent crimes you refer to. Source: Police

  10. A big part of my “fuck the cops” attitude is precisely because they are never there when you need them. They show up hours after you call them and write some shit down and then fuck off and never follow up or even try to catch the person who victimized you. Literally pointless. And that’s if you are lucky, they often just never show up at all. Fuck man, they won’t even talk to you on the phone sometimes.

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